David is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Red Machete.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about David's life before or during the outbreak, except that he had two daughters, Mandy and Alyssa.


The Walking Dead: Red Machete

"Behind Us"

David is with his family in a hardware store as they witness a walker attack a young men and devour him alive. David secures the machete and proceeds to return home with his daughters. Time passes by as Mandy continuously practices with the machete. After running out of food, the family goes on a scavenging mission when Alyssa is grabbed by the hair by a zombie and killed, much to the horror of Mandy. Afterwards, David cuts Mandy's hair off using the red machete.


David later carved Alyssa's name on a grave. He is seen crying for Alyssa. Mandy watch her dad crying, and approaches to comfort him. Mandy and David holds machete and are seen going fishing. David teaches Mandy how to catch a fish to eat. Later, David watched Mandy training complete and gave her a kiss on her forehead. David make Mandy's name on the machete handle and donates it to her. Later, Mandy and David returns home where David is seen holding a walker trapped in the barbed wire. David holds the walker's neck but it ends biting him and that makes David screams. As Mandy returns home, she sees that David's bitten. He later died of wound bite and it is probably stab in the head by Mandy to prevent reanimation. Later, He is buried with words 'Papa' carved on grave and near Alyssa's grave.


Killed By

David hold a walker but he got bitten and screams from the pain. When Mandy returns home, David is helding his arm in pain. He later dies of wound bite. Mandy stab him in the head him with a machete off-screen to prevent reanimation. Later, he is buried with a words 'Papa' carved on the grave and near Alyssa's grave.



Red Machete

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