"Trying to eat us... yeah, this has been all over the news for days. The dead are taking over. Where you been?"
—This boy to Negan.[src]

This boy is a character first encountered in Here's Negan of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.



Nothing is known about this boy's life before the outbreak started. When the outbreak started, the boy's mother was sick and turned, however he could not go through with putting her down.


Nothing is known about the boy during the apocalypse, he was seen by Negan and was asked to put down Lucille.


Killed by

While he was walking with Negan in a abandon parking lot. He was attacked and devoured by a zombie that lunged at him from between two cars.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this boy has killed:



Negan and the boy had good relationship. After the boy's death, Negan was angered and possibly killed the walker that devoured the boy.


The boy had a crush on a girl that was in his science class, but she did not feel the same way. The boy died talking about her.


Here's Negan

  • "Part 5"
  • "Part 6"
  • "Part 7"
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