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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the Road to Survival character.
"No. You're not a man. You're nothing."
—Conrad to Badger before he kills him. (Determinant)[src]

Conrad is a main character who appears in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Three. He is a bartender at Prescott and the boyfriend of Francine. Although Conrad acts as a voice of reason, his methods of reasoning can be more rash than expected.


Nothing is known about Conrad's life before the outbreak began, except that he knew of Javier García's career ban from baseball and that he had a child.


During some point of the apocalypse Conrad, found and joined the Prescott were he served as a Bartender. Its unknown if he met Francine before the apocalypse or met her at some point during the apocalypse.

Season 3

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

Conrad is seen in his bar at Prescott playing Poker with Francine. He the notices Javier walk in, recalling the man's ban from baseball. They begin talking, Javier eventually joining in their game of Poker. Regardless of how Javier handles the game, Conrad offers him a drink.

Shortly after, Conrad hears a gunshot, drawing his shotgun from the wall and charging into Eli's store, only to find him dead and a girl, Clementine, holding a gun. He orders her to drop it, holding her at gunpoint until Tripp arrives and takes her away. If Javier tries to cover for Clementine, Conrad will insult him for causing a disturbance in his bar.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

Conrad appears once more in Prescott making maintenance repairs to the wall. A returning Javier asks him if he had seen Gabe, the man replying he saw him exit the town shortly before.

Not long after, Conrad joins Tripp, Javier and Clementine at the top of the wall upon hearing a hostile group approach the gate demanding Javier. Conrad and the others refuse until one member reveals they had captured Francine, trouncing her as a way of convincing them to change their mind. Fearing Francine's life, Conrad begs Javier to go down. Regardless of Javier's choice, Francine is killed, causing Conrad to open fire, prompting the group to attack Prescott.

During the attack, Conrad manages to make it to Tripp's van, as does Clementine. The group speeds away from Prescott as it falls to the New Frontier and a herd of walkers attacks. They drive several miles before stopping to regroup with Javier's family, who also escaped. Conrad stands a distance from the group, privately grieving the loss of Francine.

When Javier attempts to console him, he angrily retorts back that Javier was the reason Francine was shot either because he led them to the town or didn't surrender himself to them. (Determinant) His rage growing, he shoves Javier, inadvertently causing Gabe to deter him with a pistol. Conrad, stricken with grief, orders him to do it. However, Tripp talks the boy down, Gabe warning Conrad not to hurt Javier again. Overwhelmed, Conrad collapses against the van in tears.

The night passes, Conrad joining the others in their journey to another settlement, Richmond. However, they reach a blockade in the road, deciding to send Eleanor and Kate ahead while Conrad and the others attempt to create a path for their vehicles. Despite trying to do so, a herd of walkers appear, forcing Conrad and the others to flee to the roof of a nearby building.

Once there, the group get into a heated argument regarding their situation only to stop when Javier notices someone watching them. Cautious, Conrad draws his shotgun while Javier scouts the other building. However, Javier is cornered by the man, who possesses a gun. Conrad and the others quickly proceed to surround the man, revealed to be called Jesus. Despite the man trying to convince them he meant no harm, Conrad remains wary regardless of whether Javier has Jesus tied up or not.

Through Jesus' advice, they proceed through a subway tunnel to reach Richmond. Along the way, Conrad overhears Clementine confessing being a member of the New Frontier to Javier. The group soon encounter walkers, alarming Conrad enough that he fires his shotgun, forcing the group to flee to an abandoned carriage. They make it through, though Conrad secretly stays behind with Javier while Clementine and Gabe hold the door.

The door secured, Conrad holds Clementine at gun point, revealing he had heard her and Javier's conversation about the New Frontier. Regardless of Javier's action, Conrad takes Gabe hostage in an attempt to persuade Javier to make Clementine their bargaining chip to get into Richmond. Though Conrad's intentions are good, they're executed poorly. If Javier concedes, Conrad lets Gabe go while marching Clementine outside in-order to bargain with the New Frontier. However, If Javier resists, he shoots Conrad clean in the head, killing him. (Determinant)

Conrad then regroups with Tripp and Jesus, revealing his plan to use Clementine as a bargaining chip in order to get into Richmond. They traverse through the town, finding Kate abandoned in Tripp's vehicle but Eleanor no where in sight. They soon reach the gates of New Richmond, Conrad forcing Clementine forward to communicate with Max. He remains hostile to the group throughout the debate, refusing to drop his weapon. When the leader, David, comes out, Conrad watches on as Javier recognizes his brother.

"Above The Law"

Conrad appears in this episode if Javier agreed to his plan. After David takes Kate and Gabe to the hospital in Richmond, Conrad, Javier, Tripp, Clementine and Paul are taken to a quarantine room where they meet up with Eleanor. After the others discuss David's surprise connection to Javier and the potential problems, Conrad claims that this doesn't change his priorities. He's going to find Badger and says that the New Frontier better not get in his way. David arrives and asks for Javier to come with him while the others stay in the quarantine room.

After being kicked out of Richmond on Joan and Clint's orders, they decide to follow a map to a warehouse provided by David. When dividing up the weapons, Conrad tells Javier to keep one of the guns they provided as an apology for what he did in the tunnel. Javier can accept his request, make him take the gun, or Tripp will give it to Conrad if Javier takes too long. (Determinant) They follow the star and run into a herd of walkers when they eventually reach the warehouse. If Conrad was given the gun, he will get in the warehouse with the others. However, if Javier kept the gun, Conrad will be devoured by walkers just before he can get in (Determinant).

David arrives and they discover that the warehouse is full of supply boxes that comes from settlements that were apparently raided by the New Frontier. Not long after, Max, Badger, and Lonnie arrive at the warehouse to stock more supplies, they ambush them and the trio splits, Paul and Clementine go after Lonnie while Conrad and the others deal with Max and Badger.

When Javier incapacitates Badger, Conrad and Tripp arrive and Conrad kicks Badger in the head reminding him he killed Francine with Badger replying that she was nothing. Conrad can then watch Javier or Tripp kill Badger, let him turn, or be given the chance to kill Badger himself. If Conrad is chosen to kill Badger, he will tell Badger he is nothing and shoot him in the head. After they take Max captive, they learn Joan was the one ordering raids on peaceful communities, including Prescott. They later learn Lonnie escaped back to Richmond and the group, minus Paul, head back to confront him and Joan. Conrad accompanies Tripp and Javier to get Eleanor, Kate, and Gabe to safety.

"Thicker Than Water"

Conrad will appear in this episode if he was spared by Javier and was given the gun.

"From the Gallows"

Conrad will appear in this episode if he did not get killed in the previous episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Conrad has killed:

Death (Determinant) (Ties That Bind - Part 2)

Killed By

Conrad holds Gabriel hostage as a way of convincing Javier to let Clementine be their prisoner. Javier refuses, drawing his gun and shooting Conrad to keep his nephew alive and Clementine free.

Death (Determinant) (Above The Law)

Killed By

After making it to the warehouse, the group attempts to block off any form of entrance due to the oncoming walkers, Javier then is tasked the job of finding a way into the warehouse before the fence gives and the walkers flood in. Once Javier manages to get the garage door to the warehouse open, each member of the group begins abandoning their post on the fence in order to get to safety inside of the warehouse. Due to this, the fence gives out and walkers flood inside, approaching the warehouse. Clementine, Paul, Javier, and Tripp all make it inside of the warehouse, Conrad is the last one to make his way to the door with no weapon to shoot the oncoming walkers. As he is crawling in, one of the walkers grab him by the leg in an attempt to pull him out from under the door. Conrad grabs onto the carjack that was wedged between the door in an attempt to save himself. Tripp attempts to help him, but by the time Tripp makes it to Conrad, it is already too late as the walkers manage to pull both Conrad and the car jack out from underneath the door, the garage door slams shut and Conrad who is trapped outside with a swarm of walkers, is devoured. (Determinant)

Death (Determinant) (Thicker Than Water)

Killed By

In her attempts to reunite with Javier, Clementine and Gabriel (Determinant), Kate arrives hastily in an armored truck but is diverted when a member of the New Frontier tosses a molotov cocktail at the truck - causing Kate to head straight in the direction of Javier and the others. If the player takes too long to dodge the incoming truck, Conrad will sacrifice himself and step in to shove Javier out of the way, getting himself killed.

Non-Canon Deaths

If Javier fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Conrad to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and result in a game over. Javier will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Conrad can die.



Conrad and Francine were close and lived with each other in Prescott while having a romantic relationship. Javier meets the pair in their bar in Prescott. The pair joke and like to play games and gamble a lot, this leads to the pair drinking together. Conrad tells Javier if, Francine was in danger, he would try to do anything he could to protect her or fight like hell to get her to safety. When Conrad see's Francine being held hostage by The New Frontier, he is shown shocked, scared, angry and worried for his girlfriend. After her death, Conrad was filled with remorse and wanted to bury her.

In Above The Law, Conrad will demand justice for Francine and can later kill Badger to avenge her.


Tripp and Conrad are on good terms, and they were great friends during the apocalyptic years. Tripp allowed Conrad to run a bar in Prescott and trusted him to make maintenance repairs and wield an assault rifle. Tripp comforted Conrad after Francine's death, caring for him as a dear friend. If Conrad was killed by Javier, (Determinant) Tripp will exhibit extreme frustration and remorse for the loss of his friend, displaying the extent Tripp cared for his friend.


Conrad has a poor and hostile relationship with Clementine. When Conrad heard Javier and Clementine's conversation about The New Frontier, he wanted to take Clementine hostage as a bargaining chip so that the group could enter Richmond.


Eleanor and Conrad seem to have a natural relationship. When on the road, Eleanor feels remorse for Conrad due to Francine dying at Prescott. She tries to comfort him, whilst Conrad blames Javier for the destruction of Prescott and the death of his girlfriend, Eleanor tries to stop Conrad and calm him down

Javier García

Javier and Conrad's relationship is mostly neutral, initially being on good terms due to them playing poker together. Despite a slight downturn in their relationship due to an incident in Conrad's bar, (Determinant) Conrad trusts Javier enough that he supports him in the defense of Prescott. He freely offers Javier advice and tries to help him with Gabe after he had stormed outside of the walls as "one parent to another".

However, after Francine's death, Conrad becomes cold and hostile towards Javier, blaming Javier for her death; he shoves him at one point in a fit of rage though their relationship will still be content, as Conrad helps Javier up onto the ledge when they are surrounded by walkers, still valuing his life.

Despite this, their relationship meets a turning point in Conrad's desire to make Clementine a hostage due to her past with the New Frontier, Conrad even taking Gabe hostage to persuade Javier. If Javier is against it, (Determinant) any friendship they retained is destroyed when Javier kills him with a bullet to the head. Alternatively, Javier reluctantly trusts Conrad's decision, (Determinant) though the extent of their friendship is left unclear.

In Above The Law, Javier can allow Conrad to kill Badger.

Gabriel García

Gabriel and Conrad had a very hostile relationship that began with Gabe threatening to shoot Conrad due to Conrad getting into an argument with Javier. When Conrad later tries to convince Javier that they should use Clementine as a bargaining chip when dealing with the New Frontier Gabe is heavily against the idea, after Conrad takes him hostage to try and persuade Javier along with it. Gabe tells Javier to shoot Conrad, if Javier refuses Gabe is furious with both of them, however if Javier does shoot him Gabe is left in shock at what had just happened.

Kate García

Conrad and Kate didn't interact much, however Kate feels sympathy for him losing Francine and Conrad shows some concern about Kate injuries.


Conrad has a very strong hatred for Badger due to him killing Francine. If the player lets Conrad kill Badger, Conrad will say that Badger is nothing, before shooting him.(Determinant)


Video Game

Season 3


  • Conrad is the first character in the series to be continuously determinant throughout the episodes he appears in.
    • He is the only character to have a determinant death in multiple episodes and still be alive.
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