This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the actor or the TV Series character.
"Ellen Breslin, San Bernadino boardin' school, June '63. One pack and I was hooked. Ah, that broad. Couldn't kiss worth a damn."
—Pete to Clementine about Ellen.[src]

Ellen Breslin is a character mentioned by Pete in Telltale Games' Walking Dead: Season 2


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Ellen before the outbreak, although she attended San Bernardino Boarding School with Pete. In June of 1963, she gave Pete his first pack of cigarettes and got him hooked on them. Also, according to Pete, she wasn't a very good kisser. 


Ellen can be mentioned by Pete if Clementine asks him if she can have a cigarette. It is unknown what happened to her after the outbreak.

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