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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the Novel Series character.
"Well, unfortunately, our community isn't accepting new members. We're over capacity as it is, and there's just not enough to go around if we keep bringing people in. Things might change in a few months."
—Edith talking to Clementine and Kenny when they arrive at Wellington. (Determinant)[src]

Edith is an original character who determinately appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Nothing is known about Edith's life before or as the outbreak began.


Season 2

"No Going Back"

Edith is first seen situated as a guard for the Wellington survivor camp. She will fire a shot at Clementine and Kenny when they approach the gate. She orders them to drop their weapons and tells them to come forward. She is then seen talking to someone in the camp over a walkie talkie, telling them of the survivors outside. Edith introduces herself to the two and then explains that she has bad news. The Wellington community's capacity is full, and they cannot take any more survivors. She then drops them a bag of supplies, and tells them to check back in a few months. Kenny will plead for Edith to take in Clementine and Alvin Jr., saying they are only "a little girl and a baby boy". Edith goes to ask someone in the camp, and returns saying they can come in, but not Kenny. Kenny then pleads with Clementine, begging for her to take the baby inside and leave him for safety.

Depending on Clementine's decision, Clementine will either stay at the Wellington camp and leave Kenny, or leave together with Kenny. If she chooses to stay, Edith will open the gates to the camp while Kenny walks away. She meets Clementine below and welcomes her in while watching Kenny leave. If Clementine instead chooses to leave with Kenny, Edith will have a teary voice, commenting that Clementine "means business" and will drop down an extra bag of supplies, saying that she is "only supposed to give out one per group". She then tells them to check back in a month or so to see if there is any space for them. Kenny apologizes for his language, thanks her for the help and Edith wishes them safety.



"We can take the children, but just the children, I made the case that -- "
—Edith to Kenny about Clem and Aj. (Determinant)[src]
Despite initially being hostile to Kenny, Edith revealed her caring side when she gave him a bag of supplies and expressed her guilt of having to send them away. Although Kenny was angry at her, she was understanding of such, not retaliating at him and is even becomes tearful when Kenny reveals his selfless desire for Clementine and AJ to be safe even if he doesn't share that luxury. She also gives them an extra bag (Determinant) and ensures then a place should they come back in a few months, caring heavily for Kenny's safety.


"Sounds like...sounds like she means business. "
—Edith about Clem staying with Kenny. (Determinant) [src]
Edith was sympathetic with Clementine, gifting her a bag of supplies and was willing to allow her entry in to the community due to her being a child. She even affectionately called her "dear" at one point and was brought to tears by Clementine's selfless act to not abandon Kenny. (Determinant)

Alvin Jr

"Aw, what a handsome boy. Look at him. What's his name?"
—Edith to Kenny about Aj. (Determinant)[src]
Edith was sympathetic and surprise to see a baby with Kenny and Clem. Edith was joyful and asked what AJ's name was to Kenny. Edith thinks AJ is adorable and will be a heart 'breaker' when he grows up.


Video Game

Season 2


  • Edith's is the joint second character along with Randy and his family whose appearance is entirely determinant, the first being Andre Mitchell and the third characters being Vanessa and Donna.
  • Edith is one of two characters voiced by Rebecca Schweitzer, the other being Diana.
  • In unused audio clips, Edith apparently mistakes Clementine for a little boy.[1]
    • In another unused audio clip, it is revealed that Edith has a niece named Christa, saying this after being asked if Clementine's friend Christa is in Wellington.[2]


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