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Caesar Martinez's camp is a campsite located within rural Georgia on an open field. It first appears in "Dead Weight". It is a camp containing over 30 survivors and is led by Caesar Martinez.


At some point following Caesar Martinez's abandonment of the Governor, he gradually gathered a group of survivors and set up camp on an open field. Over time, more survivors came among and they set up RVs and other vehicles for the dual purpose of housing as well as a defensive perimeter against walkers. They also dug several pits to catch approaching walkers.

"Live Bait"

Philip, Meghan Chambler, Lilly Chambler, and Tara Chambler all unknowingly stumble upon the premises while escaping from walkers. Philip and Meghan fall into a ditch that Martinez has dug.

"Dead Weight"

Philip, under the guise of "Brian", goes out with Martinez in the group to scavenge. Later on, he brutally murders all the "leaders" to be in charge, Martinez getting a golf club to the face and thrown in a walker pit, Pete Dolgen getting stabbed, and Pete's brother Mitch getting threatened. The Governor then makes a speech about taking over the prison.

"Too Far Gone"

The Governor gives a speech to the majority of the camp survivors about the prison and its inhabitants, persuading them to force the prison residents to give up the prison. While several children, elderly, and women stay behind at a camp set up by the river, the Governor and his army (consisting of Mitch, Alisha, Tara, Ross, and 21 others) approach the prison with Hershel Greene and Michonne held hostage. After Hershel is executed, the Governor's soldiers attack, mowing down the fences and firing the tank's shells at the prison. They manage to kill a few prison survivors, including Julio, before they are killed by the prison defenders and the swarming zombies.






TV Series

Season 4


  • The tank that the camp owns appears to be a M-60 Patton.
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo, the actor of Martinez, stated that he thought of himself as mayor, with regards to Martinez running and leading his own camp.
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