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Clark is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: Descent.


Slidell, Louisiana

Nothing is known about Clark's life, except for the fact that he was a minster at a church in Louisiana and was friends with Jeremiah Garlitz.


Not much is known about Clark after the outbreak, all is known that he stayed in his church, and was bitten by a walker. Clark, on his last legs asked Jeremiah to put him down with the cross above the altar, and Jeremiah administrated the last rites, anointed him and took his confession. After, Clark reanimated and Jeremiah bashed his head in.


Killed By

Clark was severely bitten by a walker.

Clark on his last legs, asked Jeremiah to put him down, and when Jeremiah was about to pull out his pistol, Clark stopped him and pointed at the cross above the altar. After performing his rites, Clark reanimated and Jeremiah bashed his head in.

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