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Curtis Gwinn is an American writer and producer who is the current writer and producer for AMC's The Walking Dead.

Curtis was born in Chicago, Illinois in May of 1975 and grew up a complete science fiction, fantasy and horror geek in the suburbs outside of New York City.

Some odd but true points of note about Curtis - He's been: kidnapped, held at gunpoint, a homeless teen, a prep school kid, a casualty of Lyme disease, a bass player for several indie rock bands and an all around comedy writer/performer guy.

Curtis' credits include writing for the Onion News Network, Comedy Central, MTV and Adult Swim. He starred in, wrote and produced the original Adult Swim series, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet with his long time collaborator and good friend John Gemberling. He also wrote, produced and acted in the Adult Swim series, NTSF: SD: SUV with the wonderful Paul Scheer and Jon Stern. Curtis has been lucky enough to work with some of the best comedic talent in the world.

Known as a prolific storyteller, Curtis was one of the pioneers of the acclaimed monologue show, Nights of Our Lives. He can still be seen performing regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in both NYC and Los Angeles.

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