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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart or his Road to Survival counterpart.
"Everything is his, or will be."
—Dwight about Negan.[src]

Dwight, also known as simply "D.", is a main character and an antagonist as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a high-ranking member of The Saviors and serves as the secondary antagonist of the second half of Season 6 and Season 7.



Dwight presumably experienced an average childhood as he grew up in a small town in Virginia[1], he had a grandfather who most possibly was a wood carver where he personally taught Dwight how to seemingly cut and carve pieces of wood into small wooden sculptures, this became a valued hobby towards him and thus would practice the skill in his spare time.[2]

At some point later in his life, he met and befriended a local female babysitter named Sherry where the pair soon fell in love together and became a young happily married couple. Through their marriage, Dwight soon befriended his sister-in-law Tina who had diabetes and required insulin in order to help with her condition. [3]


Washington D.C

During the onset of the outbreak, Dwight was present alongside his wife Sherry where through the chaos and devastation which occurred, the pair were forced to flee into a nearby forest which had become infested with a large herd of walkers. In an act of desperation, the pair utilized a large truck through opening the vehicle's valve in order to spread a trail of leaked gas water throughout the forest which they managed to ignite in order to create a massive wildfire engulfing the pursuing walkers.

After this event, Dwight and Sherry managed to reconnect with Tina who was located in Washington D.C at the time. At some point later, the trio somehow came into contact with a group of survivors known as The Saviors, which they subsequently joined and settled into a compound known as The Sanctuary, where they prospered in what they originally believed to be a peaceful community. Over time, however, Dwight alongside Sherry and Tina grew to become increasingly fearful of the community leader Negan, whom they secretly came to despise as a result of the horrific and barbaric actions committed by him during a period of oppression and depravity.

Eventually, the trio devised a plan to escape from The Saviors in their desperate attempt to search for another safe-haven, and thus they managed to escape from The Sanctuary. To their misfortune, they were begrudgingly forced to travel on foot with only a limited amount of supplies as well as a lone pistol for protection. At some point later the three managed to take temporary refuge in the forest (from which they had previously inhibited).

Season 6

"Always Accountable"

Daryl Dixon, Sasha Williams, and Abraham Ford are intercepted by a group of survivors apparently led by Wade. When Sasha and Abraham are split from Daryl, they deduce that they were looking for someone else. When Daryl wheels his motorcycle far ahead of the survivors following him into a burnt out forest to hide from them, he walks straight across the road in the other side of the forest. He collapses in fatigue due to his injuries he sustained falling off his motorcycle, when he gets up and decides to try and find the others, he walks past several charred corpses, some still undead an as he gets closer into the heart of the forest he hears noises. He hides his motorcycle and vest under a fallen tree branch and finds two women, Sherry and Tina, who proceed to tell Daryl: "You found us." and "We earned what we took." As he hears a noise behind him Daryl turns around and Dwight knocks him out with a baseball bat.

As Daryl is tied up against a tree, Dwight (who refers himself as "D") is keeping an eye on him until the next morning when he forces Daryl to get up and move via gunpoint to help look for 'Patty'. Dwight proceeds to accuse Daryl of being one of them. He keeps Daryl at gunpoint and on the move and Dwight proceeds to tell Daryl it was him that burnt the forest down, to kill the nearby walkers, by driving a gas tank along the woods and setting it alight. They soon reach a fuel distribution plant overrun with walkers, when Dwight, Sherry and Tina look on in horror and claim that Patty is gone. All three of them are suddenly dampened and Tina says that she'll return to here they cam and claim that the others will stop looking. As Tina faints, Daryl uses this as a distraction and grabs the duffel bag with his crossbow and runs into the woods with Dwight shooting at him.

He runs far enough into the forest to dive into a small crevice and untie his hands and proceed to try and reach Abraham and Sasha with his walkie-talkie. Just as he catches his breath he hears a nearby walker approaching and struggles to get his crossbow out the duffel but he does and shoots the walker. But as he does he looks down at the contents fallen out of the bag and notices a cooler filled with insulin. Tina is a diabetic. He returns to Dwight and the rest and demands Dwight's gun to which he gives Daryl and returns the Insulin and is about to leave until Wade shows up with several others in cars and begins searching for Dwight and what he took; Sherry and Tina. Dwight shouts at Wade, telling him he isn't going back and that his people shouldn't be trusted.

Daryl feels guilty and returns to help them and returns Dwight's gun. Daryl distracts Cam who gets bitten on the arm by a hidden walker. Without any hesitation, Cam asks for it to be cut off there and then, Daryl knows these people are bad news. They then give up the search, with Wade telling Cam, "He only wants ass that's willing." Dwight is surprised at Daryl for helping them because he thought he was one of them. Soon, they stumble across a melted greenhouse. Dwight feels guilty because he burnt the forest down and they knew the people residing there.

Tina finds two corpses engulfed in molten glass now hardened. Tina proceeds to cry until they break out and kill Tina, Daryl kills the walkers and Dwight, Daryl or Sherry put Tina down before she can turn. As Dwight is burying Tina, Daryl asks him the three questions. When asked how many walkers he has killed, Dwight says a lot, couple of dozen at least. When asked how many people and why he responds with none and that when you kill in this world, there's no going back.

Satisfied, Daryl invites Dwight and Sherry to Alexandria to which they accept. All is well until Dwight holds Daryl at gunpoint again, apologizes and takes his bike and crossbow.

After they say they're sorry, Daryl then mutters "You're gonna be." and they ride away on Daryl's motorcycle.

"Twice as Far"

A little over two months after his encounter with Daryl, Dwight reappears alongside several Saviors after having accidentally shot Denise Cloyd through the back of the head in an attempt to kill Daryl; his appearance has changed, with a significant burn on the left side of his face, implying he was punished for escaping the group. Emerging from the brush, he presents to Daryl and Rosita Espinosa a bound Eugene Porter, whose life he offers to spare if they take him and his men back to Alexandria for their supplies. Dwight begins to taunt Daryl by explaining how he is still trying to become accustomed to handling his crossbow, reasoning that his poor handling is what caused him to miss his shot and strike Denise.

After more tense confrontation, Eugene speaks up and gives away Abraham's position, pointing towards a nearby stack of oil barrels. Dwight orders his men to scout the area, before he is suddenly attacked by Eugene with a powerful bite to the crotch, causing him to scream in pain and drop the crossbow. He and his men are then fired upon by Abraham, Rosita and Daryl and a mass firefight between the two groups ensues, resulting in the deaths of several Saviors, the wounding of Eugene and Dwight retreating with the remainder of his group.


A day after Denise's death, Daryl goes out to find and kill Dwight, blaming himself for Denise's demise. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go after him. After Rosita splits from the two of them, Glenn and Michonne are ambushed and captured by Dwight and a few Saviors. Some time later, Daryl and Rosita find them gagged next to a group of Saviors resting. Daryl tries to sneak up on the Saviors to save them, but Dwight and another Savior appear behind him and Rosita. Dwight greets Daryl and then shoots him as he turns around, assuring him that he will be fine.

"Last Day on Earth"

After Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Carl, Aaron, Maggie and Eugene are ambushed and surrounded by a large group of Saviors, Dwight appears and brings out a captured Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, and an injured Daryl from a cargo truck. When Glenn tries to intervene Negan from hurting Maggie, Dwight jumps up and subdues him before lining him up again. He is present when Negan beats one of Rick's group with Lucille to death.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be"

Dwight will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dwight has killed:



Being his wife, it is obvious that Dwight loves Sherry very much, and likely attempts to keep her safe, noticeably when they discover and join the Saviors' group. When Dwight possibly realizes how frightening they can be, he suggests it's not as safe as he expected for Sherry, and together they leave. It is assumed that Dwight continuously risks his own life for her, and tries to find a better life for themselves. He also helps take care of her younger diabetic sister, Tina, and comforts her when she is killed by walkers. Dwight shows his most concerned safety for Sherry when he betrays Daryl, the man who helps them escape a group of Saviors searching for them, by holding him at gunpoint and demanding for his motorcycle and crossbow. When he finally gives them up, Dwight and Sherry both get onto the motorcycle and take off.


Tina and Dwight had a positive relationship as she was Sherry's younger sister. Dwight tries his best to take care of Tina as she was possibly all that Sherry had left in their family, and he also helped her fight her diabetes by using insulin that he keeps in their bag. When Tina is bitten in the neck and bled to death by her own reanimated friends, Dwight was saddened and possibly felt responsible for her demise.


It is unconfirmed why Dwight and his wife fled from the Saviors, he likely fled because of Negan's frightening ways of leadership. When he and Sherry are somehow caught, Negan possibly punished Dwight by burning the left side of his face, either by himself directly or by his men. Their relationship is currently unknown. However, it is assumed that Negan still trusts Dwight somehow, since Dwight lead a group of the Saviors deep into the woods, and likely became one of his high ranking members.

In "Last Day On Earth" Dwight is shown to be very loyal to Negan, going as far as almost killing Glenn for desperately jumping towards Negan in fear of Maggie dying. Dwight is told to get Glenn back in line, which he does.

Daryl Dixon

"I should've killed you."
—Daryl to Dwight, after Denise's death.[src]
Dwight initially distrusted Daryl, believing him to be a member of the group they were hiding from sent to locate them. Dwight discovers this not to be the case as Daryl helps them escape Wade and his men, even surprising Dwight that Daryl would want to help them after holding him captive and threatening to kill him. Despite Daryl saving him, he is still only concerned about his safety and Sherry's as he takes Daryl's crossbow and motorcycle at gunpoint, and even fires the pistol to show how serious he is. This puts an immediate strain on their newly negative relationship.

In "Twice as Far", Dwight re-encounters Daryl with Rosita after he kills Denise with Daryl's crossbow that he stole. He and his group have taken Eugene hostage and threaten to kill all three of them if they do not lead his group back to their community. He further taunts Daryl by explaining that he wasn't even aiming for Denise, suggesting he may have been trying to kill him instead; this shows that, despite Daryl's efforts to save Dwight in their earlier encounter, Dwight sees him as an enemy and possibly a potential threat. Dwight later ambushes Daryl in "East" and greets him in a mocking tone before shooting him as he turns around, telling him "You'll be alright". Altering from a basic uneasy alliance, it can be confirmed that Dwight and Daryl have developed into a violent, hostile rivalry with one another.


TV Series

Season 6

Season 7

To Be Added


  • The casting call for this character used the name Kirk.
  • This character is credited as D in "Always Accountable".
  • Dwight is left-handed.
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