Christina is a character in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Rosarito, Baja California

Other than Christina worked as a maid at the Rosarito Beach Hotel and knew Elena Reyes, very little is known about Christina's life before the outbreak began. Likely working on the day of the wedding party of Oscar and Jessica Diaz due to being bitten in her uniform, it is assumed she was killed indirectly by Charles Stowe's death at the hotel.


Season 2

"Do Not Disturb"

Christina is first seen as one of the walkers roaming the hotel corridors when Elena and Alicia were working to lure the a small horde into a room to lock them in. Elena is taken aback when she sees Christina chasing after her, clearly having known her before she died. Alicia, sensing Elena's inability to cope with this, takes over, luring Christina and the horde into a hotel room. She stabs Christina in the head, killing her, before escaping via the balcony of the room.


Killed By

Charles death at the wedding reception begins the sequence of the infection inside the hotel, it previously having been safe.

Christina seemingly has bite wounds, indicating she was bitten by a zombie in the hotel.

When leading a horde of zombies into a hotel room in order to lock them in and thus secure the hotel, Christina, leading the pack, is stabbed by Alicia in the head, killing her.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 2

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