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This article is about the Woodbury resident in the Novel Series. You may be looking for the Hilltop character in Road to Survival, the Savior in Road to Survival, the Train Fuel Depot survivor, the Hunter in the Comic Series, the Alexandrian resident in the Comic Series, the Hilltop resident in the Comic Series, the Savior in the Comic Series, the prison resident in the TV Series, the Alexandrian resident in the TV Series, the father of Tara Chambler, his Novel Series counterpart, the Video Game character, the actor, the photographer, or the screenwriter.
"Not true, Lilly. I'm not the only one. The kids and Barbara are gonna survive this thing as well... because you're gonna go and you're gonna get them back from these motherfuckers. Right?"
—David convincing Lilly to save the remaining Woodburians.[src]

David Stern is a main character that appears in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. He is described as a weathered beaten, rail-thin sixty-year-old with an iron-gray goatee. David is married to Barbara Erickson, and is currently the only inhabitant living in Woodbury.



Hardly anything is known about David Stern's life before or as the outbreak started. Other than he married his wife Barbara and that during their honeymoon, a trip to Iguazu, Argentina, they had all their money stolen. They ended up working at a local restaurant and sleeping on the floor for 6 months.


Woodbury, Georgia

"The Fall of the Governor"

Despite their old age, The Sterns become Woodbury fighters, they show genuine caring for fellow Woodbury residents, frequently risk their own lives making supply run, they are well respected and liked by others. David is first encountered going on a supply run along with his wife, Martinez, Gus, Lilly and Austin. During their travels on the supply run Lilly asks Barbara to tell them one of her stories. David and Barbara tell her about their trip to Iguazu, Argentina. When they reach a warehouse behind a supermarket and they search it for supplies. David and the rest find locked up untouched supplies and the reanimated workers of the store and helps clear them out. David searches the warehouse with Barbara taking the supplies they need. When they hear a helicopter go down in the forest they go and investigate it but is asked by Martinez to stay in the truck.

Before leaving the Woodbury for the prison assault, the Governor ordered David and his wife Barbara to stay in the town to protect these left behind mostly old men, women and children with virtually no amunition, later walkers attacked and broke into Woodbury. Led by David and Barbara, the townspeople made a desperate fight, they managed to hold off the walkers just long enough for Lilly and other Woodbury soldiers who survived the prison attack to save the town.


The Sterns, David and Barbara being one of the few senior citizens still alive in Woodbury, continue their lives normally. They receive more survivors to their home, who turn out to be antagonistic. Pentecostal People of God try to kill everyone inside and fail their suicide pact, killing Woodburians but also their own in the way the leader Jeremiah did not want to. David, along with his wife survive the attack with couple others, mostly children. They move to the near-by sewer decorated by Bob.


Weeks later, the remaining Woodburians (among them David) continue their lives in the sewers. In the meantime, Jeremiah gathers a new group and commits another suicide attack to finish off the rest of the Woodburians. David survives the attack.

"Search and Destroy"

A year later after the discovery of the railroad and new communities, Woodbury is under an attack of Bryce's military. David is the only adult one to survive the attack, although he is wounded badly as well. He informs Lilly about what happened, and that the military wanted the children and killed every adult on sight, in the exception of Barbara who could calm the children down. David demands them to get his wife and the children back, and is left alone to Woodbury.


During the time Lilly stays in the coma, Tommy, Norma and the children reside in the Sixteenth Street store due to walker-infested cities. Lilly suggests returning in to Woodbury, in which Norma responds everyone is happy in the store. Lilly then gets concerned about David, but Norma tells her David is a "big boy" and can take care of himself. Since none of the rescue team visited Woodbury during the six month time skip, it is unknown whether David managed to survive his injuries or not.

David's fate most likely is revealed in the novel The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury, where Lilly leads her group back to Woodbury.

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