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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's Bestest again! Today, the walking dead comic issue 145 has come out today and it really blew our mind to see how terrible news to Rick's people. Very, very devastating tragic issue.


    Okay, it is a little short issue but I felt bad for Rick's people who lost their loved ones. So we all knows that last issue is very surprising and shocking than Glenn's death does... On the beginning, we see Ezekiel's head on pike is still zombie and Rick's group just standing there... still shock. Michonne begin lost her temper then take her knife out to ready stab Ezekiel's head but Rick refused wanted handle himself and Michonne just shove him out. Michonne panicked …

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's Bestest again! I wanna to share with you guys about what a great way to end of season 6 cliffhanger! Today, I was just checking out YouTube channels who are the greatest fan of the walking dead, Not Trevschan2. It's Make A Path Presents aka Ronny Haze is one of my favorite YouTuber because he came on with the great predictions, ideas, and theory about the walking dead mystery!! He is one damn smart bastard that I love with his ideas! I know you don't like to hear or nor big fan of the show but hear me out please!

    So, I was watching his video called "Is Negan Coming to Season 6 & How I Want to End Walking Dead" You can check out his channel! Anyway, Ronny Haze wanted to tell us about how to end of season 6 going be? Let's sta…

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  • Stewlock

    It's undeniable that The Walking Dead has a body count of characters killed off that rivals Game of Thrones, but it just seems like there are a select few that are destined to survive through the zombie apocalypse no matter what. At least for now, anyway. They will at least be around for an extremely long time.

    It seems that for the foreseeable future, these characters are safe in this world they live in, despite the show trying to tempt you into saying otherwise. So here they are, my top five invincible characters of The Walking Dead! The TV show that is.

    1. Rick Grimes

    It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, that Rick Grimes just so happens to be the most invincible character in the show. He's been shot, beaten to within an …

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  • Rythli

    Before I begin I'd like to throw it out there that blogging is not my specialty. I had previous success, and a previous failure. Regardless of past I thought this would be fun to make. Some things you'll disagree with, some things you'll agree with. Either way the list is for entertainment purposes. I love this show, but it is not perfect. So its best to just laugh, and acknowledge those imperfections so we can enjoy the good that will come from the show as well.

    1) Andrea taking Shane's side over Dale's

    2) Carl acting tough

    3) Everyone, and their mother making speeches about "YOU FIGHT OR YOU DIEEEEE!!"

    4) Andrea talking instead of trying to free herself (316)

    5) TV Abrahams unhealthy obsession with Washington D.C.

    6) Aiden's taste in mus…

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  • ALinkToThePasta

    Hey there,It's ALinkToThePasta with the first blog on his new user 

    Today you'll see what are MY WORST TV Episodes

    (warning:this blog may contain badly written TV Scripts,Bad character development,be warned as you'll cringe)


    I Ain't a Judas


    We all know This episode as the Season 3 finale 

    and the worst one too.

    They promised 20 people to get killed,so they just made a scene that makes no logic

    The governor's point was to keep woodbury safe,why did he just kill them?...and the crazy excuse is not to count,sometimes they make him not crazy and other times just stupid

    They promised a war and we got 50 seconds of it

    The only reason it topped the Dishonorable mentions is because of the fact they overhypsed it to be a great S3 finale and we g…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hey guys! It's bestest again! Today we have one new issue coming out at Oct. 14! I was expecting two coming but I guess I was wrong through. So here you go!

    Issue 147 features Andrea, Carl, and Lydia walking to be in somewhere. And the description is for the is "Out in the Open." Wow, looks like they went out walking in woods again but hey it's the walking dead! I don't see Rick, Michonne, and Dante in it? Probably at Alexandria Safe Zone to working on the plan against the whisperers? I really looked forward to see Andrea and the kids more development in this issue! Maybe they're looking for something, I see there an abandon building in the background so it could be new group in that building or safehouse from the whisperers. I cannot wait…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Hello Walkers! It's Bestest again!! I'm sorry that we don't have new covers coming, I actually thought it would come out today but I really hope the two new covers would come tomorrow or Wednesday! I suppose we will get surprised to see it! :) Alright, back to track. SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ TWD ISSUE 144 YET BUT DON'T READ IT!!!

    I...I don't know how to describe it and Oh...My...Goodness... This is the bloodiest issue in the walking dead series I've ever seen! Zombie Finger Food anyone while I starting review right now? Alrightly then! In the beginning, We see a thousands of walkers beside of the building where Rick and Alpha are standing on the roof. I don't know how's Rick will deal with all between the whisperers and the walkers…

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  • Pigpen077

    So I'm just posting this cus we did this for S4 and S5 trailers and nobody has done the blog yet so....

    Also this includes S5 spoilers and such obviously. Sorry admins looks like good old Pigpenis got to it first.

    What'd you think of the trailer?

    Why does Daryl get his own section of the trailer?

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  • Stewlock

    Something I generally like to do during the lull time between Seasons of the show is try and figure out what's going to happen when it comes back. Most of what happens in the show happens during a story arc or character arc. Everything is always built up to, even if the build up isn't much.

    So here are what I feel are going to be the main story arcs for the first half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

    Arc 1 - Hungry Like The Wolf

    I didn't have to use that title. I just really wanted to. If you can't deduce what the title refers to within the show, I'm talking about the wolves, this weird, almost cult level group that was alluded to throughout the 2nd half of the 5th Season, that had a run in with Morgan, Aaron, Daryl, and the unfortunate red h…

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  • Pigpen077

    Combining Pages

    June 19, 2015 by Pigpen077

    Hey guys, Pigpen here and for once I'm not shouting out my shit opinions and instead am here to give an idea for the wiki.

    The character pages Lilly Caul, Bob Stookey, Gloria Pyne, Andrew, Rick Grimes, etc all contain Comic and Novel information even though in reality they should actually be two pages like Rick Grimes (Novel Series), Bob Stookey (Novel Series), etc. 

    However I believe that characters that appear in different mediums that take place in the same continuity should be in the same page. Sor far Lilly Caul, Bob Stookey and everyone I mentioned above are all set, however character pages like the following,

    • Glenn combine with Glenn
    • Daryl Dixon  combine with Daryl Dixon
    • Merle Dixon combine with Merle Dixon
    • Michonne combine with Michonne
    • H…
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  • Axel TWD

    The covers for Issue #146 and Book 12 have been released!

    It seems as though Maggie has come to blows with Rick once again! What could have prompted this violence between the two leaders? The last time Rick and Maggie were in a physical alteration was Issue #101. (Pictured Below)

    Meanwhile, Book 12 features an aged Rick and collects Issues #133 to #144.

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  • JakieBoi

    Some TWD TV Show fans like Daryl and Beth and even...Satan of Adaptions AKA Andrea and it's okay! but they hate every villain

    Why should you respect people if they kill good guys like Beth or Hershel? or Andrea or...Another person

    Well,you don't need to respect all like TV Andrew that had less plot than CS Andrew,it felt impossible to do so,and they did

    Tomas also shouldn't be respected,he had potential but NO,Shit happend eh?,but there are some

    Lets put at as:


    (note: Arvo from the video game is just terrible,Andrea low of terrible,he doesn't even deserve to be in a top hated list,he sucks)

    The Reason She's so low is because she wasn't that hated,only haters she got were (and not all) Beth fans 

    Why Sh…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    GOOOOODD AFTERNOOOOOOONN CHA CHA!! Hello my fellow wikians! I'm sorry, I haven't post this blog for while... but anyway, my friends today... the new covers has came out! And it's gonna be huge than you think!

    I'm not spoiler for you but I found out about few hints in season 6. There are many great to see based on comic and you will surprised if you found it. Let me know, you find anything about season 6. It is a secret. ;)

    Haha! I love it so much because what an amazing issue I've read. There are many shocking & surprises in this every scene. Very well done indeed Mr. Kirkman! Now, let's review shall we? In the beginning, we see Rick and his co. on their way to their home and Rick got halted by arrow. Uh oh. :) The mighty badass Dwight has …

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  • Pigpen077

    AMC's The Walking Dead has won awards upon awards. It has critical acclaim and a HUGE fanbase.

    However on this site, The Walking Dead Wiki, half the wiki despises the show with a passion while the other half is in love with it. Today I will be giving my opinions of the show and briefly touch upon Fear The Walking Dead and the webisodes. Sit back and enjoy, this is going to be a long one.

    Let's begin by quickly running over the past five seasons of the main show.

    Following being put into a coma, Rick Grimes awakens to find the world (or at least The United States and France) have been taken over by the undead. He travels across Atlanta to find his family, meeting up with Morgan Jones, Merle Dixon, Morales, etc before finally reuniting with his…

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  • Cheesedude

    I attended Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2015. Two cast members of The Walking Dead were there.

    Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) did the ribbon cutting to officially open the event on Thursday. He was also available for photo ops. He seemed truly excited to be there. Nothing at all like Merle, which really shows you what a good actor he really is.

    Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) was featured in a panel on Saturday and took fan questions. When asked what his favorite Herschel quote was he responded with this one: "I know Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, but I thought he had something a little different in mind." He talked a bit about how times have changed in terms of where actors can get the biggest roles. It used to always to films…

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  • Gearslover01

    Since Season 4 and Scott Gimple took over, the show has become an adaptation once again. The only things that become different are preluded and extended story-lines and character actions. Who does what? Who dies instead of who? Sasha has become Andrea. Hershel took Tyreese's death. Bob became Dale. Bob took Dale's death. Tyreese's Death took Morgan's death. Carol snuck into the armory instead of Glenn. And Michonne is possibly becoming Rick's love interest instead of Andrea.

    So it's apparent that the show like to give characters different outcomes and actions from the comics. Now since Maggie has become Deanna's assistant, it looks like the show has her being prepared to become a leader because in the comics, she is a leader for the Hilltop…

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  • DrMaxy


    After 2 Years in a cell, he's finally out, But what does this mean for everyone in Alexandria and Rick!

    So the question is; WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO!

    Will he get revenge on Rick?

    Will he go on a Killing Spree around Alexandria?

    Will he just escape and not return (Must bump into Carl and the Whisperers along the way)

    But we don't know until Wednesday!

    So what can he exactly do???

    He can't exactly destroy Alexandria this time, one single man can't do this much destruction.

    Or can he?

    He could try and kill everyone, but why would he that quickly?

    Doesn't he want the chance to escape before being re-captured and locked back into the cell?


    Will Negan run back to the Sanctuary?

    Will he try and reclaim what is HIS!

    Will he get …

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  • XD1

    In case you've been living under a rock since TWD season 5 ended, there is a companion series to The Walking Dead coming out that has caused somewhat of a divide between casual and diehard fans of the franchise. So, what's the argument? Here are a few of the main contested points I've heard so far. Where do you stand?

    The new series - Fear The Walking Dead - is in the perfect position to offer something new and exciting to the fan base. Robert Kirkman said "The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing." "Fear" will bring a storyline that will be new to all fans, and not just those who are unfamiliar with the comics. The companion series will be a pre…

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  • Pops Capo

    Subpages are Fun

    May 1, 2015 by Pops Capo

    It's a pretty long title, isn't it? I've always wondered why people make blogs with such short titles. Quality over quantity I suppose? Well, I, for one, believe that sometimes both can be the same. After, what is better: A short, great novel or a very long, but also great novel? I believe it's latter.

    But alas, I said sometimes. Sometimes means occasionally, rather than all the time. I prefer long, great novels instead of short ones, but sometimes you have a short novel which is great. Like the first Harry Potter novel. It was oh-so short. 76,000 words. Now, the first Twilight novel had 118,000 words or so. Do I really need to tell which novels is the best?

    Let's up the ante a little bit. The Harry Potter series is roughly 1,080,000 words lo…

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  • BernieBoi

    Get to Know Your Fellow Wikians In 5 Minutes

    Hey guys, the blogs are kinda quiet these past couple of days dont they? well, i hope this new interview blog of mine will bring more interest back to you people who love making blogs or just simply reading them. in this episode of my interview blogs, we'll talk with the wikia's own admin; SilentGlaive. Hope you guys will enjoy this interview as much as mine when this interview was conducted. (I dont know if that's the right english :( )

    How long have you been in this wikia? and how'd you end up here? I've been a member of wikia overall since 2009. I came across this wiki during the summer of 2012, but didnt make my first edit until September.

    Are you a tv biased fan boy, a video game biased fanboy, o…

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  • JakieBoi

    Character Reviews Ep. 1

    April 17, 2015 by JakieBoi

    YoYoYo Boys and Girls it's me again JakieBoi,I Know there are Character Reviews around here but Wait,that's a special one.

    I'm (for now) doing reviews on Antagonists

    You are either a cliched Daryl fan that hates every bad guy there is (Joe,Gareth,Philip,Negan,etc) or you have a taste in characters and you can see who's written and who's not. 


    At first I didn't think much of Joe untill he appeared again in Another Episode and got developed,Joe is the leader of a small group called The Claimers and he gets Daryl to join his group full of hillbillies and background dudes.

    After one of them dies by the hands of Rick Grimes,Joe hunts him down but before that he tells Daryl his simple rules: Don't Lie,Steal,etc you get that and if you break t…

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  • BernieBoi

    Bern's Rant Episode 1

    April 15, 2015 by BernieBoi

    It Was Mazarrraaaa!

    Alright, I was planning to do another episode of Andrea's Blog,but ths just came through. So, i was browsing the youtube site, I was bored, and y'all know how deep my fondness towards TV Andrea is. I even back everything she has done wrong, and escalate the praise towards her doings that in my humblest opinion were right to be done. So, i searched 'Laurie Holden', on youtube. and this video popped out .I was hoping i could find her interview after Andrea's death that i havent watched, and yes, i found one. and it was, MINDBLOWIN'.

    First of all, Andrea is dead, she was great, and is great in the comic. Shame about her got butchered down like a penis got circumcised. Andrea is dead, okay am cool, and heartbroken at the same …

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  • BernieBoi

    Know Your Fellow Wikian In 5 Minutes

    Hey guys, I know it's been a long time, I have to say something before first. I am losing a gusto on making blogs, this probably will be my last blog, i am still considering to make this the final blog of mine, maybe after Kaley's interview. I appreciate all the excitement you guys have given me this past couple of months, maybe i will change my mind, i dont know. Anyways, this Interview Blog will be JuanMaseta's. Yes. Juan. Yours is finally here. Enjoy!

    How long have you been in this wikia? And how’d you end up here? to my sexy profile, I've been here since June 2013. I just added two pics and left until December, which is when I kinda started hanging out with the others and blah blah. I ended up here by b…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Howdy Partners! 

    Today, It is my Birthday and I turn twenty. Yup I felt old big time lol. Anyway, I wanted to share with you for new cover has released today. Looks like we have a big trouble coming and I don't like it.

    Wow, Season 5 is really a great season of the walking dead! I really enjoy every episode except hospital storyline because it's doesn't make any sense doesn't it? I really like how Andrew Lincoln acting is really remarkable in the walking dead. There are many great plot story to follow based on comic by R.K. for TV Series. So shocking and so surprising the edge of my seat. Really love it! Overall, I give a 9.5 for this season. And I can't wait to see where it headed in season 6 and of course the trailer! Good job Casts and Cr…

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  • Rythli

    Warning, Blog or replies may contain spoilers for those not up to date with the TWD comic source material. Not recommended for people who haven't gotten to issue 140.

    Hello! We can all say that so far that after the time skip there are some pretty interesting plot lines starting that have peaked our interest. Like Carl chilling with the whisperers in the name of booty, reunions, or the more recent Negans opportunity. Giga gasp! This could mean a wild Negan will be on the loose. Seeing all these reunions, it wouldn't surprise me if a Negan/Lucille reunion isn't around the corner... (in case you don't want to read walls of text with terrible English/grammar skills see the short recap further down)

    Most likely my prediction for Negans future wi…

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  • FrameSticker

    After the monumental feat that was "Welcome to the Tombs," I wasn't sure what to expect of the seaon 4 premiere. Things were almost too good, bordering on too optimistic for the show that had consistenly won my "show to watch when you're feeling too good about yourself" prize for quite a while now. I really thought they might take away the prison or kill a significant character on this episode just to get back to that dark place we were at during all of season 3B (the climax towards the inevitable Woodbury-Prison, Governor-Rick showdown), but we had no such thing. Instead we got to see a whole new side of this show outside of this "character development in light of apocalyptic event" kind of thing (which has much glory on its own) - we got…

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  • UndeadGaming606

    Welcome to my first blog ever! It will be focusing on Morgan and how he might develop. Note that I do not read the comics, but I do know a lot about them thanks to this wiki.

    Morgan could possibly have a similar storyline to that of Ezekiel from the comics, as many people have been guessing on the forums. I don't know too much about Ezekiel, mainly just that he isn't a fan of violence (like how Morgan tells Daryl that all life is precious), he had a relationship with Michonne, and Ezekiel has a tiger. I can see Morgan being a bit like Ezekiel, but I don't think he'll be the TV version of him and I cannot see Morgan getting a tiger at all.

    Personally, I've been getting bored with Daryl. I've never been that big of a fan of his character and I…

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  • BernieBoi
    Worst to Best Of Season 5

    Hi, hi guys. I am pretty excited for this one. In this one i'm gonna revisit the Worst to Best Blog series, after we concluded the TV Actors one. In this one, I'm gonna share which i think the best aspect from Season 5, and which aspect is the worst. Tighten your seatbelt, guys. This could be horrible.

    Please check Tweek's Blog if you havent, because it got pushed down by mine. Thanks.

    Dishonorable Mentions on the Bads: "No Sanctuary", Noah, & Tara

    5) Daryl Dixon
    Sorry girls, Daryl is gettinng gey wiff Aaron's dick

    *cough* *cough* i'm just gonna clear the throat for this one. Daryl Dixon is fucking polarizing in this season. In the few episodes of the season, i actually thought and said to my friends here that i love Daryl D…

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  • XD1

    It's another episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic - The Walking Dead! As always, we've pitted a fan from walkingdead.wikia.com in a toe-to-toe showdown against a critic in an impassioned debate about an episode in this season of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. It's another in the WalkerTexasRanger (representing the fans) vs. Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes (representing the critics) series this week, as they face off over This week's episode: Conquer!

    Who won the "Conquer" showdown? Let us know by your comments below.

    SPOILER WARNING: This video contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 16 of The Walking Dead.
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  • Big Brother 99
    Robert Pattinson CONFIRMED as Negan in 'The Walking Dead'

    Following the tense and bloody Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead I thought that we'd be doomed to a long summer devoid of walkery goodness, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. An announcement from AMC earlier today confirmed that former Twilight saga star, Robert Pattinson, has been cast as the ultimate Big Bad from the comic series, Negan!

    Despite rumors that Jon Hamm may be in the running for the role, it was Pattison that ultimately won over showrunner Scott M. Gimple and the crew behind the series. The Walking Dead casting director, Sharon Bialy, spoke earlier about the announcement of the fresh faced 28-year-old taking on the iconic role, saying:

    All major Walking Dead …

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  • Tweek54678

    The Wolves

    March 31, 2015 by Tweek54678

    As we all know, we finally got to meet the weirdo W people on sunday's finale. The thing though that's bothering me, is where the hell are the rest of the wolves? Now you might say, the others are just off in some base, but it really just doesn't add up to me that they would only travel in two's like that, especially when it seems like they often run into groups of mutiple people. Especially considering they don't have any guns, you'd think they'd be way more cautious and send more people, not to mention the name Wolves would make me think the group would roam in a pack. By their appearence I'd say they don't have a base, so why wouldn't they just roam as one large group? That seems way smarter then going off in pairs. That said if there a…

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  • LucMac

    The normalcy in a Walking Dead talk page involves writing in blogs and forums to bitch about how bad and boring the show is, to later talk to each other anonymously like critics to slowly convince our poor souls of how much we can do better than the writers and their lack of storytelling skills and/or imagination, but now that the show's over for so many months, what can we take as hostages of our expertise in talking shit noone actually wants to read, unless its just for laughs? Of course, ourselves!

    This blog was not made to open another pointless discussion about how disappointing the finale was since no main characters died, but for a laugh (or maybe a cry), at how fanaticism can blind a person to such an extreme point in which they don'…

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Conquer" and Masterblog

    Warriors - Imagine Dragons

    Salutations Wikians,

    We are now at the second half of the season, "Try" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review the Season 5 finale, "Conquer" written by Scott Gimple and directed by Greg Nicotero.

    So without further ado let's begin!


    The Monroe family mourns the death of Aiden while Rick's group mourns for the loss of Noah. Tensions are now at it's breaking point between Rick and Pete after knowing that he abuses Jessie that ultimately led up to a near to death brawl. Rick and the group's status in the community now hangs in a balance while the looming threat outside the wall lingers more closely toward…

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  • Numad

    So, long time lurker, first time blogger probably my last time as well! Anyways, I've been a fan of the franchise for as long as hopefully quite a few people here (started reading the comics a few years before the show came out) and well, I've thoroughly enjoyed both the comics and the show. But over the years of watching this show I realized something: There are some pretty lame deaths. Now you might be saying "We have at least 273 blogs on this wiki just like this, why do we need to read this one?" and I'll say please don't leave. I need the attention. Anyways, here's my Top 10 Lamest Deaths in the TV series, oh there might be some mild spoilers, just letting you know.

    Oh Randall, the second we saw the blank and hesitant look on his face …

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  • BernieBoi
    Get to Know Your Fellow Wikian In 5 Minutes

    Hey, guys. First of all, I'd like to apologize for the previous blog I made. As you aware, I made a blog about 3 Most Annoying FanBases. I took every feedback that you guys provide in the comments, and yes, it was unfair to get generalized. I'd like to apologize once again, I know some of you might gonna say it's nothing to be apologized really but i can not help myself from feeling bad. Again, I'd like to apologize.

    Anyways, We're gonna have an interview here with WalkerMaimer. Who is a TV Viewer, Video Gamer, Novel Reader, and an ex-Chat Moderator. so let's get started, i hope you guys will love the interview.

    PS: This Interview will be longer than 5 minutes

    Please do XD1 a favor to read his blog th…

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  • FrameSticker

    We Get to Come Back

    March 27, 2015 by FrameSticker

    This is my reaction to "Too Far Gone," S3E8. I know most of you are probably really ahead in the but I just discovered this amazing gem of a television series, so maybe this might make a good read to someone.

    My personal top moments:

    1. Rick's Speech and Hershel's death: A moment of cinematography that should be taught in schools is Hershel's small, humble smile over Rick's words. Hershel (undoubtedly my favorite character, especially after his amazing performance in "Interment") is immensely proud of Rick, and rightly so - this is not the Rick we see at the first Governor attack. He's being humane in all sorts of ways - "You in the ponytail - is that what you want?" To be noted too is his reluctance to do anything himself in the first place - …

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  • Walker456

                Im back, and a whole new Walker456 talk where I talk about various topic,theorys,etc. So today's topic is a TOP 5. Waking Dead killed a lot of people, here's a short list of  characters who died that made me either shout at my TV screen or wanting to call Robert and Scott to let said character live.

    So, you may not expect this character, but seriously. She was a vital part of the comics. Someone made her character so bad people hated her. Personally, I liked the character as it meant that  Someone had guts to make her have a slightly bad character devolopement. Her death was emotional an dI did not see it coming, as I knew that she was still alive in the comics. I kinda got angry as I was really excited to see Andrea join the grou…

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  • XD1

    It's another episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic - The Walking Dead! As always, we've pitted a fan from walkingdead.wikia.com in a toe-to-toe showdown against a critic in an impassioned debate about an episode in this season of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. It's another in the WalkerTexasRanger (representing the fans) vs. Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes (representing the critics) series this week, as they face off over This week's episode: Try!

    Who won the "Try" showdown? Let us know by your comments below.

    SPOILER WARNING: This video contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 15 of The Walking Dead.
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  • BernieBoi
    3 Most Annoying Fan Bases in The Walking Dead Universe

    Hi, this is me again, and now i am introducing you guy s a new blog series of mine called; Miscellaneous Blogs. Where everything miscellaneous would be said and analyzed here. Now, I'm gonna say this thing firstly, that the topic we would be talking about for the next few minutes in this premiere of my Miscellaneous Blogs series, is purely entertainment, if slightly critizing the things happened in the Walking Dead Medias, and Fandoms.

    Anyways, in this episode we're gonna talk about 3 most annoying fanbases in the Walking Dead Fandoms.

    3) Lee Everett's Fans

    Alright let me get this straight, Lee is not a bad character. He was me, and I wont call myself a bad character, despite how self-center…

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  • Vincetick

    Ayoo, guys. Since I've been mostly inactive and then active in the wiki, I know most of everyone here doesn't know me, so I'll just let out a greeting right here. Hiya, the name's VIncetick. You can just call me Vince for short.

    Anyway, 2nd blog in the wiki and I'm not too fucking fond of it, because, I should be helping around whenever I can, but I mostly stand by and watch you guys edit. So I'm gonna say something about that later in this blog.

    Anywho, I'd just like to start off a new segment of mine in this wiki. As you can see by the name of the blog, and I know I'm not as 'famous' in the wiki like my buddy's Maimer or Pig, but what the hell, right, this blog will be about Speculations, and no it's not critically harmful towards the wiki…

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Try" and Master Blog

    A review of silence for the Fallen44

    Salutations Wikians,

    We are now at the second half of the season, "Spend" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's fifteenth and penultimate episode, "Try" written by Angela Kang and directed by Michael Satrazemis.

    So without further adieu let's begin!


    Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Noah, Nicholas, and Aiden goes on a mission that would crucially help the community on it's problem with power. Unfortunately, Noah and Aiden dies with Tara suffering a major wound in the head. Meanwhile in Alexandria, Carol told Rick that Pete is abusing Jessie and that there is only "one solution" in dealing with it…

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  • XD1

    It's another episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic - The Walking Dead! As always, we've pitted a fan from walkingdead.wikia.com in a toe-to-toe showdown against a critic in an impassioned debate about an episode in this season of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead. This week, it's another in the WalkerTexasRanger (representing the fans) vs. Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes (representing the critics) series!

    Who won the Spend showdown? Let us know by your comments below.

    SPOILER WARNING: This video contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 14 of The Walking Dead.
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  • Gearslover01

    So we are reaching that point in the comics with the show where Rick is going to confront Pete about abusing Jessie and Ron, and then their debacle, leading to Pete killing Regina, Douglas allowing Rick to kill Pete, and Rick and Jessie having a relationship.

    However, it's come to my attention that the show may possibly be switching the roles of the abuser of Pete and Jessie for the show. It wouldn't be the first time the show has done this. The show usually adapts the same story from the comics, and even the same lines, just different characters at this point. They switch roles around, they switch deaths around, and now they might switch around who the abuser is. Let me explain:

    We hardly knew Jessie or Ron before it came to Rick's attentio…

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  • Bloxxasourus

    Hello, Wikans. The special lil' theory I will be discussing is the REG = NEG(AN) theory. I am Bloxxasouro, chat mod, reader, eater, sleeper PRO haha. :D 

    LET'S DIG IN. 

    Reg can be assumed to be short for Reggie and Reggie is always short for Rajeev. So that is one point that I've earned. 

    (BLOXX: 1) (HATERS: 0)

    Neg (NOT Nig) is short for Negan. So if we were to replace the N with R we'd get Regan and R is the first letter in Henry Rollins' last name, a popular fan actor picked to play the big hittin' dick! 

    Reg is a smart guy he can build stuff with the right amount of supplies. He has a wife, Deanoa. (KEEP THE WIFE THING IN MIND LATER) He has a bit of power in the community.

    Negon is a fricking (sorry for languaj) idiot who needs a bunch of BAC…

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  • CamTheWoot

    CamTheWoot's Review on "Spend" and Master Blog

    Jam Hot

    Ahoy Wiki people,

    Well, it seems that Maimer's out getting an education and what not, so I'm filling in for him this week. So, today - in Maimer's place - I'm gonna review Season 5's fourteenth episode; "Spend" written by Matt Negrete and directed by Jennifer Lynch.

    Well, I suppose we better get on with it.


    The members of the group seem to be happily integrating into Alexandria, despite the occasional bouts of strife within the community. A party is organized to properly introduce the two coteries, giving mixed results. Rick and co' exercise their plan to arm themselves in advance, resulting in Carol stealing from the seemingly friendly community.

    And so the story of survival continues…

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  • Stewlock

    Spend gave up quite the platter of events this week for the people of Alexandria. We got two significant moments from the comics and a hint of a rather nasty one to come. First off, Abraham's heroics during construction of the wall expansion. Now is it me, or did Abraham really enjoy caving in the skulls of the decomposed corpses that wanted nothing more than to eat him alive? Not only did Abraham practically annihilate an entire horde of walkers (with help from Francine and Bruce) and save Francine's life, but he then gets placed in charge of the constuction crew as Tobin steps down. A good day for Rick's pals so far, right? No...

    It was about time Gabriel actually did something other than pray for everyone's souls. And just like his comic…

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  • BernieBoi

    Know Your Fellow Wikians In 5 Minutes

    Hey guys, its me again, and I'm back with another episode of my Interview Blog series. In this episode, we're gonna have a conversation with the recent wikia star, WalkerTexasRanger. You can recognize him from the Fans vs Critics videos. Jam Hot.

    How long have you been in this wikia? And how’d you end up here, Caulk?

    I've been here about a year. I decided to check out other people who also read The Walking Dead.

    I recalled your name then was changed. I forgot the exact name, can you tell us why? inb4 CamTheWoot almost changed his name into CumtheWood before he knew once you changed you username, it can not be done.

    Well, I chose TheCaulkingDead because it was a funny, dirty nickname, but WalkerTexasRanger was …

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  • WalkerMaimer
    Seven TWD Television Wonders ( Part 02 )

    Salutations Wikians,

    Yep....It is back! Seven TWD Wonders and this time it's for the TV Series (Part 2). Well, these passed few weeks have not fared well and I have not done a blog for ages....Reviews, Reviews, Shitty Music, Shitty Score, Brutal MASTA, Reviews, Reviews. Time to cool things up. So without further adieu Pervy Maimer incoming!

    NEXT BLOG: TMT01 (TV): Only Men makes use of their breasts ( New Series )

    The Wonders

    Water Vortex

    I am pretty much sure that people rooted for this to be on the list, Even though I don't like Eugene because he is like Sheldon Cooper's Post Apocalypse counterpart, I do believe that Eugene's Water Vortex in the episode "Self Help" still hav…

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  • WalkerMaimer

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Forget" and Master Blog

    A review of silence for the Fallen44

    Salutations Wikians,

    We are now at the second half of the season, "Remember" was a good episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's thirtenth episode, "Forget" written by Corey Reed and directed by Julius Ramsay.

    So without further adieu let's begin!


    The members of the group enters Alexandria and gets welcomed by it's leader. Sooner after getting the house the group is truing to adjust in their new environment and get to have jobs BUT in every community tensions are building noting on what happened between Glenn and Aidan. In the end, Rick and Michonne was offered the position of being the communi…

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  • TheBestestWalkingDeadEVER

    Yabba Dabba Doo! My Fellow Wikians! 

    How are you guys doing! Everything went crazy about The Walking Dead news, Huh? Well, I think it's went AMAZING! SWEET! WE HAVE TWO NEW ISSUES IN BI-WEEKLY!

    MY GOD! THAT WAS AN ENTERTAINING ISSUE I EVER READ SO FAR!! I like the beginning start with Jesus kicking Gregory ass is one of the greatest moment but I wish I want to see more kicking his ass again also. This coward is deserve it! Why Gregory being imprisoned? Just kill him already... Carl and Lydia, Heh, Looks like they're having a great time for sex through. Lydia still scared about not going back to her group but why would she be scared at all? Well, we're about to find out. Introducing the leader of the whisperer, Alpha, I really, really like he…

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