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This article is about the covers from all of The Walking Dead media. You may be looking for the promotional pictures for AMC's The Walking Dead (TV Series).

This page shows all the covers of the issues, volumes and special/alternative images.

Comic SeriesEdit


Comic Series Title

Issue 1 to Issue 114
TWD Volume 20 logo

Issue 12, Issue 115 to Issue 126
TWD Weekly Logo

Issue 1 to Issue 52
Image's TWD 127 Logo
Issue 127 to Present

Standard CoversEdit

Issues of The Walking Dead typically come out monthly and contain 1 part of a story arc. Story arcs typically last 6 issues.

Alternate CoversEdit

Some issues will come out with a variant cover or go to a second printing.

Wraparound CoversEdit

Some issues have covers that wraparound the entire comic.


Volume CoversEdit

Each volume contains one story arc of The Walking Dead (typically 6 issues). When the zombies on the covers are aligned, they match up to form one line of connecting zombies.

Book CoversEdit

The following is a gallery of each book cover. Each book contains two volumes of The Walking Dead.

Omnibus CoversEdit

Each deluxe hardcover contains four volumes of The Walking Dead.

Alternate CoversEdit

Compendium CoversEdit

Each compendium contains eight volumes of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Specials CoversEdit

Alternate CoversEdit

Collectors EditionsEdit

Survivors' Guide CoversEdit

The Walking Dead Script BookEdit

TV SeriesEdit


AMC's The Walking Dead

Season 1 to Season 3

Season 4 to Present

Season PostersEdit

Alternate PostersEdit

Teaser PostersEdit

Widespread Season PostersEdit

Alternate PostersEdit

Cast PhotosEdit

International PostersEdit


Title ScreensEdit

Video GameEdit


The Walking Dead: Season One
TWD Season 2 black logo

The Walking Dead: Season Two


Promotional BannersEdit


Social GameEdit

Survival InstinctEdit

Novel SeriesEdit

Novel CoversEdit

Short Story CoversEdit



Normal CoversEdit

Alternate CoversEdit

Widespread CoversEdit

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