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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart, the actor, the other actor, the director, the other director, or the former CEO of Telltale Games.
"I'll kill him! I'll kill him!"
—Dan to Rick Grimes and Michonne about Rick's son Carl[src]

Dan is a survivor of the outbreak and an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Claimers and serves as the secondary antagonist of the second half of Season 4.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Dan's life before or as the outbreak began.


Season 4


Dan is first seen with his group gathering around an exhausted Daryl Dixon, who is sitting down in the middle of a road after, unbeknown to the Claimers, chasing after a car that kidnapped Beth Greene, with whom Daryl was surviving. After Daryl punches Joe, the leader of the group, and points his ready-to-fire crossbow at him, Dan and the other group members point their guns at Daryl. After Joe talks Daryl into lowering his crossbow, Dan and the other group members lower their guns too.


Dan is first seen sleeping on the ground in the forest, as a walker approaches their campsite. He wakes up and watches his fellow survivor Harley kill it. He, along with the rest of the group, walks along the tracks, as a walker roams up to he puts his gun in his back. As Tony pushes the walker to him, Billy then stabs it in the head with a metal pipe. As they walk along the tracks, Joe tells them to take shelter in the car shed. He aims his gun and clears out the shed. As the group are checking the place out, he claims the mattress that is on the ground. The next morning, he watches as Len confronts Daryl, he is sitting on his claimed mattress sharpening his knife and watched as Len is deemed a liar. Dan, along with Harley, Billy, and Tony are ordered by Joe to beat up and kill Len. Dan starts kicking and punching Len as he is on the ground. They later shoot an arrow into Len's head, killing him. He leaves the shed and walks along the tracks. He, along with the group, finds the Terminus sign.


When Joe's group makes contact with Rick Grimes's group on the side of the road, Dan finds Rick's son Carl sleeping in a nearby truck and pulls him out with the intent of raping him. He is shocked when he witnesses Rick biting Joe's neck, ripping out his jugular, killing him. He also witnesses all the other members of his group killed by Michonne and Daryl. He threatens Carl's life if they try to approach him, but Rick declares a vengeful claim that "he's mine". Dan tries to back away as Rick stabs him with Joe's knife. Rick forces the knife through Dan's abdomen, disemboweling him, until he reaches his neck, where he proceeds to stab Dan repeatedly with the knife, brutally killing him, leaving Michonne, Daryl, and Carl to watch in shock of Rick's brutality. 


Killed By

As Dan is attempting to molest Carl Grimes, his fellow survivors are all killed by Daryl Dixon and Michonne, leaving Dan, who tries to back away as Rick stabs him with Joe's knife. Rick begins to disembowel him and then proceeds to stab Dan repeatedly with the knife, brutally killing him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dan has killed:

  • Len (Caused) (Alongside his fellow survivors)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



From what we see Dan and Joe have a stable relationship. It is shown that Dan appreciates Joe, and trusts him as the leader as he does not hesitate to follow his orders and rules. During the run-in with Rick's group, it is shown that Dan is in shock after Joe's death.


From what we see Dan and Tony have a stable relationship. Though they have not interacted together on-screen much, it is shown that they two have no problems against each other, and use teamwork to take down walkers.


Len was a fellow group-member. It is unknown about their relationship other than that; however, he did not hesitate to beat up and kill him. 


From what we see Dan and Harley have a stable relationship. Though they have not interacted together on-screen much, it is shown that they two have no problems against each other, and use teamwork to take down walkers.


From what we see Dan and Billy have a stable relationship. Though they have not interacted together on-screen much, it is shown that they two have no problems against each other, and use teamwork to take down walkers.

Rick Grimes

"He's mine."
—Rick to Michonne about Dan.[src]

Rick quickly developed a strong disgust and hatred for Dan, eventually leading to Rick murdering Dan brutally by stabbing him numerous times, even after he dropped his knife and begged for mercy. Rick's hatred of Dan was due to him attempting to rape Carl and taking sadistic pleasure in the deed. This led not only to Rick killing Dan, but repeatedly stabbing his corpse to nearly cut him to pieces in front of his son, something that disturbed Rick the next morning.

Carl Grimes

Dan and Carl have a quick hatred towards each other. Dan tried to rape Carl and threatened to kill him after.

Daryl Dixon

Though the two never interacted, it can be assumed Dan didn't care for Daryl and vice versa, as he has no qualms with Daryl getting beaten to death, and Daryl doesn't care that Rick kills him.


TV Series

Season 4


  • The actor who portrays Dan, Keith Brooks, described his character in an interview as one who "is like an attack dog. He's vicious. When pointed in a direction, he destroys anything in his path. Some of that is his malicious nature, some of it his sick deviance. But he exists in a world where people don't have to be human anymore. Where people can give in to their worst inclinations."[1]
  • In the Talking Dead "In Memoriam" for the season finale, Dan was listed as Deserves-it Dan.


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