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AND Clementine's Neighborhood 1
A view of Clementine's Neighborhood after the apocalypse.
Clementine's Neighborhood
Type Residential Neighborhood
State Georgia
Seen in Series Video Game
Issue/Episode "A New Day"
Real-world Counterpart/Filming Location [[Wikipedia:{{{IRL}}}|{{{IRL}}}]]
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Clementine's Neighborhood is a small residential area just outside of Atlanta and is seen in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. After the car crash, Lee Everett makes his way through the backyard of Clementine's home while avoiding several walkers and eventually arrives and finds Clementine at her house. The two meet and decide to head out and search for aid when they meet Shawn Greene and either Chet or Andre Mitchell.


Rural Georgia

This sub-urban residential area is located just outside the city of Atlanta. It is a fairly quiet neighborhood but is located next to Interstate 85, which may cause some ambient traffic background noise. The neighborhood is also near a wooded forest area which aids in giving a more natural feeling with the presence of several trees and foliage. Clementine and her parents, Diana and Ed all lived in this neighborhood along with other neighbors which may include Sandra (Clementine's babysitter).


Season 1

"A New Day"

After the car crash and the death of the police officer, he is chased by several walkers, forcing Lee over a wooden fence and into someone's backyard. Finding nobody inside the house, he enters only to find a pool of blood on the kitchen floor and beeps coming from an answering machine. He discovers a walkie-talkie in a kitchen drawer and is contacted by Clementine, the young girl who lives in the house. She has been hiding in her tree-house while her parents are away in Savannah. Clementine suddenly screams and Lee is attacked by a zombie, Sandra, Clementine's babysitter. Lee is nearly bitten several times but eventually kills the walker with a hammer given to him by Clementine. Lee promises that he'll look after Clementine for awhile.

After a short amount of time, Lee and Clementine decide to leave the house and search for aid. They head outside where they meet Shawn Greene and another man called Chet who are trying to move cars that have jammed the streets. Once they clear a path for the truck, they all get in and flee the neighborhood heading towards Hershel's Farm.



  • Clementine - a child living and hiding in a tree-house, found by Lee Everett.
  • Sandra - Clementine's undead babysitter.
  • Andre Mitchell (Determinant) - a police officer that only appears at night with Shawn Greene.
  • Chet - a friend of Shawn Greene.


  • Sandra - Infected and died, killed by Lee Everett with hammer.
  • Chet (Determinant) - Infected and left as a zombie if chosen to move at night.
  • Police Officer - attacked and killed by the walker, shot by Lee  



  • The first meeting between Lee and Clementine takes place here.
  • Depending on what time Lee and Clementine leave her house to look for rescue, they will either encounter Shawn Greene and Chet, or Shawn Greene and Andre Mitchell.
  • Clementine's house appears as an easter egg in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.
  • Clementine mentions to Luke that she hated her tree house. 
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