• KarpToEndAllKarps

    What happened to the unknown characters in the Walking Dead games?

    Today, I'll be looking at the main characters in the first 3 seasons who were injured, lost, or unsecured and what I think happened to them.

    Lilly, depending on your choices, either was left on the side of the road and last seen running from a walker unarmed or stole your RV and drove off into the forest. In that first outcome, I firmly believe she is dead shortly after you leave her. She has never been shown as super athletic, doesn't have a weapon, and is in the dark with walkers everywhere. She'd be eaten faster than a poorly hidden candy stash. But the other outcome is more open-ended. Still, the RV's radiator was supposedly in bad shape, as was Lilly's psyche. The RV lik…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians! 

    Regarding my absence: I dont know if I had any "fans" while I was poasting my bimonthly reviews here, but for those who have recognized my absence and want an explanation, I was moving and while doing that worked a 40h week, so there wasnt much time to write blogs sadly. 

    But i did snoop in here from time to time and have seen that the dissatisfaction with the comics, mainly regarding the quality of the story, has been growing since my absence and that many of ou think that TWD just does the same over and over nowadays. Well I agree to some extent, however, I still think the comic has a pretty decent quality to it, but I have a theory as to why many of us start to get frustrated with the series. 

    Long story short, w…

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  • Cowardlygurp

    After a month long hiatus, I'm back to once again piss off the residents of the wiki, both administrators and normies alike! So in case you didn't see, my latest blog post was about Issue 167. I was absolutely bombarded with both suport and obnoxious stupidity at the same time. I recieved plenty of agreement and disagreement, but I'd like to discuss the disagreement for a moment. As TheMightyContorted pointed out in a blog post of their own, people were absolutely immature, unfair, and ridiculous in their response to my post. People attacked my icon, my name, my poetry skills(lol)...and did everything but actually formulate an argument against anything I said. They were condescending, blatant, and irrational. Of course, I expected nothing …

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  • Makap88

    TWD in color

    June 8, 2017 by Makap88

    Issue 2 in color.

    Issue 166 here: https://goo.gl/photos/ViJZnvQkxmfZGEMMA

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  • BlarghQuake

    I know many people have read my blog concerning my overall critiques of the previous seasons, but since the Walking Dead: A New Frontier just ended today, I thought it deserved a more in-depth look into what it did right, and to what it can improve upon for Season Four, which was bascially confirmed at the end of the episode. 

    Of course, there are going to be heavy spoilers for not only this season, but for the previous seasons as well. So if you are not up-to-date, be warned. 

    Of course, I always like to get the bad news out of the way first. The Walking Dead Season Three, while it improved upon its predecessor Season Two, I feel that it carried of few of the same problems from the same source, more notably in the earlier of episodes of the…

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  • The Boomerang

    well it seems that everyone has already gotten to talking about this episode but i've been meaning to talk about it for a day now; just had a lot to say.

    First off, I really liked how Telltale's main focus were the characters and how they actually managed to stick to the theme of family. The main focus was the drama between Javi, Kate, Gabe, and David which ultimately led to your final ending, depending on just how you viewed family as.

    I'm also alright with Telltale not fully diving into Clementine's story. They stayed true and consistant during this episode, focusing on the main topic instead of not having multiple different plotlines and stories.

    I also loved how they did David's character in this episode. He was clearly emotionally unstab…

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  • Mr Rinn

    Well I don't know about all of you but I really want to know what choices factor into Clementine's decision about what to do regarding saving Richmond or going after Gabe but it seems to be an accumulation of choices.

    So would everyone mind listing the choices that you think could have affected her decision and then say what choice she made? becuase I really want to figure out how it works.

    I'll go first:

    • Clem stayed at Wellington (and took Kenny's hat when escaping).
    • I spared Rufus the New Frontier driver.
    • I got locked up after covering for Clementine and then went back to the junkyard with Tripp.
    • I escaped with Kate, Gabe and Tripp.
    • I surrendered to try and save Francine.
    • I trusted Jesus.
    • I killed Conrad.
    • I gave AJ Medicine and said goodbye to him…
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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Hello everyone!

    In case you've been living under a rock for the past day, Season 3/ANF is now over. With Season 4 confirmed we definitely have a lot more content to enjoy. However, with ANF over I want to give my review.

    A lot people hate this Season because Clementine isn't the player or main character. However, I did not enjoy playing as Clementine in Season 2 (especially the wind turbine scene which made every character look like a complete retard). Also, you can still play as Clementine (just not in FtG).

    This Season has done a lot better in terms of gameplay and choices. In Season 2, all the characters were killed an episode or two after their appearance which really made it hard to get know them or feel any emotions at their deaths (esp…

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  • I Have No Tommy and I Must Scream

    Quick little blog while I have something interesting cooking for y'all with wiki admin and fellow biased comic fan and m8 GhostWolf716. Should be a BIG topic (Yesss...) so stay tuned in the next few weeks, if... you know... you care about that.

    Meanwhile I'll present to you something that seems so obvious, yet the community on this website seems to ignore: We do not need four or five different blogs about Issue 167. I don't care if you're bitching about it or deffending it, there's literally no reason to make a second blog on the topic if there's already one out there.

    This discussion is a little late because, frankly, the flamewar about Issue 167 has already died down and no one really cares about the discussion anymore, but the point still sta…

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  • TheMightyContorted

    Alright, so, as everyone on this wiki probably knows (If you dont, you've been living under a rock), Kirkman's fantastical writers' instinct told him that somehow, in the middle of the whisperer war, it was a great time to kill off one of the series' main characters, Andrea. Of course, the toxic side of the fandom decided that the best course of action, instead of mourning the loss of a well-loved, iconic and genuinely beautiful character, was to question Kirkman's writing skills and use the good ol' "THE COMICS ARE GOING DOWNHILL!!!" Excuse.

    First off, let me drop a disclaimer. I haven't read most of the comics, but I have popped in to take a look now and again, and I genuinely admire the amount of development, thought and artistic freedom th…

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  • BlarghQuake

    The Telltale Walking Dead Video Game series have made a big splash on the video game market, most notably during its first run back in 2012, where it generated and captured the hearts (and the tears) of its audience, in a big part thanks to Youtube. Five years later, in my eyes it still is a masterpiece. In fact, I am one of those fans that prefer the Telltale games over the both the Comics and the TV series, since I feel more personally connected to the characters. Even Season Two in some aspects I feel is a step up from many other stories that are offered nowadays.

    But as time went on, I felt that the series has lost much of its steam. Season Two was overhyped, and many certain wierd development decisions concerning its characters have le…

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  • Jaga 321

    Improving the show

    May 15, 2017 by Jaga 321

    So, the show has problems. Some big, some small. As fans, us lot are rather passionate about TWD, and thus when something isn't quite as good as it could have been, we all whine like children. Obviously, because we care about the franchise. Regardless, we all have our nitpicks, and I would like to hear your complaints and how you would personally fix them. Stick to a couple of general ones, and a few per season. I'm looking for genuine improvements, not just vague things, like saying 'cancel the show' or 'make it good' because that's pointless.

    • Less Episodes / Faster Pace. I'm gonna try squeeze episode one - the time skip into seven seasons instead of eight. I think it could be fit into six, but I'll leave it as this for now. 
    • Each season is…

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  • Insertfunnyusernamehere

    Insertfunnyusernamehere (talk) 17:20, May 14, 2017 (UTC)

    well i scrapped this and i'm too stupid to figure out to delete it because im new here so if you could comment and help with that would be greatly appreciated

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  • Insertfunnyusernamehere

    The Walking Dead's seventh season was probably the worst since Season 2 and viewership is dropping badly.  Here are some ways I propose the creators get the show back on track.

    1. Stop with the Single Arc Episodes

    Don't get me wrong, I love Tara, Sasha, Eugene and Daryl, but I also love seeing Rick, Carl, Michonne and everyone else.  While the show is about the characters, it is about Rick mainly.  To not include him in one or two episodes a season is one thing, but we went plenty of episodes without Rick in sight.  The season's storylines don't have to change, but maybe split the episode and keep going back and forth with Tara at Oceanside and Rick at Alexandria?

    2. Stop Trying to Fake Us Out

    In the past two seasons, we have "killed" Rick, Aa…

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  • ElsterHell


    Tara is a very confusing character, one minute I'm thinking she is so going to be killed off this season then next minute she gets her own episode.

    To be honest I do like Tara and I'm glad they have kept her around this long because I find it cool that she was originally teamed up with the Govenor but has turned to the good side. I do sometimes think that her humour can be quite cringey but she is one of my favoruites. I also thought she was going to be bit by Sasha, similar to what happened in the comics.

    How long do you think Tara will last and how will she die?

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  • Cowardlygurp

    Well, if you're not looking for spoilers, turn back now. Not that I actually give a single shitlet if you don't.

    Welcome back to another post by your favorite blog daddy, Cowardlygurp. Once again I've found myself annoyed so much by the fandom that I decided to make a post about it. Let's get into this.

    I can't say I'm honestly at all surprised that people are literally going insane over Andrea's death. Caps lock has become the new language on the wiki, curse words and Kirkman death wishes flying back and forth. The entire fandom has, excuse the pun, become post-apocalyptic. But then again, what did you expect? The Walking Dead fandom is literally the most whiny-ass fandom on the planet. You people complain about every goddamn thing on the p…

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  • IkanaCanyon

    Ey there, Im mostly a lurker that never posts much... but man oh man.... the lastest issue, never have I been left with such a bad taste in my mouth after reading an issue.

    I cant beleive I find myself whishing it was just a fakeout and that all the wound was was just one of magna's shots gracing Andrea's neck. This is so disappointing... to be honest... the issue itself wasnt all that bad, but having it be andrea was what made it so fucking stupid and bad.... just imagine if this had been Rick in her place, I think it would've fit much better as a sorta "passing of the torch" to Andrea and maybe Carl (Altho I dont really like him all that much) as protagonists.... instead we get the same fucking repetition again, someone deepthroating dick…

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  • Jaga 321

    So as I have spoent much of my time complaining about... everything, here's to a more positive blog post. As issue 167 is a sort of renewal of sorts, I'm going to predict where each character is going to go in the future of the comics, as for the first time in about a year, we don't really have any clue of what is about to come. So, I'm going to go through where I think each character should go next, and what I would like to see happen:

    So the chatacters have always succeeded more with fans when they are toghether. Family is a key theme of the comic, and now the characters are all together in one place (apart from William and the kingdom) hoepfully the new developments will bring that idea back. 

    Rick - So I have had many a problems with Ric…

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  • The Walking Negan

    Something has been bugging me a lot about The Walking Dead recently, and admittedly a lot of the fire I had for the series has waned due to it.

    The characters.

    The series used to pride itself on a cast of engaging and developed side characters (Bruce, Gabriel, Holly, etc) and some would even go on to become major characters (Eugene, Maggie, etc).  Outside our core cast, the characters - many who have been around for almost 40 issues - have little personality and almost no contribution to the story.  Siddiq, Magna, Connie, Annie... they simply have no unique character traits and no obivous character potential. Thus, what are the stakes? We know that the core cast is safe for the most part, and we have no investment in the more seemingly expen…

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  • The Boomerang

    oh wow, how creative of me

    everyone has been ranting about this and i want to.

    So obviously after the release of 167, everybody's been triggered, and rightfully so. But lets not forget, we belong to a fan community where the fans at this point could write better shit than the actual writers behind The Walking Dead.

    It's so pathetic on how easy it could be to get the comic going - give characters actual, meaningful, iconic moments and involve them in the plot instead of focusing on just 2 or 3 characters.

    - at this point i just blatantly refuse to care about anything -

    robert kirkman can srsly eat my ass up if he thinks i'm gonna continue reading this shitty ass comic. ever since this time skip this whole thing has been going downhill. they didn…

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  • TheLethalWeapon

    I have worked on this show, last season and after coming on here again I can't help but laugh at how many background characters have names and pages. I can tell you for a fact they do not give out actual names, and the extras that do claim they were are lying, and their backstories are nothing more than head cannon. I just want to see this practice ended bc it just makes for more unneccessary pages and work for some of y'all.

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  • Jaga 321

    167 REVIEW

    May 3, 2017 by Jaga 321

    Well, honestly I don't really know what to say at this point. We've reached this big death that has been on the horizon the last few months, and while it was nice to see something big happen, when you look into it, things could go really bad from here. 

    So, Andrea dies. Kirkman admidts he has no idea why the fuck he did it, and neither do I. Andrea wasn't really going anywhere, and instead of thinking of something new, Rick has lost his third lover, and has not really learnt much from it. I honestly feel like he's trying to pair her with Michonne, and if they are together I honestly feel like she will die too, as Kirkman sees it as one of the only ways to develop Rick. But, wait, is Rick really developing? 

    Kirkman has lost the essance of Ri…

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  • I Have No Tommy and I Must Scream

    I quit.

    I know everyone already knew this was going to happen, but still. Massive spoilers for Issue 167 and what-not, who even gives a shit anymore.

    Robert Cuckman, is this really the best you can do? Is it? Pulling the same old "kill the love interest to """""""""develop""""""""" a character" for the, what? Third time, counting only Rick?


    Fuck your stupid tryhard edgy villains. Fuck your promises of development for characters that have been around for literally decades only to kill them off. Fuck your forced new characters that you want us to like so bad, yet you do nothing with. Fuck your giant efforts to turn one of the only characters you still have that are actually good into a generic Rick dick…

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  • Tragicghost75

    (Major Spoiler alert for season 2/3 of the walking dead game)

    As some of you might know already, in Ties That Bind, during the Wellington flashback, when the other group is attacking, we see that Lonnie is with them. This 95% means that the group that attacked wellington is The New Frontier. Where this doesn't make sense is that somehow, super smart Clementine doesn't recognize ANY of the members of TNF that raided wellington even though according to the time between Thicker Than Water's Kenny flashback, she is with the new frontier for weeks. FYI: After Kenny's flashback scene, it says "1 Month Later" than skips to the Ava flashback, which by the way is the only flashback if you chose Wellington or Alone. This means that it if you chos…

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  • The Boomerang

    I hope I don't get hate for this, because people really seemed to like this episode. But really, it seems that as Telltale makes more possible scenarios for the player, the storytelling gets worse and worse. Some things didn't even make any sense to the point that it was stupid. 

    For example, Dr. Lingard does nothing to support David when Joan accuses him last episode. Then this episode, he wants to kill himself because David went to jail. No, this wasn't some emotional "I made a mistake" mumbo jumbo. It's just straight up bad writing.

    Or, take this, Ava distracts a guard by having a straight up conversation with him. Everybody is told to be looking out for allies of David, but nope, the game just assumes we can look over that fact.

    Then we h…

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  • JPeel

    BluRay for Season 7 available August 2017. I'm definitely buying it..

    This was the best season since Season 5. And Shiva didn't look like she belonged on the last generation of gaming consoles. Excellent.

    Props all around.

    What's the general consensus in TWD community? Are you picking up the BluRay? 'Cause you should.

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  • Insertfunnyusernamehere

    The Walking Dead has lately had a major problem, and that is that it has way too many characters.  It's great to see different communities, but we've lately seen episodes based around characters we don't care about and major characters not getting enough screentime.  I believe Season 8 will use war as an excuse for population control and kill off many main characters.  Here is a list of who that will and will not be.

    (This list is based 100% of personal opinion and should not be relied on.  No confirmed TV spoilers and very few comic spoilers will be used.)

    Morgan- Morgan has went from clear to not killing to clear again and I believe he may die this season during war saving King Ezekiel or Carol.

    Judith- I believe that the show won't want two …

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  • The Boomerang

    Season 7 Review

    April 11, 2017 by The Boomerang

    sorry for copying jaga i just realized i had a bunch of stuff i really wanted to rant about

    First off, like most people, I straight up hated most of Season 7. This might be coming off a little biased, since I'm not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead TV Show, but it comes off pretty obvious that the writers clearly don't care. You have badly written dialouge, mixed in with terrible casted actors, along with overrated characters, and all the filler you could possibly get for a TV show. 

    Okay, I'll start with what I actually liked about the season - that'll be way easier to get through.

    Okay, admitedly, I really enjoyed Maggie's character this season. They followed along the comic plotline - which is smart, and important for Maggie.

    I also see s…

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  • Jaga 321


    April 9, 2017 by Jaga 321

    Here we go. So, it's probably not the best time to be a WD fan, as the show has had some major problems we're about to talk about, the comic is slowly declining, and this very wiki seems to now have autisim. At least the TT games are letting us chose how we play, oh, wait. Anyway, i'm going to review season seven as a fan look at how the show can be improved for next season, or what it could have done differently this time. Yes, I still like the show, and it's my favourite WD related media, regardless of this season. So, review. 

    After season five was the highest point for the show, six was a slight dip, but if not a solid season that fell for the show's usual traps (slow pace, fakeouts). It ended on one of the most controversial TV moments…

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  • Nikoli the rebel

    Don't get used to these. I see that nobody has made a review yet so I'll do it to ensure nobody else has to read one page of this awful issue. Your welcome.

    We get confirmation that its a bite but there isn't time to last words. That is in next issue by the looks of it. Andrea+co lead the walkers to the ocean and return to Alexandria. Andrea's dialogue is, however, corny as hell. Unfortunately, there is more to come. 

    Vincent, Carl, and some survivors meet up with Rick+Negan and walkers surprise the group... even though walkers are loud and slow...  Negan says "Less talking--more killing" which is corny and lazy. People can talk while they kill walkers.  As a matter of fact, it is preferable to co-ordinate while doing such dangerous work. Ve…

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  • The Boomerang

    First off, I just want to say, I personally really enjoyed this episode. It wasn't perfect - and I'll get to those flaws later, but I genuinely enjoyed playing through it, especially after finding out there were, for once, multiple scenarios that you could have fallen into.

    No lie, I really do think this was one of, if not, the only episode that both cared about choice and story at the same time. I can't say if those choices will matter later on - but this episode really did, as a sole, have multiple choices that did affect story later on.

    I do have to say, I was a bit dissapointed but not surprised when your previous choices did not really matter in this episode. Whether you brought Clementine or not, she appears later on. Whether you saved…

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  • The Boomerang

    So I wasn't originally going to review these episodes, but why not just do them all at once, right?

    I didn't want to particularly review them because they were so ridiculously uneventful, and if you really consider it "character development", don't even talk about that forced Richonne segment that didn't change anything about their relationship. In reality, there were only 5 characters in the past 3 episodes who really got character development, being Carol, Daryl and Maggie, Morgan, and Rosita.

    Each episode also only really had 1 or 2 events going on, in "Say Yes", Tara told Rick about Oceanside (but not really). In "Bury Me Here", Ezekial and Carol both agreed to go to war. In "The Other Side", Sasha went into the Sanctuary. That was liter…

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  • Denvish

    How old is Clementine?

    March 14, 2017 by Denvish

    All welcome. Did a little social survey among their friends and relatives who are not familiar with the universe of the Walking dead. I showed them a picture of Clementine from season 3 video games and asked everyone the question: "How old is she?".

    I interviewed 50 people:

    • 38 of them with certainty, said that her age varies approximately in the range of 18-22 years.
      • When I revealed her true age, many of them were surprised. Many of them motivated their answer by the fact that she has no facial features are inherent, according to them, children 13 of age, namely, chubby or rounded cheeks, etc.
    • 9 man, as they afterwards said, he felt the catch in question, and on this basis, given the age of 13-16.
    • Others 3 person suggested that she is 17 years old. …

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  • Cowardlygurp

    Hello my filthy cowlings, it's time for another blog post by your friend Cowardlygurp. Given that the last two triggered just about everyone, I've made this one perhaps a bit less scathing. Since the entire wiki is plagued by redundant, boring, and obvious blogs about how terrible the TV show is, I've decided to bring you guys something original for once. Despite the rarity of the TV series doing something better than the source material, there are such instances.

    Without further adieu, here are the five characters that were done better by the TV series than they were in the comics.

    Another disclaimer: Characters that could be considered, but only vaguely, to be adaptations of a comic book character, such as Sasha or Beth do not count.

    • Michonn…
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  • WalkerTexasRanger

    Right. So, The Walking Dead television show. It sucks donkey balls. I, and a healthy number of people have been inclined to agree. It seems like more people nowadays are coming to the side of reason, and it pleases me to see this happening.

    To the people who still disagree, here are the reasons why you're wrong.

    When you want to present an idea, you have to make certain adjustments based on your medium. For T.V. shows, one needs to form a pace that accommodates the run time, including season breaks and program running time. The Walking Dead manages to fuck up every single one of these things, and for no good reason.

    Lemme ask you something. Can you justify the Season 6 finale's runtime? Because I can't. Having extra time shouldn't be about stre…

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  • The Boomerang

    Basically, what I'm gonna do is talk about how each character should be developed in future plot stuff.

    He should follow his entire comic plotline, with Michonne replacing Andrea, all the way up until Negan breaks his leg. It's been such an annoying thing in the comics, and a huge weight on the entire comic plot because now Rick can barely walk.

    Daryl isn't exactly my most favorite character, but that's really because of how overpowered he is and how useless he's been in the plot so far, and despite that he still manages to be overpowered af. 

    But I believe that with the right moves, he can actually get good development.

    First off, in All Out War, Carol should be killed off. I know that people really like her character, but that shouldn't make…

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  • JohnthePerson

    With the most recent shocking devlopment in the comics I do think it would be a good idea to add a bitten character box to the templates. I think this would be good as it better show the status of the characters.

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  • The Boomerang

    I haven't really done a proper issue review, which I have been doing for a while, but I didn't really see the point in doing one since I fell kind of late on reading the issue and by then everyone was already jumping about all over it.

    The first time I miss an issue, and it's a big one. So much for that.

    I know a lot of Andrea fans are trying to be as in denial as possible, so I'll just try to be as unbiased as possible.

    There's really two things that it could be if it was caused by a zombie: a bite, or a scratch, along with a shotgun wound.

    First off, I'd like to point out that if it really is a bite, then there was no possible time for a zombie to grab her and literally bite her neck. As we know, zombies are grabbers and chompers, and once t…

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  • Jaga 321

    165 REVIEW

    March 1, 2017 by Jaga 321

    Summary Negan and Rick are bonding over fighting the dead, which sounds weird to say but is basically what's happening. Given the final revelation, their teamwork is gonna have huge impact on Rick in the future.

    The others fight the saviours, and honestly it just feels like a second thought in this issue. Dwight is clearly not going to die, and it seems Heath isn't either. I'm starting to think bringing the saviours back into the fold is just so Negan can take them down to prove his loyalties, especially if they capture Maggie.

    Next comes almost an entire issue of Eugene death set-up, with the others finding the radio and his sacrifice for the others. However we get the biggest bait-and-switch in forever, with...

    Seriously, spoilers.

    Andrea is …

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  • The Boomerang

    Issue 167 Review

    February 25, 2017 by The Boomerang


    the most unexpected part of the cover is how andrea is there. people have been calling her death for the very underwhelming whisperer war for a while, and while that's over, the herd is still part of the plotline, but it's not that i'm complaining or anything of course.

    it's always possible that it's not actually a part of the story and is more of an art thing, like how alpha was on a cover after her death, but the cover actually looks like a scene from inside of the issue, unlike the whisperer war part 1, which was more of a poster kind of thing.

    the issue description is definately about the saviors. also, for some reason rick just looks drastically older. 

    but i guess alexandria makes it through the herd, so no suspense there anymore... …

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  • I Have No Tommy and I Must Scream

    Ahhello users of wikia FANDOM. It is me, Tombo, back at it again with the whiny blogs! Last time I talked about the problems the Walking Dead franchise was having on all fronts, shockingly including the Comic Series this time! :000

    Today, I will try something similar, listing off the 10 dumbest, most idiotic and cringe-worthy moments in all of The Walking Dead. These can vary from simple moments of stupidity that have you go "fuck, that's stupid" to desperate attempt to pander to the masses with COOL AND EXTREME visuals and BADASS imagery, which will leave anyone with over two brain cells going "fuck, that's REALLY stupid".

    I'm limiting this list to single moments, so don't expect to see a section just titled "CS Michonne" or "TV Andrea", as t…

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  • The Boomerang

    I literally didn't even know that the new TWD episodes came out until a couple hours ago... but it's a lazy Saturday afternoon, there's nothing to do, so why not rant about the TV show, amirite?

    I think at the moment the TV show is slightly better than the comics - and that's not a compliment, because the comics are also being pretty shitty at the moment too.

    But anyways, I don't want to be biased, so if I'm honest, this episode wasn't terrible. It wasn't as filler-ey as the past episodes other than the mid season finale, which was still pretty uneventful, tbh.

    But heh, they're still trying to use Olivia as emotional impact. "enugh, she had so much potential as a characturr"

    I think my favorite character in the show is starting to be Rosita. E…

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  • Jaga 321

    The following is my version of the comics, changing up some major elements to deal with the problems pointed out in my last blog post. 

    Ok, This continues directly on from my last blog post. If you have not read it, the link is here. I've been looking into a few elements of the current storyline and analysing why some may see it as a little dry. To recap, I summaries that the lack of character development and the general off feeling was down to:

    • The Whisperers being badly suited villains for the current storyline
    • Not spending enough time with Magna's group harmed the story
    • Not giving Rick and the other core cast interesting goals/crisis to face upon their reintroduction
    • The kingdom not being developed takes away from All Out War and doesn't giv…
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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Ryan "allwayslate" Odin is back to take a look at the spoiler issue! Yes the issue which spoiled us all back when issue 161 was the most recent is allready here can you believe it? We had a solid entry into the new arc last time and this one also delivers, Im not excactly sure as to what it delivers.. but hey well figure it out!

    Oh ya Im typing on an old keyboard at the moment, because I busted my laptop, so please excuse my worse than usual spelling! (oh yeah my bad grammar is also due to the keyboard)

    Last time we saw the ocean of walkers invading alexandria in a somewhat nostalgic way, our survivors desperately struggle to lead them into the proper ocean on horseback, while inside the walls everyone tries to just …

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  • Jaga 321

    Many fans have been criticising the current state of character development in the comics, namely that they do not care about the core cast, and the extended cast is entirely underused in the recent issues. The whisperer war lacked any main character deaths other than Gabriel, who had very little development before his own death. The comic has been fantastic for either developing character or holding the threat that anyone can die at any time; The best issues marry both together into a coherent storyline. Currently the comic is lacking in both, bar for Kirkman's clear favourites like Negan, Eugene and Carl, who get a lot of coverage for better or worse.

    While the Whisperers have been villains that some love and some hate, the underdevelopmen…

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  • The Boomerang

    Issue 164 Review

    February 15, 2017 by The Boomerang

    I don't really want to put much effort into these reviews, mostly because they're not as major as the past issues, but eh. I guess I'll just do it anyway.

    I know I said that Andrea would die, but realistically, I don't think it's happening any time soon after reading this issue. She's far off from the danger area, and she's not in a place where she'd be able to make a big impactful death. Not that I'd want her to die of course, so that's reassuring, unless they're trying to lower our guards.

    This herd storyline isn't as intense as the No Way Out storyline, but I wouldn't want them to repeat that again, so this tactical thing is a new play on the "Walkers Attack Alexandria" thing, which I guess is pretty good.

    STILL surprised that nobody's die…

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  • Thereselovesyou

    Can't wait for the return of Season 7? Neither can we! If you're thinking of throwing a premiere party, you'll DEFINITELY want this chocolate pudding on your menu. Watch the video and check out the recipe the Fandom team made in preparation for the premiere:

    Easy, right? Think you'll make this in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jaga 321

    Ok, I know the more creative/fanfiction posts are usually not looked upon as highly as the disscussion posts, but I think this question has some oppertunity to be a good one. For a bit of background info, I've finally committed to watching Fear The Walking Dead after watching the first two epidoes three times over because I hate them and I kept quitting. To my suprise the series actually gets a lot better, and I finally see the difference a location change can make to a show, as both series' play byb the same rules but the locations define the story. SO, inspired by that premise I wanna make a story challenge for people. 

    Write a pitch TV/Comics series about the walking dead in your country/city/town. (You don't have to share your exact loc…

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  • The Boomerang

    Well I just completely butchered that title, thanks to my enter key.

    But because of my lack of things to do, I'll basically rant of my overall favorite characters and my least favorite.

    By the way, I really don't have the effort to put out and add templates and make this blog look really nice so bear with me

    I'm not gonna do many characters, just characters I really like, really dislike, and potentials.

    Also, don't expect me to be nice to FTWD because as Negan would say, "f*ck the f*ckity f*ck that".

    • Clementine
      • I mean, this one is pretty self explanitory. Who doesn't like Clementine? Or at least, who doesn't hate Clementine? But if I really do have to explain this, she's a pure badass and my favorite part about her is that every so often, she sa…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Now here it is, the issue we all have been waiting for.

    To be upfront: the cover is truly symbolic so no big death coming up. But its a pretty good read anyways.

    Oh ya also Im trying out a new format... AGAIN! Ya I still have to find a good style, without boring you to death by basically reciting the whole iisue haha.

    So I hope you like this format, lets see how much we really are conquered:

    After the whisperer war we left our survivors with a pretty terryfying problem, the ocean of walkers that is approaching.

    Euegen is still Tired and exhausted as hell and Rick had no time to prepare for it at all.

    The whisperers are out of the picture for now, however the saviors are lurking in the shadows as thousands of walkers appro…

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