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Broke Jaw Ranch is a location in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The ranch is also the headquarter of a survivalist community and is owned and operated by Jeremiah Otto and his two sons, Jake and Troy. It is located to the east of San Diego, California.


Broke Jaw Ranch was founded many decades before the apocalypse, run by the Otto family. They also used it as a survivalist group headquarter to survive such catastrophes as the collapse of the economy, the democratic form of government and/or the rule of law. They were not prepared for the rise of the dead—but owing to the survivalist mindset of the community members, it can be assumed the camp itself is heavily fortified. Many of its residents, including Jeremiah Otto, also have racist and/or white supremacist beliefs.

The camp itself contains vegetable patches, guard towers, an RV camp and solar panels. They also have access to advanced military hardware, such as helicopters and assault rifles.




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