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"Done Running" is the first episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four.

It was released on August 14, 2018.




Some time after the events of "From The Gallows", it is revealed that Clementine has found Alvin Jr. and that they are traveling together, supposedly for a while. Clementine and Alvin Jr. are low on supplies, and have not eaten or had fresh water for days. In the car, Alvin Jr. plays with his gun, to which Clementine tells him that it's getting on her nerves. When he complains about his hunger, she can give him a magazine and/or a toy, and a bag of chips.

Later, the duo stop at a train station surrounded by rubble and derailed boxcars. Clementine hands Alvin Jr. a knife, and they both exit their car. Clementine takes a crowbar and canteen from the trunk. She alerts a walker, by either walking up to it, or by ringing a bell at the gate, and dispatches it with a knife. Clementine then pries open the door to the train station, and quizzes Alvin Jr. on what to do when entering a new place.

Once they enter, they discover a walker couple tied to each other and to two chairs. Alvin Jr. notices a locked security door, and Clementine peers through the ticket booth, seeing cans of food inside. She then looks at the walker couple and attempts to retrieve the keys to the door from them, but backs out, deeming it too risky. She notices a bottle of poison on the ground next to the walkers, along with a note saying to leave them alone. Alvin Jr. insists on killing the walkers to get the door keys, but Clementine wants to respect their wishes to let them be, and for Alvin Jr. to crawl into the ticket booth instead.

In-Game Questions and Answers

  • Grossest thing eaten?
    • Marlon: Slugs.
    • Violet: Horse eyeballs.
    • Louis: Cantaloupe.
    • Clementine: A man's leg.
  • Worst injury witnessed?
    • Marlon: Abstained.
    • Violet: A walker with smashed head.
    • Louis: A person with pulled intestines.
    • Clementine: Carver's corpse. (Determinant)
  • Met anyone famous?
    • Marlon: Abstained.
    • Violet: No.
    • Louis: Abstained.
    • Clementine: A baseball player.
  • Marlon's Haircut?
    • Marlon: Confused and insulted.
    • Violet: Like a dead cat.

In-Game Decisions

  • How did you enter the ticket booth?
    • 58% of players killed the walker couple in the train station.
    • 42% of players chose to let AJ go through the window in the train station.
  • Who did you decide to go with?
    • 52% of players went fishing with Violet and Brody.
    • 48% of players went hunting with Louis and Aasim.
  • Where did AJ sleep?
    • 66% of players convinced AJ to sleep on the bed.
    • 34% of players let AJ sleep under the bed.
  • Did you attack Abel?
    • 78% of players attacked Abel rather than giving him food.
    • 22% of players surrendered food to Abel.
  • Who did you turn to for help?
    • 66% of players turned to Violet for help against Marlon.
    • 34% of players turned to Louis for help against Marlon.

Ending Stats

  • Violet
    • 66% of players left her feeling Guilty (appealed to Violet)
    • 34% of players left her feeling Horrified (appealed to Louis)
  • Louis
    • 66% of players left him feeling Heartbroken (appealed to Violet)
    • 34% of players left him feeling Lost (appealed to Louis)
  • Tenn
    • 49% of players left him feeling Bitter (said Marlon is a coward)
    • 23% of players left him feeling Resentful (said Marlon should’ve sacrificed himself)
    • 28% of players left him feeling Helpless (Said Marlon made a mistake)
    • 5% of players left him feeling Powerless (silent)
  • Alvin Jr.
    • 55% of players left him feeling Hardened (Told him to always aim for the head)
    • 31% of players left him feeling Ruthless (Told him to save the last bullet for himself or stay quiet)
    • 14% of players left him feeling Pragmatic (Told him to never hesitate)




Season 1

Starved For Help

  • If Lee failed to stop Clementine from eating Mark's flesh, she can mention during the card game that she ate a man's leg once.

No Time Left

  • Clementine can mention killing Lee or leaving him to turn.

Season 2

In Harm's Way

  • If Clementine saw Kenny killing Carver she can mention that.

No Going Back

  • If Clementine killed Kenny, he can be mentioned when talking about killing a loved one.
  • Clementine will have a missing ring finger on her left hand if she went alone with AJ at the end of "No Going Back".
  • Clementine will have a scar on her forehead if she went with Kenny at the end of "No Going Back".
  • Clementine will have "AJ" inked on her right hand if she stayed with Jane at Howe's Hardware at the end of "No Going Back".

Promotional Poster

TelltaleGames TWD Season4


  • First appearance of Tennessee.
  • First appearance of Violet.
  • First appearance of Louis.
  • First appearance of Rosie.
  • First appearance of Willy.
  • First appearance of Ruby.
  • First appearance of Aasim.
  • First appearance of Mitch.
  • First appearance of Omar.
  • First appearance of Abel.
  • First (and last) appearance of Marlon.
  • First (and last) appearance of Brody.
  • When searching through the house, Clementine can find a can of peaches with same logo from "A House Divided". AJ also finds a jar of "Banang", something from another game made by Telltale, "Sam and Max".
  • When returning to the house to gather supplies a walker will grab Clem by her ankle. If failed to kill it, AJ will save Clem.
    • Also, when escaping the walkers, If the player fails in the QTE, Violet will save Clementine.
  • This is the first episode of the Video Game series without having any determinant deaths.
  • Excluding 400 Days, this is the first episode in the Video Game series to not have a title composed of three words.
    • This is true unless you count the two-part Season 3 premiere as both episodes having 5 words (Part 1 + Part 2, respectively).


  • If the player choose to stay in Wellington at the end of Season 2, Clem will have a scar on her forehead instead of her right cheek as see in Season 3. This is probably a mistake from the developers.
    • The likely cause of this is there being no section dedicated to Wellington on the Story Builder, so the game defaults to Clementine ending up with Kenny, whether or not you stayed with him in your game.
  • When asked at the card game if Clementine had ever been with other people, she can mention Lee by name and tell the trio about her experience with Lee. If later asked if she had ever killed someone she loved, she can say "Lee, his name was Lee" as if she hadn't already told the three of them about him.



Deleted Sequences

  • In the Pre-Game footage, when Marlon asks Clementine, "Take it you know how to handle yourself?" one of the original options of a reply was "My car would disagree", which has been changed to "It's taken its toll".
  • When Marlon says to Clementine "Don't listen to her, Clem. She's acting crazy. She gets this way sometimes, you just gotta tune it out," his original line was "Don't listen to her, Clem. She's acting crazy. I think it's that time of the month again, you know?"





For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
End of the Road
Complete Act One.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Fitting In
Complete Act Two.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Complete Chapter 3.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Tickle Monster
Tickled AJ.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Nothing Wasted
Used ALL traps.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Social Butterfly
Talk to EVERYONE at dinner.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Lost Love
Found Heart Graffiti.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Speared ALL fish.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Where's the Candy?
Hit all Pinata Swings.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Rabbit Season
Shot ALL rabbits.
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Good Girl
PSN - Bronze Trophy

XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Found all Episode One collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
To Make It Look Nice
Placed all Episode One collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC 78.67% 75/100
PlayStation 4 80.83% 77/100
Xbox One 60% 66/100
Nintendo Switch 85% 72.5/100



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