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    Teh Hunger Gamer

    Hello everybody, whats up? This is my first blog on a wiki so I hope it meets the standards.

    Did it not confuse anyone as to why Telltale got rid of Christa and replaced her with another pregnant lady? Did that not hit you as random? I think ( and im sorry if this has been talked about a lot before ) that Telltale had written it so its Christa who is in that tire about to eat her newborn, not Becca. They planned it to be Christa all along and possibly planned Omid to last a bit longer, taking Alvin's place. But for some reason they decided during or before making season 2 to forget that story line, the return of Kenny possibly did not work out because of the things that happened in season 1, they just could not make it work? or they reali…

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    Negan TWD

    Hey guys, been awhile since I made a blog, so let's get down to it. So, as the title suggest they're multiple problems that I have with Season 2 many of which have hindered it to the point where it doesn't even hold a candle to Season 1. These issues will be put in bold and discussed in paragraph form below.

    Each episode of Season 2 that was presented to us had a plot of its own rather than a plot that encompasses all the episodes of the season. A central plot is key to a strong foundation to a story it serves as the bedrock that prevents plot points from being illogical to the world and keeps things organized. The only thing that's closest to a central plotline, in Season 2, is trust. This choice in plotline isn't very significant in Seaso…

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    07-29-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 47

    CODE: BE47

    Season 5 Trailer Thoughts

    Spoilers ahead so don't go apeshit on me later on....You've been warned, TWICE!

    Usually I don't go with the whole trailer reviewing stuff so I am not gonna do it, instead I will just give or rather share my thoughts with regards to the trailer of the latest AMC's The Walking Dead Trailer. Also, I am suspending two of my blogs from the Observations Trilogy, The Walking Dead: Assault Review, and Season 4 Part B Review because I am itching to publish this and it is so trendy I expect that there will be another one in the coming days. Plus, this serves as my first anniversary blog here so bear with me....PLEEEASEE!

    Also, Since trailers are trolls (like S…

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    About Season 5...

    July 28, 2014 by Vincetick

    Hey, guys! Its me Vincetick with my frist Blog on the wiki (Yay!)

    Anyways, I saw the Season 5 trailer yesterday.... replayed it 4 times too. Let me just get to the point of this blog, since all of us, if not, many of us, saw the trailer, we see that, at first we thought Gareth and the Termites (reall good pun for them, btw.) were gonna be the Hunters from the Comic and were going to try and kill Rick and Co. I saw the video and turns out, at first i thought you guys were right (which I was oppose to) but when Bob said to Gareth that Eugene has the Cure to the plague (I know its a lie), Gareth let them go, but first Rick, Bob, Daryl and Glenn (and if I saw correctly, Sam) were beaten, bad.

    Gareth then decides to band with Rick's Group to trav…

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    Breaking news, Telltale Games has confirmed that there will be a third season of the hit video game, The Walking Dead.

    The news was confirmed at Comic-Con by Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman and Telltale president, Kevin Bruner. This was done via IGN.

    At the moment, plot details, returning characters, platform information and the launch date has yet to be confirmed.

    The launch date is most likely to be in 2015 as the current season has yet to conclude.

    For more information: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/s135/the-walking-dead/news/a586685/telltales-the-walking-dead-will-return-for-a-third-season

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    I was having this discussion with my brother, about how I wish the comics were followed by the show the way Game of Thrones is to their novels, and then I got to thinking, what if (after the comics have finished) someone made a The Last of Us-style Walking Dead video game adaptation. I'm not talking about the TellTale Games (however very well done), I'm talking about a full-blown video game adaptation of The Walking Dead comics in the perspective of Rick Grimes. And not in comic format either, like The Last of Us/Alien: Isolation style gameplay and format. Where we play through the stories of The Walking Dead comics, go through a perfect adaptation and play through missions in each game.

    Game 1 would be tailored to The Walking Dead: Compendium One (Prol…

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    Hello I'm pigpen077 now thanks for clicking this link....However this blog will contain Spoilers of TWD S4, TWD Video Game S2 and possibly some other crap.

    So now I did a list of this already a while back but now I'm gonna redo it...with some rules.

    1. They can't have been on the other list

    2. They can not Include Beth, Luke or Daryl (as it would cause comment wars)

    Alright let's do this...also not to mention this is in NO ORDER.

    Ah the Clem of 400 Days......yea no. This asswipe is just a major asshole to literally everyone in the group besides Shel. So what stands her out from all da assholes of TWD? Well she's (I think) to be the ONLY asshole kid in TWD. I mean there is Carl in the show but he's not an asshole..just a crappy character. There …

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    Title says it all... watch and discuss!!

    Reaction: BETH!!!!!1 Who is that cop lady?! Why are they in a hospital? Why is Beth in hospital scrubs? #wut

    Reaction: SAM!!! YOU'RE ALIVE! But for how long doe...

    Reaction: Mysterious red-head girl... looks like VG Molly/Jane Update: Guess this may be Carol, smeared in blood and mud, hence the hair not showing up as gray?

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    Before I start, I must say, *SPOILERS FOR BOTH VIDEO GAME AND COMICS* and, for those that don't know, the video game world is set in the same universe as the comic world. The TV series is NOT canon to to either and is set in its own universe. 


    I was thinking, ONLY IF Clementine survives Season 2, and if they don't kill her off in any future seasons, that they could introduce Clementine into Rick's group at Alexandria as a regular character? 


    The video game is currently in its 3rd year into the zombie apocalypse, roughly around the same time as 'All out War' in the comics. The comics is in roughly 5 years into the zombie apocalypse, so the game has some catching up to do before Clem could be introduced. I mean, it makes perfect sense to bri…

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    Season two polls:

    All That Remains poll:


    A House Divided poll:


    In Harm's Way poll:


    Links to the Season 1 polls can be found once you click on one of the other season 2 links, the list was getting a bit too large.

    Remember to only answer ONE option per choice as if you could only play the episode once or how you did it on your first playthrough.

    Also two of the choices only apply if you made the relevant previous choice.

    And let me know If you t…

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    Something I was curious about, especially after the deaths in All Out War and the two year time jump in A New Beginning, we lost a lot of couples over the war and some people are available for the taking. I was wondering what OTPs (one-true pairings otherwise known as "shipping") the other comic fans have. OTPs or "ships" are characters that you love seeing together romantically and/or characters you wish got together, romantically.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the official relationship statuses so far in the comics are: - Rick x Andrea - Michonne x Ezekiel - Dwight x Sherry - Paul x Alex - Mark x Amber

    For the comic fans - who is your favorite OTP (it could be a current and official relationship like those above, it can be one that occurr…

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    Amid the Ruins Review

    July 22, 2014 by Clygar07

    Just to be clear, I've only recently finished my first playthrough and therefore I haven't explored every possible option. So I apologize in advance for any points I bring up in which I may be misinformed. 

    Clementine: As usual, it's always interesting to see just how far the story and choices can shape Clementine's character. While events in the story are often set in stone, the possibilities the players are given regarding Clementine's personality make her more than the blank slate a character in that position could be. The dialogue options could easily lean too far towards innocence and ruthlessness, but the options are pretty well balanced and usually make perfect sense within the context of an given situation. 

    Kenny: As with many peopl…

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    Pops Capo


    Next Games and AMC have announced a new mobile game for "The Walking Dead" titled The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. You can check out the trailer below and read the full press release to get all the details.

    "The game, titled The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, will allow players to experience the world of the iconic show through gameplay exclusively developed for smartphones and tablet devices. Developed by Next Games in close collaboration with AMC, the game will feature themes familiar to the TV series, where characters fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic, walker-infested world. A recurring theme of choosing the right survival strategy and making the most human choices possible is at …

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    AMC released today “The Walking Dead” key art for Comic Con International: San Diego 2014. The image, which will appear on banner ads around the fan-based convention from June 24-27, features series stars (from L-R): Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene and Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford.

    “The Walking Dead” Comic Con panel will take place on Friday, July 25 at 12:20 pm PDT in Hall H. Season five of “The Walking Dead” premieres this October on AMC.

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    Hi guys! Antho1232 here, I'm going to talk about the fate of the characters and a bit on what I think will happen in Amid the Ruins, episode 4 in Season 2 of TellTale's Walking Dead Video Game.

    First I want to talk about this being a blog or a forum. I do not know if this blog will be over 300 words or not. But to be honest I have no idea on how to even make a forum. So in the comments somebody can tell me how to create a forum. Sorry I'm such a noob.

    Second is that I've heard that some guy on YouTube got to play Amid the Ruins early, and people are posting spoilers on the internet. I'm just going to say that I have not seen his video or seen any spoilers regarding Amid the Ruins. I have only seen the Trailer and the Next Time... So all of t…

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    You guys have no idea how good it is to be back making blogs xD. Anyways hello everyone and welcome to a top five hosted by the dumbest user on the wikia! No not YA....me! Pigpen077. Now I might have done a list of this a long time ago but it's time to redo it and get it on....not that way u dirty minds. Now let's begin.

    The Grove is argueably the best episode of S4 (My opinion it's number 2) Here is a fun game it's called name 10 things wrong with The Grove. It's kinda hard isn't it? This episode shuns out the rest of the group like Rick, Daryl, Beth, Carl, Bob, Maggie, Abraham, etc and focuses on the group of 5 that we I think saw the least of in S4B. Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. This episode had some of the most suspenceful …

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    The trailer for Episode Four of TellTale Games' The Walking Dead dropped not too long ago, showing us Walking Dead fans what we can be looking forward to in 'Amid the Ruins'. Off the bat, we can see that the walkers/roamers/biters/whatever you fancy calling them will have quite the large presence this time around.

    Before they were just some nuisance you had to deal with in order to carry on your journey, but now the seem to be something of an actual threat. Our heroes are lost - scattered to the trees and looking to survive. Towards the end it seems that the undead will have our ragtag group of survivors cornered, with nowhere to run.

    But never mind that! Kenny is depressed???

    As we heard Kenny say in the trailer, he was almost at peace when …

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    07-15-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 46

    CODE: BE46

    (Stop! You are not Allowed to Comment in this Blog Post. This has been Re-Updated for Archiving)

    Observations: Writers

    As you may have noticed....We have a new blog format! (YAY) Ok, In a very peculiar event. I have decided and intend to make a series of blogs made out of my observations on the show from the first to it's recent season. Today, We are going for the Writers. Have fun and enjoy!

    I will probably say about a few or less positive notes on this one but as far as I am concerned the show is "still" in good hands with these writers. Why? Not because they can write nasty and unexpected stuff like Lizzie killing Mika or Androfe getting Shane's.....shotgun shots? The reason why I still b…

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    Link to the trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmvFEnd5UzU


    If the episode is as good as this trailer, it might be the best episode of the season. The potential is certainly there since telltale can go anywhere with this last couple episodes. Now that the whole Carver storyline has come to an end there aren't many storylines to wrap up. And since it seems like Rebecca is going to give birth next episode, I am really interested to see where telltale is going for Episode 5, since they have to top last year's finale.

    It looks like we are getting lots of zombie killing this episode, since the trailer is basically full of zombies. And also we are going to the war memorial (where we hopefully see Christa). Sarita look…

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    Axel TWD

    Thewalkingdead.com has released new covers for Issue #132, #133, and All Out War Hardcover! 

    First up is the cover for #132, featuring Maggie and her baby! So glad to see these two, matching the simple description of "Happiness".

    The cover for #133 takes a turn in the opposite direction, with the description "Impending Doom", featuring two figures riding away from a horde.  

    Lastly, all of 'All Out War' will be available in Charlie Adlard’s raw pencils. I think this is an awesome opportunity to really appreciate Adlard's incredible work.

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    SPOILERS!!!  You have been warned!

    Welcome to the second issue of RedGrimes Reviews! Conversation is encouraged; Feedback is welcome.

    A New Beginning continues on. The plot lines thicken, becoming rich with suspense and foreshadowing elements, with 129 ending on a great cliffhanger. For more, see Issue_129.


    In my opinion, this issue is one of the better plot-driven issues that Kirkman and Aldard have churned out recently; a bit of redemption from 128. Very well-done.

    Rating System: A simple comparison of how enjoyable this issue is compared to others before it. Naturally, opinions are subjective. You are free to agree or disagree.

    It seems like Carl is actually developing into a normal-ish young man, despite the many gruesome and horrible t…

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    The first is kind of uninteresting. I think it means we will be starting from where we left off at the end of Episode 3: In Harm's Way. So we will probably start off in the hord and telltale wont do a little time skip. That is pretty much it for that image.

    The second is so much more interesting. So from the teaser at the end of Episode 3, it didn't look like it was going to be snowy yet but this image proves otherwise. So it looks like the group is moving north and there looks to be some survivor(s) that Clem and Bonnie are pointing their guns at. I see a few options for who they might be:

    1) 400 Days characters that survived the hord

    2) 400 Days characters that stayed at the camp

    3) Nate, Leland, Eddie, Cancer survivors (basically any misce…

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    Hey guys, TBSD here, with the first blog I've made in a long fucking time. I'm bringing you a little mix of news and reviews, along with my reactions to them.

    Yes, I know it's all over, but you guys missed my reaction to this, so tough luck.

    In short, it went from amazing to "kind of meh". Part One was solid, as were certain scenes of Part Two (here's looking at you Euge), but the last few issues were appalling. I'll address my issues in bullet point form.

    • Why the fuck did Negan have a change of heart in 125? I was so angry at that. Some people say that he was being sarcastic or toying with Rick, but his face was fucking sincere. Shit writing there Kirky boy.
    • Negan breaking Rick'…

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    Brian Linder

    Wikia’s preparing to take San Diego Comic-Con by storm along with a legion of #WikiaLive superfans! We know many of you are already going, but WE WANT YOU to enlist in our “Fan Army.”

    Tell us you’re going by filling out this form and -- as we’ve done in year’s past -- we’ll do what we can to give those of you among our ranks an awesome fan experience. That may include VIP perks like celeb meet ‘n’ greets, party access, and other fun opportunities!

    We’ll start right now! We have room for six Los Angeles-based fans to ride in our train down to San Diego (departing the morning of Wednesday, July 23)... absolutely free! We’ll even throw in a ticket BACK to L.A. (we’re not gonna leave you stranded). The first six Angelenos to sign up will receive…

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    Hey guys, it is I, the Irish guy.

    I'm here to give my guesses/theories about the upcoming season for The Walking Dead.

    There are no rules, but be nice to each other.

    Civil debate only.

    So many of my theories are a bit unthought of in my opinion. But I will share with you them.

    1st Theory: Rick and Co. fight in the first episode

    It's a no-brainer. I think almost everyone thinks this will happen. But ask yourself this: Why would they fight in the first episode? It'd be a pretty shitty start to a season in my opinion. Just get this: Rick and his friends just hop out of a box car WITHOUT WEAPONS and just try to fight their way through Terminus? Pfft, no, thank you Mr. Gimple. 

    2nd Theory: Judith might die?

    I thought about this one a lot and said, "Thi…

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    Howdy all, Dark here with another ranting blog, but instead of occupations it's err, about galleries and what not. Anyway let's get started.

    Okay, my first problem with galleries are the file names, yeah they're a minor problem, I get it, but we should have at least, some what professional file names not Rickfgjlh.png, that's just plain unprofessional and dumb. I'm just gonna try to keep this little section short, but it just annoys me immensly how you're just scrolling through the gallery and shizz then you see "AXEKSGKJGS : D" But anywho moving on.

    Here's where the rant starts to begin, I am sick of pictures like, you barely see their face and they are blocked by someone/something, that's not what a gallery is, I'm pretty sure when you go …

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    Hey guys! So I haven't made a blog in a looooonggg time, and I'm pretty bored at the moment; so I thought I would make one. Now obviously this blog is in my opinion, but the point is to see what you guys think to. So let's get started.

    I'm not sure if that's the right title for the subject, but let me explain.

    I miss when Rick and Glenn used to have their little chats. I want to see Carl and Daryl talk some more. I want to see Maggie and Michonne become friends.

    What I'm trying to say is, most of this group have been survivng together for over a year and a half now. Why is it in Season 4, Rick and Glenn barely spoke? Why did Carl suddenyl stop speaking to Beth? And why did Maggie not ever mention Beth when on the road? And don't tell me; She …

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    TALKING DEAD Season 5 Preview Special

    AMC Also Airs Two Not-to-be-Missed DOCUMENTARIES:
    INSIDE The Walking Dead on July 8 AND

    Celebrate summer with AMC’s “Dead, White and Blue” Weekend from Friday, July 4 through Sunday, July 6. All weekend long AMC will air a special marathon of its award-winning drama The Walking Dead, the #1 show on television among Adults 18-49. All four seasons of the hit series will air back-to-back beginning Friday, July 4 at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT. The marathon weekend culminates with a Talking Dead Season 5 Pr…

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    Good afternoon, Wikia community! Today I will be trying something a bit new to my activity on the wiki: doing a character spotlight and giving my thoughts on the character. Today we will be talking about the Season 4 character, Bob Stookey.

    Bob is introduced to us as just another prison newcomer, just like Zach or David. He seems kind enough and wants to contribute to the group by going to The Big Spot supply run. He is also an additonal african american survivor, which weveryone seems to be obsessed with, despite the fact that african descendants make up almost 15% of The US. Bob is a man who struggles with great losses, as well as alcoholism. It becomes apparent that being alone in the apocalypse has changed him.

    As we all know, Bob seemed …

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    Riley Heligo

    Oh hai, guess who it is. Some douchebag who enjoys using GIF's (or according to this crafty bastard overuses) and saying random stuff on forums...yeah me, Riley...ANYWAY!

    I'm here to bring up the issue of how the wiki uses the term "protagonist", this is mainly aiming at the TV series characters. Protagonist generally means THE central character, it's possible to have more than one, if their roles are equal, where in the TV series they're not. You cannot have "X is a main protagonist" or "Y is a minor protagonist" as it contradicts the definition of protagonist.

    The Protagonists page is something what irks me greatly, why do we have it? It's practically listing everyone who's an ally to the protagonist...that's not a protagonist, that's an a…

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    Hello wiki, Today we have new covers coming and here you go.

    These covers are pretty actually impressive. Issue 131: It looks like Carl getting new career and start new life with Earl Sutton. Book Ten: Ezekiel's behind by the walkers.

    What do you think about this covers and put thoughts on this below comment. Thank you and Have a nice day.

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    SPOILERS!!!  You have been warned!

    Issue_128 Review Blog

    Welcome to my first ever Comic review!  I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I haven't seen any other reviews out there for 128.  So, here goes!

    I still very much enjoyed reading this issue, as I do most.  But in comparison to some of the epic issues in AOW, and other widely acclaimed issues, this issue earns a modest:


    Rating System: This score reflects my opinion of how enjoyable the issue was - in comparision to other issues of the comic.  I do not have some elaborate scoring system where I evaluate seperate components individually and compile an overall score.  I must admit that, like many, I am biased to enjoy the action-heavy issues more than those that are almost exclus…

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    Hello all, Dark here to try to convince you all to get rid of the "post-apocalypse" part for occupations. Anyways, here we go with the blog.

    Okay, firstly why do we even have it there? It's really pointless. Some are really stupid too. I mean, Magna's for example is terrible, you go on her page, you look at her infobox and you check occupation and you just see "Occupation - Group Leader (post-apocalypse) Imo it just looks unprofessional, we could put that for plenty of characters, since at one point in the comics, TV or video game, someone has led the group.

    An example would be Kenny, he once led Lee's group at one point, to find the boat. Shouldn't we list that for him, then? Also another occupation would be "group member" or "survivor" if we…

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    Issue 128 preview

    June 7, 2014 by Petrosmpak

    The preview for the next chapter is out!!! It's not much, but it gives us a lot of space for speculation. The preview is here:


    So, let's go with the speculation.

    First Panel:

    Looks like Negan's presence isn't going to be so subtle, but I still think for the moment he will play an important role at poisoning Carl's mind

    Second Panel:

    Carl is all serious, holding a knife and he must be leaning down to see a person. Let me connect the dots here. Carl is a teenager, flowing with hormones. He doesn't think so clearly. Carl has been talking to Negan. There 's no telling how he will be influenced by him, given the fact that Rick is a bit absent from his life.Also, he shows interest in a girl, …

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  • 61

    Hi everyone, long time since the last blog post was created, it's been a while too since the last issue aired (damn monthly issues) and the blog section has been  kinda dead. At least deader than usual. So, I thought about these two topics that I would like to discuss with you. Note that they do not coonnect to each other.

    The first topic is:

    What other media do you think Kirkman has been inspired from? All writers are inspired ffrom somewhere, Kirkman surely does too. It may sound crazy, but I have found a couple of similarities with One Piece. Yeah, you heard right. One piece!! What are these similarities?

    1) The timeskip. Now, of course the two media are completely different, but  I couldn't help but notice some similarities between the ti…

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    The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be trusted. Episode 2 of Clementine's story in the new, undead world.

    So, ever since I've Posted the link to the first trailer I've gathered a little feedback and gained a couple of people that like my work. Not as many as people would think, but even two-three subscribers that watch me are good enough to motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing. As an extra, (and lack of 400 days edition on youtube), I've also decided to include Bonnie's storyline into the episode 2, since she makes an appearance there and could use a little background story to support her character.

    Feedback, criticism, as always, is greatly appreciated!

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  • 17


    The proof is above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Father Gabriel is here on town. Just copy and paste. :)

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  • 59

    Ok, so i decided to put who I want/ think should still be alive!

    • Notice I put I in bold. So, its my opinion. And MY reasons. So, im going to say this. I have gotten enough hate on both of my other blogs, PLEASE DO NOT give me hate. This, no matter what i put, is entirly MY opinion. Understood! My opinion. If you can't accept thatt, quit reading.And By the way, they are numbered, NOT RANKED! Thank you!*

    Just so you know, there are many more gone characters. I am going to do another blog on this, if you want, tell me a character, and i will add him/her!

    I think Dale should still be alive. Maily because, he was such a great character. He was well developed. But if he was still alive, I would have loved to see how he handled things.With him always …

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  • 29

    Too many characters?

    May 27, 2014 by Pmatte22

    So as we all know, the AOW story arc is finished. Negan is still alive as well as:

    Rick, Andrea, Carl, Michonne, Dwight, Ezekiel, Paul, Harlan Carson, Carson, Maggie, Sophia, Rosita, Eugene, Gabriel, Olivia, Heath, Aaron and a few other small characters that I could be forgetting.

    On top of those, we have our new arrivals:

    Magna, Luke, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, Siddiq and Annie

    With each issue only being so long, and coming out just once a month (normal level), I believe Kirkman is going to start getting bogged down in terms of plot development, as he will have to show at least a little bit from each character. Therefore, I strongly believe that we have a list of expendables in the next, say, 12 issues to come so that we can have a bit more liberty …

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  • 28

    I'm not sure if I'm on the right track with this, but shouldn't characters who haven't appeared in Issue 127 but are still labeled "alive" be listed as "unknown" for the time being (because of the two-year time-skip), at least until they appear again, are stated to be alive by another character (as was the case with Maggie, Earl, Mikey, and a few others), or are confirmed by Robert Kirkman to be alive (as was the case with Gabriel)? While I understand that it would be somewhat unusual that the death of an important character would go unnoticed, but I feel that two years is a lot of time for someone to die, be mourned, and have everyone else ulitmately move on. Some characters I feel may need to have their statuses reverted to unknown inclu…

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    RYan Odin

    The Hand!

    May 25, 2014 by RYan Odin

    Allright Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics in the whole franchise: Ricks right hand

    • This will contain spoilers for the Comic series, Tv series and Game of thrones especially season 3
    • English is NOT my first language so I may be gramatically incorrect sometimes

    To start things of I LOVED the original scen in the comics where the Governor chopped Ricks hand off it came totally out of nothing and I havent seen something quite like this before in any Comic ive read and it just thrilled the crap out of me.

    When season 3 aka the prison season rolled around I was totally hyped to finally get an adaptation of this scene ,especially in episode 13 arrow on the doorstep (forgive me if I screwed the name or the episode number up) I reme…

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  • 102

    Are you a fan of Carver? No? Then why are you here? Go to a different blog that isn't Carver fan related! This blog will be constantly updated with images but SPOILER WARNINGS: THIS PAGE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT PLAYED THE CURRENT EPISODE "IN HARM'S WAY". PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY SPOILERS. What I mean is the Slideshow contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Do not look at if unwanted.

    TheCryptic since May 25th 2014.

    Circle5678hi0 since May 25th 2014

    Post a message on my talk page to become a member or ask on our forum.

    Please take note that you're only a member if you have the template:

    Nothing is known about Carver's life before the outbreak began. Alls that is known is that he was a group leader post-apocalypse with L…

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    Hey Guys! It's Antho1232 here to talk about what I think will happen on the last two episode of Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game.

    Episode 4: I don't have too much in depth on what I think will happen this episode. But I hope (most likely won't happen) that Christa will be at the Civil War Mermorial. I think the group will reunite with Sarah at the civil war mermorial (obviously traumatized and scared) I belive that Sarita will be determinant depending on weather you cut off her hand or not at the end of In Harm's Way. Rebecca will die during child birth this episode and Mike will die protecting her. Nick will live to see episode 5 (against what most people say). The reason why I think Nick will live to episode 5 is that in In …

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    So most of, by now, have either played through In Harm's Way, watched someone play through it on YouTube, or have read the Wikia entry for the episode on this very site. First thought on many people's minds once they reached was most likely "HOLY SHIT!!!"

    So In Harm's Way (generic spoiler alert) saw the deaths of the brief and terrifying antagonsit, William 'Bill' Carver, our lovable Alvin (Determinant), good doctor Carlos, dickhead Troy, one armed Reggie and it also had us decide the fate of poor Sarita. Does she remain bitten, or does she get amputated by everyone's favourite 11 year old, Clementine?

    We also saw Kenny's eye go the way of The Governor's, in that it will probably be covered up with an eyepatch at some point, if he lives long…

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    Frank Darabont filed a suit against AMC last year, claiming wrongful termination when he was fired as showrunner from the smash hit The Walking Dead back in 2011. As the lawsuit moves through the discovery process, AMC have responded, and, not shockingly, they are not pleased.

    Frank Darabont Sues AMC Over The Walking Dead 01:50 AMC are alleging that Darabont sent a letter requesting "documents unrelated to the case." The network has countered with its own letter (which can be found in full here via Deadline), filed with Judge Eileen Bransten of the Supreme Court of New York.

    “Doubling down on their ill-conceived theory of the case," AMC's attorney Marc Kasowitz wrote, "Plaintiffs now seek to use discovery to conduct a fishing expedition thro…

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    1. Judith Grimes

    Reason: Well, she's a baby. How easy sould it be to raie a baby in a zombie apocolypse? And, killing her off would make Rick stronger, and after what we saw with Carl, it could make hi, stronger. Plus, there are rumors that the producers said something unexpected will happen with Carol, Tyreesee and little J.

    Reason Why She Could Not Die: Wel, she's Rick's daughter, and if she's anywhere near anything like him, she'll be as though as rocks! And, i dont think they would let her die!

    Chance Of Death: 30%

    2. Beth Greene

    Reason: Well, she's gone! She just disappeared. And, she has no survival skills, what'so'ever! As we have seen, she really has no way of living, she has already threatened to do scuicide, she watched her dad be dec…

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    Hey everyone! Spoilers for episode 3. Wat a great episode, episode 3 was! Wow! Anyway, I was just thinking about something major in The Walking Dead Game...Death!

    Thinking back to season 1 episode 1, about 80% of those characters are dead or missing. This got me to thinking, when will season 2's bloodbath episode be?

    What I mean by this is that I think we can agree Season 1, episode 3 was it's bloodbath dynamic changer episode. We lost the motor inn, along with Doug/Carley (R.I.P), Kaatjaa, Duck, and left Lilly behind. That's FOUR characters from episode 1 gone in a matter of minutes. Will we have something like that in season 2? I think it will be next episode. Let's go over who we have.

    Clementine, Luke, and Kenny I see as safe at least unt…

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    First and foremost, WOW! That was a great episode, everything about it was awesome.  I personally hated Carver after what he did to Walter, Alvin and Kenny, (although I think Kenny looks even more like a badass with his eye covered up :)).  However during the scene in which Carver is talking to Clem, I started to agree with him on a lot of stuff, saying how Clem's just like him.  So my question is what do you think about that?  Is Clem like Carver? Or does she do everything she does in order to survive.


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    Season one polls:

    A New Day poll: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Gboy4/Walking_Dead_Game_Episode_One_poll

    Starved for Help poll: 


    Long Road Ahead poll: 


    Around Every Corner poll: 


    No Time Left poll: 


    400 Days poll:


    Season two polls:

    All That Remains poll:


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    The following is most likely old news, but as a courtesy, there are a few potential spoilers.

    To begin with, just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I'm not suggesting that Lee survived the end of the 1st season, nor am I suggesting that he should have. His death marked the perfect ending to a great story. That being said, the following is simply my own idea behind a hypothetical scenario in which he did in fact survive the season 1 finale. How you may ask? Well I've put some thought into this little bit of wishful thinking (and that's all it is). Anyone reading is free to disagree with whatever points I bring up or to point out any flaws in the logic behind any of it. I think it's fairly air tight, but I could easily be wrong.

    In orde…

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