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This article is about the Fear The Walking Dead character. You may be looking for the Novel Series character or the other Novel Series character.
"Sit. Your mom's been looking for you. (...) Showed up at my folks'. (...) Can't have that. Can't have people... (...) coming to me looking for you."
—Calvin to Nick Clark[src]

Calvin is an antagonist and a character in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He was Nick Clark's best friend.


Los Angeles, California

Calvin was a drug dealer and was a friend of Nick Clark. Calvin was Nick's go-to drug dealer.


Season 1


Calvin was outside vacuuming his parents' minivan when Madison Clark and Travis Manawa approached him. They were searching for Nick Clark and figured Calvin, being Nick's friend, would know. Calvin was unaware of Nick's whereabouts and surprised that his parents went to him for help, thinking Nick may have been mentioning his name often in conversation.

Later, Calvin meets Nick at a diner and tries to calm him down once he starts crying. Calvin comforts Nick after he explains what happened in the church with Gloria, but does not believe his story. He leaves the diner with Nick and takes him for a drive. They stop at a storm drain beneath the overpass and Calvin retrieves a handgun from the trunk. Nick catches sight of the gun and attacks Calvin, causing the gun to go off into his chest. Nick runs away, horrified of what he had just done. At the entrance of the tunnel to the storm drain, Nick is met by his parents and he shows them the site of the shooting, only to find Calvin's body missing. As they drive away, an undead Calvin is standing in the tunnel. Madison and Travis, unaware that Calvin had died and reanimated, attempt to communicate with him. As he is about to attack Madison, Nick runs Calvin over with Travis' pick-up truck. The truck does not kill Calvin, and he is run into a second time, sending him flying out of the tunnel down towards the storm drain. A mangled Calvin continues to snarl as he writhers on the ground, with broken bones protruding out of his flesh and his lower jaw torn away.


Killed By

Calvin was going to kill Nick to prevent him from ratting him out to the police. After leading Nick to a secluded area, a small fight ensues. Nick gains the upper hand and shoots Calvin in the chest, and flees the scene. He is picked up by Travis Manawa and Madison Clark, and leads them to Calvin's car, only to find his body missing. As they leave in a tunnel, they spot the walker of him, and Travis and Madison attempt to communicate but are attacked. Nick hits the undead Calvin twice with their pick up before observing his mutilated body and leaving the incapacitated walker on the ground.

After The Compound is overrun by walkers, the California National Guard officially abandons the city of Los Angeles, and, in a desperate attempt to contain the outbreak, firebombs the city with Napalm. As the city is completely engulfed by fire, all walkers and non-evacuated citizens are killed, including Calvin.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 1


  • The casting call for this character used the name Casper.[1]
  • He is the first named, living character in Fear The Walking Dead to be killed on-screen.
  • He is also the first person to attempt to kill another survivor.
  • He is the first character in Fear The Walking Dead to be amputated.
    • His leg and lower jaw were amputated after Nick ran him over with the truck.


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