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Jess Collins
Creek bed at Cabot Ridge.
Cabot Ridge
Type Mountside Hill
State Georgia
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Seen in Series Video Game
Issue/Episode Survival Instinct
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Cabot Ridge is a hillside in the state of Georgia and the first location to appear in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Rural Georgia

Cabot Ridge was a popular hunting ground for hunters. Jess Collins owned a cabin up in the ridge and would go hunting with his half-brother, nephews, or hunting buddies.


Hunting With The Dixons

Will Dixon was hunting with his brother, ephew, and friend, Buck, when the outbreak began. They were tracking a deer in the woods when walkers came out and attacked Buck. Will tried to save him, but was overrun and disemboweled. Jess kills the walkers while one of the walkers manages to bit Jess in the arm. He finds his brother mortally wounded. Daryl attempts to put his father out of his misery but was unable to do so. Jess instead, takes the gun, and pulls the trigger. After Will's death Daryl and Jess fill up their truck and leave for Sedalia.




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