"We've got some familiar faces back with us tonight. Now, I understand some of you are confused as to why we'd bring these people back when they left us as they did. It might not come all at once... but time will heal these wounds... so be patient with them until it does... and take solace in knowing they're here to help us make our home a better place. All these feelings you have of anger... betrayal... hate. They're all valid. No one needs to forget what they did... but we do have to find it in our hearts to forgive them."
—Carver to his members about the cabin group.[src]

Carver's Group is a group of survivors that was first encountered in "A House Divided" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. They have been hunting the Cabin Group in an attempt to bring the group back to their main base. It is assumed that they have a fairly violent nature, as they are feared by the cabin survivors. They are the primary antagonistic group in "A House Divided", "In Harm's Way", and the secondary antagonists of "Amid The Ruins".



The group was not formed before the apocalypse.


Howe's Hardware

Some time in lieu of the apocalypse, William Carver created his group, which at a time included Nick, Luke, Rebecca, Alvin, Carlos, Sarah and Pete and Nick's Mother. However, the eight were driven from the camp and established their new base at the cabin, presumably led by Luke and Pete to safety.

It is assumed Carver had been looking for the escapees ever since they escaped his camp, especially since he believes he got Rebecca pregnant and wants "his" child.

"A House Divided"

Carver found the cabin group residing at Moonstar Lodge, Carver brings a few of his group members to the ski lodge, however Kenny shoots and kills Johnny, Carver, Bonnie, and Troy round up the hostages and bring them back to their camp.

"In Harm's Way"

A massive herd approaches Howe's Hardware store - partially due to Clementine playing an advertisement recording on the store's loudspeakers - which is used by Clementine and company to escape the tyranny of Carver. As the group wades it's way through the herd, the survivors gunning the walkers down from the rooftops can be seen surrounded, implying the store is overrun.

If Clementine, Jane and Alvin Jr. return to Howe's Hardware in "No Going Back" they find it abandoned, meaning that what's left of Carver's group was either killed, chased off by walkers or fled the compound.

"Amid The Ruins"

Howe's Hardware, still under attack by the walkers, is defended by Tavia and the other guards of the community. The former prisoners of the community leave the survivors behind to fight the walkers on their own.

It is unknown what happened to the remain group members since Howe's Hardware is found empty if Clementine, Alvin Jr. and Jane heads back to the department store. (Determinant)



Killed Victims



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