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Gender Male
Hair None
Age Late 30's to early 40's
Occupation Unknown
Family Wife (Deceased)
Andrew - Lover (Deceased)
First Appearance Issue 13
Last Appearance Issue 19 (Alive)
Issue 20 (Corpse)
Death Issue Issue 19
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Rick Grimes.
Status Dead
Series lifespan #13 to #19
Ethnicity African-American
Dexters death
Dexter gets shot by Rick.
Dexter Gallery
"I'll make this really simple for you, farm boy. We were here first--and you wore out your welcome real quick. Get the FUCK out of my HOUSE."
—Dexter to Rick.[src]

Dexter is a character first encountered in Issue 13 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is a towering, physically intimidating African-American inmate who survived the outbreak trapped in The Prison cafeteria, along with Axel, Andrew, and Thomas Richards.


Location UnknownEdit

Before the outbreak, Dexter was convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, but promised the survivors that their murders, "were the last".


Safety Behind BarsEdit

Dexter ironically trusted the other survivors far less than they trusted him. He had a covert homosexual relationship with Andrew, but purely for sex. After the murders of Susie and Rachel Greene, Lori led the group to wrongly lock him up on account of being the only prisoner convicted for murder. After Thomas Richards was revealed to be responsible for the murders and not receiving any apology, he lost his patience and ordered fellow inmate Andrew to scavenge the prison's riot gear. Dexter, along with Andrew, hold the group up at gunpoint and order then to get out "his house".

The Heart's DesireEdit

Walkers swarm into the prison courtyard, haulting Dexter and Andrew's plan. Whilst defending himself from walkers, Rick makes an instinctful decision to shoot Dexter.


Killed ByEdit

Among the confusion with Thomas, Dexter gathered Andrew and a defecting Patricia with their new riot gear to force out the survivors. He was soon killed discreetly in a skirmish against zombies from Block A by Rick, who covered it up as a friendly-fire mistake, even though he killed a zombie approaching him moments before.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Dexter has killed:

  • Unnamed Wife
  • Unnamed Man
  • Numerous counts of zombies.



Sometime during their imprisonment, he and Andrew had developed a relationship with one another. Dexter also knew how to take advantage of Andrew's love for him, as seen by him manipulating him to let him out and get him riot gear.

Rick GrimesEdit

At first Dexter seemed to tolerate Rick, and even welcomed him and Tyreese warmly. But only after he was falsely accused, Dexter started to see Rick as a threat even more than he did to the other Atlanta survivors, due to the fact that he was the leader of their group. Dexter hated all of the Atlanta survivors, but none more than Rick. Later, when Rick spoke to Abraham about the prison and Dexter's death, he admitted that he regretted killing him, as he later felt he could have convinced Dexter not to kick them out.


Patricia helped Dexter get the weapons to try to kick everyone out. When Dexter was shot and killed by Rick, Patricia was crying over his body.

Lori GrimesEdit

Dexter didn't really talk to Lori, until she blamed him for the murders of Susie and Rachel Greene and locked him in his cell. Dexter hated Lori, and the rest of her group, apart from Patricia.


Although Dexter and Allen were never seen talking, Dexter said Allen was weird and thought it was him who had murdered Susie and Rachel Greene.


Although Axel and Dexter were locked in a cafeteria together along with Andrew and Thomas they were not friends but were civil to one another. Axel tried to warn Andrew that Dexter didn't really have feelings for him but Andrew choose to ignore him, When Dexter threatens to kick Rick and the rest of the group out Axel was quick to try and persuade Dexter to let them stay which Dexter ignored. After Dexter was killed Axel was not shown to be upset and told Hershel that he wasn't like him, Andrew and Thomas.

Thomas RichardsEdit

Although Thomas and Dexter were locked in a cafeteria together along with Andrew and Axel they were not friends but were civil to one another. After Thomas murdered Susie and Rachel, Dexter was accused of the murder and locked in his cell at gun point. When Thomas was caught, Dexter said that he never had trusted Thomas.


Comic SeriesEdit

Volume 3: Safety Behind BarsEdit

Volume 4: The Heart's DesireEdit


  • Dexter is the first living character to be killed by Rick.
  • He was in jail for murdering his wife/girlfriend and her lover; this is similar to why Lee Everett went to prison.
  • He and Andrew were originally leaving the Prison after Rick and others settled in. Kirkman thought then "they wouldn't just leave" and made them threaten Rick and others.
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