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  • PeridotPieguy

    The Jessie/Sasha Theory

    November 11, 2015 by PeridotPieguy

    Hey, there! I'm PeridotPieguy! Today I'll be discussing a theory I thought of not to long ago revolving around...

    • Jessie Anderson (TV Series)
    • Sasha Williams (TV Series)
    • Andrea (Comic Series)

    This theory will elaborate on the possibility that Jessie and Sasha are both based on Andrea in the Comic Book Series of The Walking Dead.

    Here's how it goes:

    Our first piece of evidence is an excerpt of one of Jessie's quotes in Season 6, Episode 5, "Now":

    "(...)if we don't fight, we die." 

    This excerpt seems strikingly similar to Andrea's comic quote that she would say to Rick...

    "We don't die."

    Our second piece of evidence is one of Alexandra Breckenridge (Jessie's Actress) confirmed (I can't find the web page anymore, if someone could comment it that would b…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER


    Sorry about that... I just got really excited about awesome news that we have in a week! Two new covers, Negan casting, and a lot exciting going on this week. About two days ago, the episode "Now" is really awesome episode. Don't you even say it Pigpen. Anyway, I really like how everything is so suspense! Deanna hand over leadership to Rick got me goosebump and Maggie's pregnant... Man, it's so rough to see her like that about Glenn's missing. I don't ever think about killing Glenn in this season? Daryl perhaps lol? Rick and Jesse... FUCK YES THAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!?!?! Have fun Rick for doing something with Jessie! ;) The end of the episode... very bad sign.. So, are you looking forward to see next episode in next…

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  • Negan

    Howdy, muthafuckin' dick suck cunt fucking fuck fuckity fuck fucker fucking fuck fuckers! *hyperventilates* ...Negan's here.

    Now before we can discuss the blog, I understand that there has been some new rules about blogs so I apologize if I broke one of the rules - feel free to remove the blog if it's not good enough. And also, sorry for my bad english... it's the best thing I could do. Let's get fucking started.

    Following an extensive casting search, AMC's The Walking Dead has found its next major villain

    Hollywood Reporter: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/walking-dead-negan-jeffrey-dean-836243

    Comicbook: http://comicbook.com/2015/11/10/jeffrey-dean-morgan-cast-as-negan-on-the-walking-dead/

    Superherohype: http://www.superherohype.co…

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  • JokersFlame

    Sup guys, long time reader of the Wiki, I used to contribute a lot more too. Anyway, this is a problem I brought up once before. It seems that this Wiki has a horrible habit of updating a character's main quote on the top of their page with something more recent over what works better. If you look at multiple other Wikis like the Breaking Bad wiki, the characters will always have a quote that sums up who they are or were as a person.

    For example, Morgan is on the main page of this site, what's his quote? "TELL ME HOW IT IS! TELL ME, HOW IT IS! TELL ME!" Yeah, that quote really nails the character doesn't it. Sasha's is simply, "I'm trying." Nothing more. Sure, it's a nice little thing she said to show you she's making an attempt at being a …

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Now" and Master Blog

    Hello kids,

    WalkerMaimer got caught drunk driving, so he's in jail. No, not really, he's just busy. I'm filling in for him this week and honestly, I'm glad I did. I really liked it. This is the fifth episode of season six.

    Before I start, allow me to explain the choice of banner. I normally use the official banner AMC gives us, but this time I decided to go with something different. I feel like the image of Rick teaching Ron how to shoot is the perfect representation of this episode: Alexandria coming to grips with the reality of the world they live in and learning how to deal with it, adapting. We see it mainly with Jessie, Ron, Deanna and Denise, and it was just great.

    The episode starts with most of…

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  • WalkerMaimer


    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Thank You" and Master Blog

    Salutations Wikians,

    Last week's episode "Thank You" was a good episode and highly debated! Today we are going to review the fourth episode of the sixth season, "Here's Not Here". It is written by Scott Gimple and directed by Stephen Williams.

    So without further ado let's begin!

    After being left by the sheriff's deputy who left for Atlanta. Morgan and his son, Duane, continues to survive through the whole apocalypse. Unfortunately, Duane turned leaving Morgan alone and his sanity continuously to slip away. Months have passed since they have separated, He and Rick cross paths again along with his son, Carl, and a woman named Michonne. There was no room for warm welcome as Morga…

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  • ThisDeadMansOpinion

    Glenn Rheeborn

    October 31, 2015 by ThisDeadMansOpinion

    Who could have guessed it, another blog about THAT death in episode three, "Thank You." SPOILERS ahead, obviously.....

    So, in the light of the shocking and largely unprecedented demise of one of the longstanding characters in the series, Mr Glenn Rhee, I have decided that this topic is both interesting and controversial enough to merit a little stab at writing my first blog. Here goes nothing.... 

    Amongst the chaos of the awkward redshirt character spotlights and the super intense shots of a sweaty Rick running down the cliche forest-lined roads that we see so often in The Walking Dead (seriously, I swear they use the same roads every season), Glenn and Nicholas find themselves trapped on a dumpster surrounded by countless numbers of Walkers…

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  • RYan Odin

    First of all dont worry, this is not another "ohhh noes Glenn is rly ded now but no hes alive hurrdurr" blogs, but rather a blog about the consequences that Glenns death will have to the storyline and other charakters and how it enables the TV-series to closer follow the source Material.

    Secound of all please now that english Isnt my first language, so Id like to appologize for any grammar and/or punctuatiion errors.

    1. The Tragedy:

    The only thing I wana say about Glenns death (which I really hope is genuine) is that it was his originally planned death from the comics. I dont know how many comic-readers know about this but Glenn was originally supposed to die in the no way out  arc, but Kirkman choose against it at the last minute. Seeing him…

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  • Big Brother 99

    {{Character Info |name = Glenn Rhee |image = 603 Glenn Wary.png |actor = Steven Yeun |first = "Days Gone Bye" (Voice Only)
    "Guts" |last ="Thank You" |death episode =Thank You |cause of death = A chance that he was torn apart by zombies |status = Unknown |age = Mid 20s

    |lifespan = Read more >
  • ThoughtsofMines

    So...I'm new at this but I figured that I would give it a try especially after I saw "Thank You" (Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead"). I cannot say that I was a fan of this show from the very beginning, but once I started watching it, I was hooked. I absolutely LOVE the show and during it, my niece and I are in constant contact, providing our own running commentary on what we have seen. 

    Sunday's episode started off in normal "Walking Dead" fashion. Lots of running, hiding, and of course, the killing of walkers. But when Glenn was "killed", as it appeared that he was yet I remain hopeful that he is not dead, I was upset. I love Glenn's character and at that moment, I just could not fathom the show going on without him. 

    Although my feeli…

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  • UndeadMuse

    Seriously no pun intended on the title. I guess its well known now on the wiki what happened tonight. It drove it home clicking on Glenn's character page and seeing that red deceased title over his name. Yes some of us are speculating how this may not be what it seems. By the way I think its an ultimate disservice to the fans to have any ambiguity with this. Its agonizing to even leave us with a shred of hope for Glenn's fate. And for me it tears me more because, even if they do somehow manage to allow him to live it will feel cheap and cheezy to me. From a logical standpoint there should be no way for Glenn to make it out of this situation. He was shell shocked when he hit the ground and even if Nick was covering him the fact that he was …

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Thank You" and Master Blog

    Salutations Wikians,

    Last week's episode "JSS" was intense! Today we are going to review the third episode of the sixth season, "Thank You". It is written by Angela Kang and directed by Michael Slovis.

    So without further ado let's begin!

    ATTACKED! As Rick and the others herd away the walkers away from Alexandria that eventually failed, The Alexandria was attacked by a group called "The Wolves" pillaging everything and killing everyone as brutal as possible BUT the tide changes when Carol along with every skilled members of the community fight back their adversaries forcing their enemies to retreat. The community is left shaken as a lot of survivors perished and the peaceful community they ar…

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  • Pigpen077

    Marvel's Fan vs. Critic - The Walking Dead is back! Once again we've pitted a fan from godzilla.wikia.com in a toe to toe death battle with against a critic. This time it's Confederate superfan Joao  and Seth Macfarlane from Wikipedia, who will represent the critics.

    Who won First Time Again and JSS showdown? Let us know in the comments below.

    SPOILER WARNING: This video contains spoilers from for Season 6 and Adam Sandler's new hit comedy, "Pixels" out July 24th, 2015.

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  • WalkerMaimer
    WalkerMaimer's back to back Review on "First Time_Again" and "JSS" and Master Blog


    Yes my lousy kittens, I'm back to give you a back to back review on "First Time Again" and "JSS" because LEL why not?

    Today, I am gonna review "First Time Again" written by Scott Gimple, and Matt Negrete and directed by Gregory Nicotero.....and "JSS" written by Seth Hoffman, and directed by Jennifer Lynch.

    So I'm not gonna give any "previously" something bullcrap on this one and let's just move on with the review and do that on the "Thank You" episode.

    AHEM! Now, without further ado here is the condensed review of the first two episodes! Enjoy!

    Not gonna do this back to back thing again, I clearly screwed up...

    "First Time Again"

    All right, So The seaso…

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  • LudwigVonKoopa22

    The Walking Dead Season 6 is here! Pretty good episode. I'm reviewing it pretty much now. It was alright. Not the best episode. Still waiting for Paul Monroe to appear, although Heath appeared, so pretty grateful. I just wished there was a bit more action to it, at least it had a couple of deaths, not that i'm glad Carter died, but because The Walking Dead Season 6 is confirmed to have more action than Season 5. I like the fact Morgan is now series regular though. Just wished some of the main characters like Carl had more screen time. It was 1 hour and 30 minutes long, so we had a lot of The Walking Dead after a 7 month hiatus (not technically hiatus, just the show hasnt been releasing new episodes because of season break). Anyway, it was …

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  • Gearslover01

    Aside from doing basically everything Walking Dead related, Kirkman also writes the novels which basically cover the story of Woodbury, from the Governor becoming who he was, to finding Woodbury, to what he did to it, and now how Lily is handling it after the prison attack. Now while I find these novels interesting, I feel like it's time for Kirkman to keep writing the novels but give it to other deserving arcs in the comics.

    I recall something about how Kirkman didn't want to write about Negan's backstory, but at the same time he said that he was done with Woodbury and yet he keeps writing about it. In my personal opinion, it would be fantastic for him to write novels on the D.C. communities. Perhaps a novel for how each community was made…

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  • Big Brother 99
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  • Rac Ward

    One of the things that has become the hallmark of The Walking Dead show and comics is Rick's group trying to find a place where they can feel safe and secure behind high walls. We see this with the Woodbury prison settlement to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The essential problem with this is that while Rick's group or any other group hopes to win what seems to be an unwinnable war with the walkers given that the walkers outnumber any surviving humans by at least a 10 to 1 margin. The problem with fighting a walker is that individually or in small groups they are manageable but when in a herd they are downright a force of nature that topples everything in their path. Given how very little we know about what exactly caused the walker outbreak to…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hello WALKERS! Cha cha momma mia! Today, we have an exciting news for us everyone! But... It's an really big shock for you... SO HERE IT IS MATES!

    This features Rick is standing and he's cover with blood on his clothes... Someone is betrayed him. The description is for the "BETRAYED." This is one of coolest cover I've seen it's almost looks like similar to issue 96 cover. I honestly don't know what will might happen into issue? I believe someone betrayed him or turn him down. I don't think it's Negan. Oh come on guys!? You think He will betrayed him for two freaking years? Whoever betrayed him will be? Marco, Morton, Siddiq (Just thought of something to happened before...), or Lydia. Of course, Lydia... It could be trick or something. I se…

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  • I Have No Tommy and I Must Scream
    Hello, everyone! It's me, Tombo!

    Long time no see, huh? (Who am I kidding, no one remembers me, my blog series was a failure...) I've been quite busy with life so I decided to stop with the blogs for a while, but seeing how last night, the finale of Fear The Walking Dead aired, I figured I'd do something to celebrate the end of this monstrosity brilliant series!

    Today, I present you... The top 5 Original Characters created by AMC.

    The only rules on this blog are:
    1- The character has to be CREATED by AMC, and not be an adaptation of a Comics or Novel character with a different name.
    2- This list is completely, 100% opinionated. If you disagree, then well, boo-hoo buckaroo... This is my list and that's how I roll.
    So, without further ado... Let's put …

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  • Joe Thecreeper

    here are my review videos for fear the walking dead. Please comment and share your thoughts on each of them please :) the whole point of these videos is to start a conversation with other people who love the walking dead :) :) :) 

    SHOUT OUT TO MY STORMY ENT! :D she actually watched my reveiw for the second episode & she's in the thumbnail too! :) 

    I was actually inspired by TravisChan's channel on YouTube to do talk videos about the Walking Dead. I also thought that fear the walking dead was really awesome too. I loved all of the characters, but personally my favoraite one is Alicia. One of the actresses on the show who played one of the zombies, named Stormy Ent, actually watched my second episode review video for Fear the Walking Dead. She…

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Cobalt" and Master Blog

    Hello kids!

    The usual blogger, WalkerMaimer, is busy again so I'm filling in for him again for this week's Fear The Walking Dead episode. For anyone keeping track, it's the fifth episode of season one. Only one episode left.

    Oh look, a black guy! Bet he'll be the next one to die!

    Victor Strand is seen taunting Doug (remember the pussy from the previous episode? The one who didn't want to do the check up for no reason at all? Yeah that's him) for not being able to protect his family. This whole taunting seems pointless at first, but it pays off at the end of the episode.

    Back in the safe-zone, Ofelia is also taunting things, people, the military, you name it. They're about to pop her when good guy Adams…

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  • Jettio

    Ok so I know that this was decided about 2 years ago that there should be no Presumed Dead status, but after an EXTREMELY long and detailed look through characters from the TV Show to the Novels to the Comics, there are many characters that this status would benifit, including Clem's parents, Duane, Mary, Shumpert, Molly, Jared, Earl and Kenny. I will make a poll down below and leave comments and vote on what you think. If you want explanations for why these characters would need this status I will put a comment down and explain.

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  • Pops Capo
    Pops Capo's Review on "Not Fade Away" and Master Blog

    Hello kids,

    Due to a series of unfortunate events Maimer can't be here with us, so I'm filling in for him this week and reviewing the latest Fear The Walking Dead episode. For those of you keeping track, this is the fourth episode of season one.

    Let's begin.

    According to Chris, it's been nine days since the lights went out in the City of Angels. The National Guard raised a fence to protect and isolate the neighborhood, and so far, it seems the military guy in charge is right. They are the lucky ones.

    Outside the fence, we see some smoke here and there, and the city seems... oddly empty. Like, completely empty. No people, no zombies, no noise, no dogs, anything. It's weird, there were 4 milli…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hello everyone! I really hope you guys have a great summer and I know the school are coming up. I want to know how's everything going for you guys! Today, we have released review and two new covers! It was remarkable everything I've seen!

    Wow... Such an emotional issue. I think this is an incredible way to everyone wanted war against the whisperers. I have no idea why everyone wanted to war? Of course, REVENGE! In the beginning, we see everyone are crying, wasted, and angry. They went to the church for funeral for their people. (I actually thought we might see Father Gabriel but he is not? What the hell Kirkman? Probably on the next issue perhaps.) On the next, their people avenged to Rick Grimes wanted to war against whisperers for their l…

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  • Bloxxasourus


    i WILL Convince you 

    alright so basicaly the wall is an ice that keeps the wild ones out and the white WALKERs (i underlined walker for a reason) from attacking the good people (tyryon dany arrow sansa). so the wall is trying to keep ILLEGAL s out of the country. well with the 2020 election coming up trump will get el chap cap (more like lame-o haha) to build a WALL on the border of mexico and the united of states america. if that happens then mexico will get colder, due to it being cutt off from the canadian winds.





    lets be honest here, the timeline is a little messed up, it's at least 2009 when the zombies come. well in the show it said 8000 …

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "So Close, Yet So Far" and Master Blog

    Salutations Wikians,

    Last week's episode "Pilot" was mixed for me but then again as I have mentioned to give it a chance and so we are back! Today's episode is written by Marco Ramirez, and directed by Adam Davidson.

    So without further ado let's begin!

    So the episode begins catching the last few glimpses of Artie walking through the Corridors of the school. Time to say goodbye guys then the episode focuses on Alicia who visits her sick boyfie Matt. Matt's fate is very predictable tbh. Meanwhile, Travis and the Clarks struggle to get a hold on Chris after putting the pieces of the puzzle together which actually made sense. Alicia and Matt's farewell conversation is decent, it would…

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  • Nduke

    I do the same thing for TWD, so why not? :)

    • This season consisted of six episodes.
    • Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Lorenzo Henrie were present for all episodes.
    • Mercedes Mason and Rubén Blades were absent for one episode.

    • Kim Dickens as Madison Clark (5 episodes)
    • Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa (5 episodes)
    • Frank Dillane as Nick Clark (5 episodes)
    • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark (5 episodes)
    • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Liza Ortiz (5 episodes)
    • Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar (4 episodes)
    • Lorenzo Henrie as Christopher Manawa (5 episodes)
    • and Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar (4 episodes)

    • Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Griselda Salazar (4 episodes)
    • Maestro Harrell as Matt Sale (2 episodes)
    • Scott Lawrence as Ar…

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Pilot (Fear The Walking Dead)" and Master Blog

    Salutations Wikians,

    Let's begin the Master Blog series for Fear The Walking Dead's first episode, "Pilot". Fear The Walking Dead is the spinoff of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. The episode is written by Robert Kirkman, and Dave Erickson, and directed by Adam Davidson.

    So without further ado let's begin!

    The first three minutes got me engaged because LEL new show. So from this point on, I am in a state of quizzical thinking on what they are trying to do because it is a somewhat overused idea whereas the main fella travels through a creepy place then encounters a walker then runs outside, the idea is reversed because this main fella ended up in the hospital while t…

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  • UndeadMuse

    Okay I will start out by saying I understand this is a beginning "Pilot" episode so I will give that the benefit of the doubt. But I have to say I was not impressed by the premire of Fear the Walking dead.

    From the onset the title gave me a bad vibe I mean seriously "Fear the walking dead?" Even the exes tried to down play and say "that is not the real title." Should have known then something was not right. I will get right to my main issue, the pacing for this show was attrocious. I get it you want us to get to know the human leads in this show you want us to feel for them or care about them a bit before you rip them from us right? Sorry I can't feel anything towards a bunch of snotty teens, a junky and his dysfunctional parents. The only …

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  • Carter West

    With the first three minutes released by AMC the other day we can expect to Meet Nick Clark first. He wakes up in a church where hes looking for Gloria (friend, gf, or just fellow junkie?) he finds a dude with his throat ripped out and gloria eating another Junkie and Nick runs for the Hills only to get rammed like he was frogger lol.

    Im also gonna predict the fall of LA will almost happen in the first two episodes but with the Premier being 90 mins its safe to say well see more than Simply Gloria in the first episode. But who is gonna die first... (looks at Art and Tobias)

    Lets check the list of the main people we care about (and some we may/may not)

    Travis: Ya i think he'll make it through season 1 but may die in season 2 as a season finali…

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  • Stewlock

    Let's be honest for a second, none of us really know how The Walking Dead will end, whether it how it'll end it's 6th Season or how it will end all together. But let's face it, that's not going to stop us from speculating.

    With that in mind, I gave some thought to how AMC might end the next Season of The Walking Dead. 

    Now this could go a number of ways. Either this turns out to be surprisingly accurate, somewhat accurate, or just really horrible fan fiction. But I'm not complaining. At least not yet anyway.

    So we've reached the final episode of Season 6, most of Rick's main company have survived (probably), everyone who has died has died, become undead and died again., and the town of Alexandria is safe once more and united against their com…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey Guys! It's Bestest again! Today, we have some exciting news for issue 148 cover has come out but I was expecting two? Oh well I guess not so here you go!

    Issue 148 features the whisperer's tear went down. And the description is for the is "No turning back." Okay, this cover is very interesting but what does it mean? I honestly can't tell it's Lydia or Alpha or different whisperers? Maybe this tear show you the war or the whisperers has lost more to make Alpha has broken? Or could Lydia wanted to make whisperer again? GAHHH, I hate waiting to see what's going on next. Kirkman is honestly trolling us for new covers came out. I was dying to know to see this! Looks forward to mystery issue 150 cover! If you beware! >:)

    What's your thoughts o…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's Bestest again! Today, the walking dead comic issue 145 has come out today and it really blew our mind to see how terrible news to Rick's people. Very, very devastating tragic issue.


    Okay, it is a little short issue but I felt bad for Rick's people who lost their loved ones. So we all knows that last issue is very surprising and shocking than Glenn's death does... On the beginning, we see Ezekiel's head on pike is still zombie and Rick's group just standing there... still shock. Michonne begin lost her temper then take her knife out to ready stab Ezekiel's head but Rick refused wanted handle himself and Michonne just shove him out. Michonne panicked …

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's Bestest again! I wanna to share with you guys about what a great way to end of season 6 cliffhanger! Today, I was just checking out YouTube channels who are the greatest fan of the walking dead, Not Trevschan2. It's Make A Path Presents aka Ronny Haze is one of my favorite YouTuber because he came on with the great predictions, ideas, and theory about the walking dead mystery!! He is one damn smart bastard that I love with his ideas! I know you don't like to hear or nor big fan of the show but hear me out please!

    So, I was watching his video called "Is Negan Coming to Season 6 & How I Want to End Walking Dead" You can check out his channel! Anyway, Ronny Haze wanted to tell us about how to end of season 6 going be? Let's sta…

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  • Stewlock

    It's undeniable that The Walking Dead has a body count of characters killed off that rivals Game of Thrones, but it just seems like there are a select few that are destined to survive through the zombie apocalypse no matter what. At least for now, anyway. They will at least be around for an extremely long time.

    It seems that for the foreseeable future, these characters are safe in this world they live in, despite the show trying to tempt you into saying otherwise. So here they are, my top five invincible characters of The Walking Dead! The TV show that is.

    1. Rick Grimes

    It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, that Rick Grimes just so happens to be the most invincible character in the show. He's been shot, beaten to within an …

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  • Rythli

    Before I begin I'd like to throw it out there that blogging is not my specialty. I had previous success, and a previous failure. Regardless of past I thought this would be fun to make. Some things you'll disagree with, some things you'll agree with. Either way the list is for entertainment purposes. I love this show, but it is not perfect. So its best to just laugh, and acknowledge those imperfections so we can enjoy the good that will come from the show as well.

    1) Andrea taking Shane's side over Dale's

    2) Carl acting tough

    3) Everyone, and their mother making speeches about "YOU FIGHT OR YOU DIEEEEE!!"

    4) Andrea talking instead of trying to free herself (316)

    5) TV Abrahams unhealthy obsession with Washington D.C.

    6) Aiden's taste in mus…

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  • ALinkToThePasta

    Hey there,It's ALinkToThePasta with the first blog on his new user 

    Today you'll see what are MY WORST TV Episodes

    (warning:this blog may contain badly written TV Scripts,Bad character development,be warned as you'll cringe)


    I Ain't a Judas


    We all know This episode as the Season 3 finale 

    and the worst one too.

    They promised 20 people to get killed,so they just made a scene that makes no logic

    The governor's point was to keep woodbury safe,why did he just kill them?...and the crazy excuse is not to count,sometimes they make him not crazy and other times just stupid

    They promised a war and we got 50 seconds of it

    The only reason it topped the Dishonorable mentions is because of the fact they overhypsed it to be a great S3 finale and we g…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's bestest again! Today we have one new issue coming out at Oct. 14! I was expecting two coming but I guess I was wrong through. So here you go!

    Issue 147 features Andrea, Carl, and Lydia walking to be in somewhere. And the description is for the is "Out in the Open." Wow, looks like they went out walking in woods again but hey it's the walking dead! I don't see Rick, Michonne, and Dante in it? Probably at Alexandria Safe Zone to working on the plan against the whisperers? I really looked forward to see Andrea and the kids more development in this issue! Maybe they're looking for something, I see there an abandon building in the background so it could be new group in that building or safehouse from the whisperers. I cannot wait…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hello Walkers! It's Bestest again!! I'm sorry that we don't have new covers coming, I actually thought it would come out today but I really hope the two new covers would come tomorrow or Wednesday! I suppose we will get surprised to see it! :) Alright, back to track. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ TWD ISSUE 144 YET BUT DON'T READ IT!!!

    I...I don't know how to describe it and Oh...My...Goodness... This is the bloodiest issue in the walking dead series I've ever seen! Zombie Finger Food anyone while I starting review right now? Alrightly then! In the beginning, We see a thousands of walkers beside of the building where Rick and Alpha are standing on the roof. I don't know how's Rick will deal with all between the whisperers and the walkers…

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  • Pigpen077

    So I'm just posting this cus we did this for S4 and S5 trailers and nobody has done the blog yet so....

    Also this includes S5 spoilers and such obviously. Sorry admins looks like good old Pigpenis got to it first.

    What'd you think of the trailer?

    Why does Daryl get his own section of the trailer?

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  • Stewlock

    Something I generally like to do during the lull time between Seasons of the show is try and figure out what's going to happen when it comes back. Most of what happens in the show happens during a story arc or character arc. Everything is always built up to, even if the build up isn't much.

    So here are what I feel are going to be the main story arcs for the first half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

    Arc 1 - Hungry Like The Wolf

    I didn't have to use that title. I just really wanted to. If you can't deduce what the title refers to within the show, I'm talking about the wolves, this weird, almost cult level group that was alluded to throughout the 2nd half of the 5th Season, that had a run in with Morgan, Aaron, Daryl, and the unfortunate red h…

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  • Pigpen077

    Combining Pages

    June 19, 2015 by Pigpen077

    Hey guys, Pigpen here and for once I'm not shouting out my shit opinions and instead am here to give an idea for the wiki.

    The character pages Lilly Caul, Bob Stookey, Gloria Pyne, Andrew, Rick Grimes, etc all contain Comic and Novel information even though in reality they should actually be two pages like Rick Grimes (Novel Series), Bob Stookey (Novel Series), etc. 

    However I believe that characters that appear in different mediums that take place in the same continuity should be in the same page. Sor far Lilly Caul, Bob Stookey and everyone I mentioned above are all set, however character pages like the following,

    • Glenn combine with Glenn
    • Daryl Dixon  combine with Daryl Dixon
    • Merle Dixon combine with Merle Dixon
    • Michonne combine with Michonne
    • H…
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  • Axel TWD

    The covers for Issue #146 and Book 12 have been released!

    It seems as though Maggie has come to blows with Rick once again! What could have prompted this violence between the two leaders? The last time Rick and Maggie were in a physical alteration was Issue #101. (Pictured Below)

    Meanwhile, Book 12 features an aged Rick and collects Issues #133 to #144.

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  • JakieBoi

    Some TWD TV Show fans like Daryl and Beth and even...Satan of Adaptions AKA Andrea and it's okay! but they hate every villain

    Why should you respect people if they kill good guys like Beth or Hershel? or Andrea or...Another person

    Well,you don't need to respect all like TV Andrew that had less plot than CS Andrew,it felt impossible to do so,and they did

    Tomas also shouldn't be respected,he had potential but NO,Shit happend eh?,but there are some

    Lets put at as:


    (note: Arvo from the video game is just terrible,Andrea low of terrible,he doesn't even deserve to be in a top hated list,he sucks)

    The Reason She's so low is because she wasn't that hated,only haters she got were (and not all) Beth fans 

    Why Sh…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    GOOOOODD AFTERNOOOOOOONN CHA CHA!! Hello my fellow wikians! I'm sorry, I haven't post this blog for while... but anyway, my friends today... the new covers has came out! And it's gonna be huge than you think!

    I'm not spoiler for you but I found out about few hints in season 6. There are many great to see based on comic and you will surprised if you found it. Let me know, you find anything about season 6. It is a secret. ;)

    Haha! I love it so much because what an amazing issue I've read. There are many shocking & surprises in this every scene. Very well done indeed Mr. Kirkman! Now, let's review shall we? In the beginning, we see Rick and his co. on their way to their home and Rick got halted by arrow. Uh oh. :) The mighty badass Dwight has …

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  • Pigpen077

    AMC's The Walking Dead has won awards upon awards. It has critical acclaim and a HUGE fanbase.

    However on this site, The Walking Dead Wiki, half the wiki despises the show with a passion while the other half is in love with it. Today I will be giving my opinions of the show and briefly touch upon Fear The Walking Dead and the webisodes. Sit back and enjoy, this is going to be a long one.

    Let's begin by quickly running over the past five seasons of the main show.

    Following being put into a coma, Rick Grimes awakens to find the world (or at least The United States and France) have been taken over by the undead. He travels across Atlanta to find his family, meeting up with Morgan Jones, Merle Dixon, Morales, etc before finally reuniting with his…

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  • Cheesedude

    I attended Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2015. Two cast members of The Walking Dead were there.

    Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) did the ribbon cutting to officially open the event on Thursday. He was also available for photo ops. He seemed truly excited to be there. Nothing at all like Merle, which really shows you what a good actor he really is.

    Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) was featured in a panel on Saturday and took fan questions. When asked what his favorite Herschel quote was he responded with this one: "I know Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, but I thought he had something a little different in mind." He talked a bit about how times have changed in terms of where actors can get the biggest roles. It used to always to films…

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  • Gearslover01

    Since Season 4 and Scott Gimple took over, the show has become an adaptation once again. The only things that become different are preluded and extended story-lines and character actions. Who does what? Who dies instead of who? Sasha has become Andrea. Hershel took Tyreese's death. Bob became Dale. Bob took Dale's death. Tyreese's Death took Morgan's death. Carol snuck into the armory instead of Glenn. And Michonne is possibly becoming Rick's love interest instead of Andrea.

    So it's apparent that the show like to give characters different outcomes and actions from the comics. Now since Maggie has become Deanna's assistant, it looks like the show has her being prepared to become a leader because in the comics, she is a leader for the Hilltop…

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  • DrMaxy


    After 2 Years in a cell, he's finally out, But what does this mean for everyone in Alexandria and Rick!

    So the question is; WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO!

    Will he get revenge on Rick?

    Will he go on a Killing Spree around Alexandria?

    Will he just escape and not return (Must bump into Carl and the Whisperers along the way)

    But we don't know until Wednesday!

    So what can he exactly do???

    He can't exactly destroy Alexandria this time, one single man can't do this much destruction.

    Or can he?

    He could try and kill everyone, but why would he that quickly?

    Doesn't he want the chance to escape before being re-captured and locked back into the cell?


    Will Negan run back to the Sanctuary?

    Will he try and reclaim what is HIS!

    Will he get …

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