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"What the-- AAAAGGGH!"
—Don as he is attacked by Robb.[src]

Don is a King County Sheriff's deputy. Don turned into a walker during the early stages of the outbreak. Don is a character featured in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.


King County, Georgia

Little is known about Don prior to the outbreak is that he worked at the King County Sheriff's Department with Rick, Shane, Leon, and Lam, and lives in King County, Georgia.


King County Sheriff's Department

During the early stages of the outbreak, Don was watching over the cell with Robb Spanner in it. When Shane brought Gary Taylor in for killing his daughter's boyfriend, he asked if it was a good idea putting him in the cell with Robb. Shane said Robb was sleeping and it would be alright. When he went to open the cell to take Gary out, Robb became a walker and bit Don in the neck, killing him. He was in shock from the bite and was dying of severe blood loss. He later became a walker himself and was about to attack Leon when the screen went black.

His current status is unknown, it is unknown if he was killed by Leon or still roams around as a reanimated corpse.


Killed By

Don was bitten in the neck by Robb Spanner inside the Police Station, and he quickly collapsed and died from blood loss.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Don has killed:


Shane Walsh

Nothing much is known about them. However, it can be assumed Don and Shane had stable relationship. Shane seemed to be shocked over his death.

Leon Basset

Nothing much is known about them. However, it can be assumed Don and Leon had stable relationship. Leon seemed to be shocked over his death.


  • Though not shown in TV Series, Don is shown attacking Leon which explains how Leon became infected and turned into a walker where he was later shot by Rick Grimes.
  • In the Cold Storage webisode, "Keys to the Kingdom", while Chase is looking through the storage, which belongs to that of Rick Grimes, he comes across a photo of Rick, Shane, a unknown woman, possibly Diane, and a man with Don's likeness at the station.
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