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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the Survival Instinct character or the Novel Series character.

Elizabeth, or Lizzy, is a character mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. She is the daughter of the Stranger and Tess and the sister of Adam.


Location Unknown

Hardly anything was known about Elizabeth's life before or as the outbreak began apart from that she had a father and mother, and also a brother.


"No Time Left"

Nothing was known about Elizabeth after the apocalypse began. At sometime after the apocalypse, she, along with her mother, abandoned the Stranger and survived on their own for a short while. She was killed the day after departing, her body being found in the street by her father as mentioned by the Stranger.


Killed By

  • Tess (Indirectly Caused)

After being brought away by Tess from the Stranger, she died together with her mother for unknown reasons, most possibly being attacked by walker. She and her mother was later discovered on roadside by her father, either as walkers or corpses yet to reanimate. Since her mother had reanimated as a walker, it can be assumed that they both had not been put down promptly to prevent reanimation when her father found them, and as her father never mentioned whether he had put Elizabeth down or not, thus making her current status unknown.

However, due to the Stranger's observed tendency of keeping his loved ones undead, it can be speculated that the possibility her father did not put her down is somewhat slightly higher, probably just being left intact as a walker, or even being kept by her father in somewhere else.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elizabeth has killed:



"She's not Lizzy but she's sweet, she wouldn't hurt a fly."
—Stranger to Tess about Clementine.[src]

Elizabeth was the Stranger's daughter, and he loved her earnestly. However, their relationship is not well explored upon because her mother took her away from him, and they both were killed by walkers the next day.

The Stranger then swore revenge on Lee's group for causing the deaths of his wife and daughter, and succeeded, to a certain extent.


Elizabeth is Tess' daughter. It can be presumed that they have an normal and stable mother-daughter relationship, although this relationship is never well-explored. When Tess decided to abandon her husband, she also decided bringing Elizabeth with her, showing that she had a deep trust from Tess.


Although their relationship is not explored whatsoever, it can be inferred they had a normal brother-sister relationship.

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