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This article is about the actor. You may be looking for the Video Game character.

Clyde Harrold III is an extra who has made multiple appearances in a few seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead. He has portrayed numerous zombies as well as a member of Martinez' camp in Season 4. His character was unnamed but was known as the tank operator.

Clyde also works with automobiles, and has modified several vehicles used in the show, such as the yellow Woodbury cars.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 3
  • "Say the Word" - Walker in deleted scene with Daryl and Maggie.
  • "Home" - Walker as Glenn drives the Dogde Ram pickup truck (deleted scene) and when Rick runs towards fence.
Season 4
  • "Internment" - Walker at fence while Rick and Maggie talk, later breaks through fence with horde and is killed by Rick and Carl.
  • "Too Far Gone" - Operator of tank, drives through fences and attacks prison, killed when Daryl throws a grenade inside the tank.

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