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    RYan Odin

    Now this is a refference to an older blog of mine where I asked if you think that Sutton would craft Rick a similar prothesis like MErle had in the TV series (tough I doubt anyone besides me remembers haha).

    Now with Rick personally having asked Earl about a prothesis for his right hand, if they both survive the war of course,  what do you think it could look like?

    I for one realy like the Idea of hooking Rick up with something and my Idea is that he like gets something to hold his hatched with of course he cant get something to shot his gun with so in terms of selfdefense this would make sense.

    Now what do you think his prothesis would look like?

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    So the battle of Terry just went down, he is probably dead, but probably isn't completely. So we have him be unknown. I agree with this, we don't speculate. Undead vs. Dead has been a status war for a long time. 

    Characters erupt in this war when walkers get to them, and they are left behind because they are not going to be saved. They have masses on them, then we do not see them again. 

    They are "dead". I believe that characters who are left behind are undead. I'll be focusing on a specific character's death scenario, being TV Series Patricia. I'll just be lazy and quote the page. Disregard the TV part of the title, the blog covers all mediums, but TV especially.

    As Patricia attempted to escape to the car with Lori, Beth, and Carol, a walker…

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    For Season 5, the following are main cast members:

    • Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    • Michonne
    • Daryl Dixon
    • Carol P.
    • Maggie Greene
    • Glenn
    • Tyreese
    • Sasha
    • Bob
    • Beth Greene
    • Abraham Ford
    • Rosita Espinosa
    • Eugene Porter
    • Gareth
    • Tara Chambler

    The top 7(Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Maggie, and Glenn)'s actors were listed as main cast in the opening credits, along with Hershel(Scott Wilson) and The Govenor(Morissey). If this follwing season countines the trend and has 9 in the opening Credits, which other two do you think will be creditied as main cast? My opinion is Tyreese and Abraham! Let me know what you think below!!!

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    So a couple of nights ago, I remember people debating certain character's statuses. (Terry St. John being unknown, Vernon being dead, etc.) Now, I know many of you are sick and tired of seeing the same debates, so I decided to develop a simple Character Status Questionare that should help fix things and prevent further debates.

    1. Did the character "die?"

    • Yes (Continue)
    • No (Alive)
    • Zombie (Undead)

    2. Was the death onscreen? (i.e. character killed onscreen/character's corpse was seen, not character being swarmed/character left behind.)

    • Yes (Dead)
    • No (Continue)

    3. Was the death mentioned? (i.e. "[Insert Character Here] died!" not "We lost [Insert Character Here].")

    • Yes (Dead)
    • No (Continue)

    4. Was the death confirmed? (From reputable sources, not from a random…

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    Eugene Porter

    Yes, that's right. It's your favorite scientist back again, for a blog that asks how Rick and his mates will get out of this... *ahem*... Un"EUGE"ual circumstance.


    For all two of you who are still reading after that terrible pun, let's get down to some theories. 

    This is one that I've heard many times as a likely cause for how Rick will break out. Its base is how Tyreese and Carol (and lil Judith) make it to Terminus, find Rick's hidden bag of weaponry and break them out of there. To me, this could happen, but it isn't the most likely theory. 

    Fault 1: How will Carol and Tyreese even discover the bag? We see that Rick pretty much completely covers it with dirt. What, do they accidentally step on it? Does rain push it out of the way? If the…

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  • 38

    (Note- This blog is a joint presentation written by myself and CamTheWoot. It might seem slightly odd, and this is due to the fact that it was written as a chat conversation. This is a blog series which we plan to continue, hopefully with the help of some community members. To prevent confusion, my comments will be in RED and Cam's will be in GREEN. I hope you all enjoy!)

    Hey guys, TBSD here with (another!) blog! I have returned early from my hiatus after seeing a rising number of idiotic comments on this dear site. As you all know, idiocy is my second pet hate (after Mazzara), and I do not stand for it. Today I will be blogging in order to banish this idiocy, by proving that there is a difference between "your favourite" and "the best". This …

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    Gis Val

    Compendium 3 cover??

    April 11, 2014 by Gis Val

    Okay, so the covers of Compendium 1 and 2 has both followed the same trend: 5-6 of the main characters in the upper row, who then appear reflected zombified and in the lower row. I just want to know which characters everybody thinks are going to appear on the cover for Compendium 3.

    Characters I'm sure will appear on the cover:

    Rick: He's the main character, he has appeared on the last two covers, and he is the leader of the army in the fight against Negan - which takes up at least 5/8 of the compendium. Plus, he might get a hook hand if he survives, and that would be cool to see.

    Jesus: He is Rick's new right hand man, and the two previous right hand men (Tyreese and Abraham) has both appeared on a cover. He is also the most important of the…

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    Robert Kirkman and jay Bonansinga will team up once more to bring us four new installments in the novel series. The first novel of the quadralogy will be released on october and will feature Lilly Caul as she returns to woodbury and attempts to rebuild it. 

    Looks like Kirkman loves Lilly a lot. Too bad Telltale screwed thee whole game thing and they were forced to make another Lilly Caul, as we would have a complete character with the whole background.

    Are you excited about these news or disapponted?

    Would you like the new novels to feature something else like Negan's backstory or something, or are you excited about more Lilly Caul?

    I, for one, like the idea of new …

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    Hey, long time no see here. But I have been really busy with school and work. Also I found out there was a forum now but I don't know if this would belong there or not. Anyway, my question is about the cover of issue 127. Could it be that 126 is the last issue we see Rick's group?

    Now I am not saying that he will die. I am saying that maybe after Negan's group they decide to end the story of Rick's group, leaving what happens after the war to be in our thoughts and we move to a new group. This group probably being led by the woman shown on the cover. Reason I suggest this is because with Negan gone, they would be completely safe now except for obviously the zombies. 

    Now they could throw in a new villain but that would just be stupid and con…

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    We're excited to present this special episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic in which The Walking Dead community member CamTheWoot goes toe-to-toe with the critics, represented by Rotten Tomatoes' Grae Drake! Who won the epic showdown? Tell us in the comments section below.

    And if you'd like to see Fan vs. Critic return next season with more fans from thewalkingdead.wikia.com taking on the critics, let us know!

    SPOILER WARNING: This video contains spoilers for season four of The Walking Dead.

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    RYan Odin

    So At the very start Id like to say that my idea is pretty unrealistic and it may annoys some people so be warned because I had the Idea of...

    a comic to telltale crossover!

    yeah it sounds cheap but as most comic fans know there has been a short time skip about one month from volume 11 to volume 12 and alltough its very unlikely TTG could write in a little crossover at this point since the videogame seems to be at a similar point of time as the comic were at that point.

    I know this sounds like a pretty cheap fanboy blog but I just wanted to share my Idea and wanted to ask you about your opinion about this how would you feel if you could see Rick Abe Carl Andrea and so on in full telltale glory?

    I for one would really enjoy it to see an animate…

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    OK NOW THAT THE WOLF AMONG US EPISODE 3 IS OUT... We can assume The Walking Dead Episode 3 is soon on its way.

    Now Here I wanted to discuss our favourite Character from the Game. Mostly Season 2 but I will include some Season 1 characters in the polls.

    Btw im not including Clem cause she would win by a land slide.

    Again, I didnt put Lee in the last poll cause he would win easily.


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    TWD: The Arcs

    April 9, 2014 by Pigpen077

    HELLO IT'S PIGPEN (no shit) and here for a blog I've wanted to do for a while....as we all know TWD TV series has mos...well and the comics have certain story arcs. We Will be discussing the TV Arcs. I'll tell you my fav Arc and least fav arc. You can tell me in the comments below.

    The Merle Arc is a short arc spanning 3 episodes. It focuses on the group in Atlanta. They go back. They go back again for Merle. It's a simple arc with one of my fav episodes in it "Guts"

    EPISODES: Guts, Tell it to the Frogs, Vatos

    Lasting 2 episodes, it is one of the shortest Arcs. This arc has the group leaving their camp and heading out. They find the CDC building and take shelter with Dr. Jenner. However things turn shitty when the CDC is about to explode!


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    Rick Grimes the hairy guy

    In spite of Issue 125, I decided to make a blog post about the Fate of Negan

    Before I go on, here are some rules:

    1. Opinions are allowed, obviously.

    2. Be nice to each other in the comments, if not, settle it somewhere else.

    3. Spoilers are allowed.

    4. Get creative!

    So, most of us have read Issue 125 by now. Some of us are disappointed, some of us are excited, some of us are neutal. Let us have a moment of silence for the fallen ones.

    RIP Nicholas, he will be missed.

    Anyways, at the end of the issue, Rick slits Negan's throat and responds with one word, "Good.

    Now, most of us think Negan will die from this, a lot of us think not. Let's jump back to Issue 100.

    Is this foreshadowing? Is it just a joke? Whatever it is, IT HAS HAPPENED. 

    Post your tho…

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    Breaking Dead25

    Sorry if this isn't blog worthy, but something I want to bring up.

    I feel like the show made a good casting with Christian Serratos. She's a striking resemblance and I'm sure her acting is decent enough. This is the Walking Dead's chance to establish her as a character. But what needs to be done?

    1. Backstory: in the comics we don't even know what Rosita did for a living, where she came from, any family that was lost, and we don't even know the circumstances that occurred when she met Abe and Eugene.

    2. Give her things to do: in the comics she doesn't really do anything apart from being Abraham's lover/support system, and later on for Eugene as well. Apart from that she is a background character with a name. Don't have her be like T Dog and l…

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    RYan Odin

    So I finally figured out whats wrong with the charakter Beth!

    I think we all agree that her charakter was okay in season 2, just a little Tv extra with a pointless but heartbreaking story.

    Now where it all went to hell was the season 2 finale "besides the dying fire" and the problem here is: Patricia got eaten and Beth survived.

    It wouldve been so much better if it were the other way round since there was sourcematerial for Patricia (which Mazara surely would have fucked up but hey better then just being a singing box) and thats what Beth lacked when I watch season 3 I have the feeling that they just had no clue what to do with poor blondie.

    So ya this has been discussed to death and she kinda got fixed in season 4 or at least got easier to en…

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    Brian Linder

    Hi, everyone! 

    I'm Brian and I work for Wikia. My team and I are always looking for new and exciting ways to showcase the knowledge and enthusiasm of the amazing fan communities on Wikia. Last week, we posted the first episode of a new video series called Fan vs. Critic on The Walking Dead Wiki.

    We've been very excited about this series, which was birthed out of a partnership with Rotten Tomatoes. Our plans included creating a season finale-centered episode, and soliciting feedback from this community over the next several months to gauge interest in being part of a full season of the series when TWD returns. But there was a problem...

    Scheduling changes forced us to make a choice: Move forward with our plan to produce the video during what we …

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    I just played A House Divided, and it was so awesome. I was on edge through-out the entire thing. Then I started to think to myself- is the Video Game the best adaption of The Walking Dead?

    I've read the comics, I've watched the show, I've played the game, I've one more novel to go, and I have a fair amount of "Pop" figures. I'm a huge fan, heck, I'm sure all of us here are huge fans! So, back to my originally question, what is you favourite adaption of The Walking Dead?

    Please, vote on this poll, and explain down in the comments!

    Even if we prefer one adaption to another, I'm sure we can all agree that The Walking Dead as a whole is a fantastic franchise.

    I myself would have to go with the video game series, although the comic series and televi…

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  • 40

    Hello! Here are some polls to vote on, all to do with Season 4 of the show. Have fun!

    Don't forget to say what you voted for in the comments :)

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    So I was just figuring what might the show cover from the comics in Season 5. Let's be honest - we are dealing with the Hunters when it comes to Terminus and Gareth. Everything the lines and story is based on - this has to be the Hunters. And just recently - it was announced that Andrew J. West (Gareth) has been promoted to series regular. That means he has at least a full season (Michael Rooker had the same thing in Season 3) to live.

    I was calculating, on average, what each season covers on the issues. This is my best estimates.

    The Walking Dead Season One: Issue 1 – 6
    The Walking Dead Season Two: Issue 7 – 12
    The Walking Dead Season Three: Issue 13 – 44
    The Walking Dead Season Four: Issue 45 – 64

    Now - this is what concerns me. It was announc…

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    hi guys, so recently just got interested in making a custom character model for Luke in left 4 dead 2. i downloaded the OBJ files but i can not understand how to make it works. i googled the tutorials but it seems like it i too much for me, i am not a computer whiz so... if someone could help me, it would be much appreciated!

    here's the link to the OBJ files. http://tf3dm.com/download-page.php?url=luke-79449

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    Hello, fellow wikia readers. The Grim Who Botches Some Mofo Edits Because He Is A Freaking Arsehole is here again with yet another rare edition of this blog series that you didn't even know existed.

    This time, I decided to share my thoughts on the Top 10 Best Episodes of The Walking Dead TV Series. I was wondering about making a Top 10 Season 4 Episodes, and even started to separate a list of them, but I think what's trending currently is the "Top 10 all episodes hurr durrr".

    I'm writing this list without analyzing the episodes list, I'll do it just by remembering episodes and yadda yadda. If something doesn't seem right, it's possibly because I messed up and decided to go back on decision X (for example) and forgot that it's incoerent with …

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    Hey guys it’s me, Wolverine1717. I just wanted to propose a minor change. Some of you may be thinking, oh boy, another complaint but really this is pretty minor and something that I believe we should fix.

    This is in regards to pictures representing certain characters on the front page and in our pictorial character lists. Some pictures of characters I believe just don’t work. There are some exceptions to this with characters that are alive we want a current picture and characters that we don’t have many clear pictures of their faces, however, the characters I am about to list I believe should be changed to a better image of them.

    Characters with Pictures that need to be changed

    Front Page-Comics

    • Comic Maggie- why do we have a picture of Magg…

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    Hello everyone, I'm back again so soon, but this time with good reason.

    I've been talking to some users about the state of the actor galleries on the wiki. We came to the conclusion that there are far too many amateur photos in the actor galleries. We thought that it would be about time to start regulating these galleries in order to make them accessible.

    In short, we are suggesting that the actor galleries be limited to pictures that have been taken in a professional capacity, such as:

    • Pictures from a photoshoot (e.g. Lauren Cohan's Maxim shoot).
    • Cast photos (e.g. the cast posing at the end of filming for Season 3).
    • Set photos (e.g. Michael Rooker getting his zombie makeup ).
    • pictures taken as promotional material (e.g. the professional pics ta…

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    You may have seen maaaaaany pictures of LEGO The Walking Dead through the Internets (And Patrick in Rick's flashback on A). But today I'm bringing my custom figures. So far I've made Daryl, Rick and the Governor, but by the 2014-15 Christmas I might have made Carl, Michonne and maybe Shane. The first one is Rick. I used a plain tan torso and painted a shirt design (although and Indiana Jones shirt would look better, but I haven't found any. I gave him a werewolf hairpiece to resemble his and painted shoes and a gun holster to his pants. I painted short sleeves as well, and I gave him a Brickarms magnum.My previos versions were all him in his deputy outfit, so I wanted to have a change...---The second one is the Governor. I used an Indiana …

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    Some fun news

    April 6, 2014 by KatieTheAndreaFan

    Hey peeps, I've got some gossip!

    The team behind the YouTube hit 'Epic Rap Battles of History' have confirmed that they will be featuring Rick Grimes (presumably in his TV incarnation) in one of their newest rap battles. Popular speculation seems to be that he will be rapping against Walter White from fellow hit AMC show Breaking Bad. The new series of battles will be launched on May 5th, and I for one hope that Rick's appearance will be as awesome as it deserves to be.

    I know that this isn't official news. But I found it newsworthy enough to warrant a blog, and I hope you all agree.

    Source of both the announcement and the speculation: http://www.erboh.com/forum/showthread.php?11580-Official-ERB-40-Discussion-Walter-White-vs-Rick-Grimes/page1…

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  • 79

    The Walking Dead is no stranger of changing the adaptation of deaths in the show from the comic. Whether that be timing, trading an iconic death from the comics with a different character, or killing a character currently alive in the comics.

    Thus far - The Walking Dead show has killed two characters who are currently alive in the comics, Sophia and Andrea. Both were a huge shock, and while I was okay with Sophia being axed, I was upset that Andrea was killed (despite being written poorly) - we never got Comic Andrea in the show.

    There was a rumor circling around that in the finale - a character currently alive in the comics would die in the show. That turned out to be, thankfully, false. But it got me thinking - which comic book character c…

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    Glenn, Beth, & Michonne Favorites.

    Hi, I'm new and I am a huge walkign dead fan, as you guessed my favorite characters are Glenn, Beth and Michonne. But enough about me, it is time to get serious.

    I will give you all my best prediction on what I think is going to happen, careful some of these might actually happen.

    Season 5: Gabriel has Beth and their safe. Tyreese, Carol, and Judith help free Rick and the others by getting the burried guns. After fighting their way out of Terminus, Gareth and the hunters will persue them. They eat Carol some time after she tried to kill herself (Lizzie and Mika's Deaths) and Bob somehow dies aswell. Rick, Daryl and Abraham hold everyone down as Daryl butchers everyone for eating Carol.  He puts her down. They met Aaron at the end of the seas…

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    Issue 125 Preview!

    April 5, 2014 by GRANDMASTA

    Hey everyone! The Issue #125 preview is out, and it will be available on April 9!

    Jesus is in trouble, and Mikey (Nicholas' son) has returned! Andrea seems to be holding a dying persons hand, who could it be?

    Leave a comment below with your predictions!

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    Yo, check that link out, maybe Beth isn't dead yet. hmm

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  • 17

    Hey all. just a quick blog about a possible theory. now we all know Robert Kirkman said Rick's fate will be "The Unthinkable". Well everyone has given their theory and so far they have been solid. however, maybe we arent given robert kirkman enough credit. maybe his fate will be this:

    The arrow sticking out of rick is not mucked with walker blood, like dwight intended, as dwight wants rick to live. rick's group however, does not know dwight's plan and truely believes he's infected. Rick states that he doesnt want to turn into a walker. so we spend the next issue with rick saying goodbye to all his friends, andrea and finally carl. then someone puts rick down like he wanted to prevent him from turning. now everyone will be after dwight , bel…

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    Explain please. This doesn't make sense to list them as unknown for being absent for two episodes. Rick was absent for three consecutive episodes and nobody listed him as unknown.

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  • 13

    Wiki suggestions

    April 4, 2014 by Petrosmpak

    Hello everyone, 

    today this blog is about a couple suggestions I have for the wiki, and I would like the admins and of course everyone else to think about them, as I believe it will make the wiki function better and become more interesting. Now I know I am not an admin or something, but I hope I can suggest some things. So, here goes:

    1) The Review blogs.

    Before we introduced the masterblogs, 3everyone made their own review, filling the recent blog column with new blogs every few hours. That way, it was difficult to keep all comments and reviews in a single blog, which is better. For that, the masterblog was introduced, and so far it has achievedd the goals it was meant to. However, I have a couple of suggestions to make it even better:

    1. All re…
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    Hey guys so after debating on what Top Ten I should do next I decided what top ten or blog in general has been made about your fav zombie/zombies? None. SO HERE WE GO! TV Only btw

    Also most of these will not have photos as for some reason I couldnt find any on the wiki even though there obviously are.

    These walkers just look freakin amazing. I mean look at them. The makeup and design for them must have been top notch.

    -from Prey

    This walker was pretty cool. IDK why he just for some reason was a sorda intelligent zombie that almost took out that Blonde Slut Andrea. And for some reason this guy is very famous for Zombies on the show.

    -from What Lies Ahead

    Finally the asshole "queen"of TWD after being killed is eaten by this bloated walker. Althoug…

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  • 54

    The Walking Dead season 4 is in the books, and the fans and critics alike have weighed in with their reviews of the finale. But will the two sides unite in their reactions, or is the stage set for an epic grudge match? Find out in this first episode of Wikia's new video series, Fan vs. Critic!

    Who do you think won this episode, the critic or the fan? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • 13

    I found a pretty cool Season 5 Poster! I wanna share with you if you want to. Here you go. 

    Survive means Remember Rick We're are the Survivors!! WE. DON'T. DIE!

    "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out...?" "They Screwing with the wrong people" Said Rick Grimes..

    Anyone thoughts about going on in Season 5?

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  • 16

    The Claimers

    April 2, 2014 by Bioniclepluslotr

    I've noticed a lot of the articles regarding Joe's group and calling them marauders. Where did this name come from, because the link to the Marauders article is about the gang from the comics. The cast and producers of the show refer to the group as the Claimers, so I think we should adjust the articles to reflect this.

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  • 27

    TWD Wiki Twitter Acc.

    April 2, 2014 by Azending

    So, recently, I've had some chat with a person whom I forgot and I asked him whether if this wiki needs Twitter. He said something about people complaining for a yes or no or something like that. I think, in my perspective, Twitter is a very good social media site for more attraction to this wiki even though it already has a lot.

    So, what do you think? I could make a Twitter account for this wiki and submit the password to an administrator?

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    Rickolas Grimith

    Hey everybody, I am new here and I would like to have opinions on the latest episode with the bandit attack. If Len (Daryl's rival) didn't plant the rabbit in Daryl's bag and didn't get killed, how do you think the fight would of gone down in the latest episode. Since he was still alive, what role would he play and how do you think would die. I would think he would help beat up Daryl while the other guy watches it to make sure he doesn't fight back. And yada yada yada he gets his face stompped in. But what do you guys think? 

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  • 20


    April 1, 2014 by AndyTheZombie75


    Link on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialWalkingDead/posts/10152062788231969

    Link on the site : http://www.thewalkingdead.com/the-walking-dead-129-cover/


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  • 25

    Well, you heard it here first folks. 

    "Norman Mark Reedus 'Daryl Dixon' was fired from The Walking Dead on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 after a disagreement on the direction that his character will be taken with producers Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman." Full article can be found here.

    But at least he'll be in the comics now, rest assured.

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  • 26

    NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE I'M SEROUS I SWEAR Yup when I said this on Chat EVERYONE thought It was an aprilfools day joke BUT

    check the link


    Negan will be in the show and in S5 there will be a shit ton of more comic characters

    Now he won say when Negan will appear but he's gonna.

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  • 26

    Hey, guys! Don't know if one of these blogs have already been made (They probably have) but oh well...I hope you all enjoy hearing my opinions and commenting your own! Obviously as always I love it when you all comment but please no abusive comments, thank you and enjoy. Oh and yeah, obviously spoilers from all of Season 1-4 of the show. 

    Personally I deffiently think Rick will survive all of Season 5, I couldn't imagine the show without Rick. The only reason Rick would die this early is if Andrew Lincoln left but he most likely signed contracts for many seasons. I'm loving the progression we're getting from Rick and I really hope it continues as well as the comic, how awesome was the slaughter of Joe and his group? I much preferred them to…

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  • 3

    Hey Guys! so i found this interesting picture, you can see Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl in what looks to be a room in Terminus with chained Walkers, we didn't see this on the Episode so it could be a deleted scene. 

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  • 24
    Daniel Likes Glenn

    These " Wikia Contributors aka Anons " should not be allowed to Edit. Last minute i Saw an Edit on the TV series character " Summer ". Ofcourse it was an anon who changhed her page to: " Well F*ck You " I don't get it, let members edits not these anons. It's the 3rd-4th time this week i've seen anon ruin pages.

    Take Care fellows, Daniel.

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  • 26

    Howdy, guys! This here is Mr. Popozão, also known as Tommy by friends or, idk... "That Guy", maybe. Whatever, my name ain't important, okay? It's real unimportant.

    I've been in the wikia around sometime and I've been reading the blogs. I don't know if anyone ever did this, but I'd like to do a kewl blog about something crucial in the world of The Walking Dead: Your group. Yes. Surprised? If yes, why? The fucking name of the blog already says it.

    I think we all agree that your group plays a crucial part when it comes to either you lives or not. Having a good leader, good shooters to protect yourself, a good medic and if you're lucky a good supply runner are things you may want to have if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. And this is what this…

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  • 28

    Regular Upgrades

    April 1, 2014 by AbrahamFord

    According to several sites, Christian Serratos (Rosita), Alanna Masterson (Tara), and Andrew J. West (Gareth) will all be series regulars for Season 5.  I'm assuming Michael Cudlitz and Josh McDermitt are still in negotiations as they're pretty important characters.  Season 5 will have a pretty big main cast.

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  • 21
    Rick Grimes the hairy guy

    Hello Walking Dead fanatics, a number of you know me as Rick Grimes the hairy guy but let me introduce myself.

    My name is Brady, I'm 16 years old and a fellow Walking Dead fan. I have been watching the show since the start of season 3 and caught up just a few months ago with season 1 and 2. I started reading the comics about a month ago and now all caught up with that.

    Enough about the TV show/Comic, I want to tell you a little about myself. What do I do everyday? Well, I don't really do anything interesting except for looking at a laptop screen all day. I occasionally go outside and hang out with some of my friend, a lot. I'm what most would call awkward or annoying, but that's only when I choose to be, I don't really mean to be! 

    My appeara…

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    Just some musing here, after watching last night's season finale, and after looking at some of my older issues of the comics I got to wondering about something. Can you enjoy being safe in a group or community you know is doing stuff not on the up and up. Whether they are extorting others for goods and items, doing ritualistic murders, or cannibalism. Could you turn a blind eye in order to keep yourself safe? Or your family if you are lucky to have some with you during the zombie apocalypse? I am pretty sure after last nights TWD episode (even though I missed a scene with some graphic proof of Terminus evil and will have to go back and re watch to catch it) that the Terminus "safe zone" is not the friendly sanctuary it was made out to be. …

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    04-01-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Enrtry # 43

    CODE: W.Maimer - (BE43)

    WalkerMaimer's Review on "A" and Master Review Blog
    - WalkerMaimer, Jonin, SL, MMf, RWr

    " Countdown: 0 "
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    Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my review on " A "

    Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

    • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
    • Off-Topic is allowed
    • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
    • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
    • Enjoy! =D

    Last Episode Recap:

    Glenn is still hopeful that he could find Maggie and with the help of Eugene and co. The couple is reunited after being separated during "To…

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