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This article is about the actress. You may be looking for the Social Game character.
  Claire Bronson
Portrays Candace Jenner
Occupation Actress
Born Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Red
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Claire Bronson Gallery

Claire Bronson is an American actress who portrayed Dr. Candace Jenner on AMC's The Walking Dead. Claire was married to Dr. Edwin Jenner, but she did not actually portray her character, her appearances only being used in the picture that Edwin kept of her.

Other WorksEdit

She has also appeared in:

  • Prayers from Pelham as Jodie
  • Stomp! Shout! Scream! as Theodora 
  • Monster Beach Party as Theodora 
  • Inheritance as Brenda 
  • A.C.O.D as Cynthia Stringer 
  • Congratulations! as Mrs. Alexander
  • Banshee as Jainee Kendall
  • Sleepy Hallow as Denise Hemmington
  • Coma as Nancy Greenly
  • Necessary Roughness as Meg
  • A Latte Love Story as Julia
  • Think Like a Man as a red headed Woman
  • Inheritance as Brenda
  • Army Wives as Rachel Miller


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