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Del Arno Foods is a location in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the minor setting in the season finale, "Conquer".

TV Series


The warehouse was used to keep food supplies. It can be assumed that many people worked there.


While out on a supply run, Daryl and Aaron come across the warehouse. They notice several walkers wandering around inside the fence. They clear out the walkers by luring them to the fence and enter.

As they enter, they see several trailers parked at a loading dock. Climbing up to the loading dock, Aaron sees that one of the trucks holds an Alaskan license plate. Believing that the trailers are full of food, Daryl opens one of them. This, however, turns out to be part of an elaborate trap, as a chain reaction causes every single trailer to open and walkers, most of which are inscribed with w's, to begin streaming out of each trailer. Daryl the Aaron crawl under the trailers in a bid to escape, and Aaron is nearly caught. As this event unfolds, Aaron drops his bag. They flee to a nearby car and close the doors, however walkers soon swarm around the car. Aaron points out that they cannot hold out forever. Daryl suggests that he lead the walkers away so Aaron can escape, but Aaron insists they do it together. Just as they are about to exit, an unknown person, revealed to be Morgan, kills a nearby walker and tells them to hurry up and flee. They reach the gate and escape, locking it behind them.

Later, a Wolf is seen looking at the photos of Alexandria that was in Aaron's bag. The Red Poncho Man appears again, and his throat his slit by Owen. He is later seen as a walker, roaming the facility.




  • Red Poncho Man (Alive)
  • Numerous unnamed survivors
  • Numerous counts of zombies


TV Series

Season 5

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