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    Big Brother 99

    So season five has just started and I am up to episode three, in it. I would like to know what you think of the first two episodes of the new season? Plus what do you think happened to the governor?

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    I think there were a bunch of great characters who were killed off to early or we just could not get enough of. I think it would be cool if we pay tribute here to our fellow dead walking dead characters and what would of happened of they lasted longer!!!

    Randal: He was an interesting character and if given proper development could of had an interesting story arc. Had he survived Shanes attack, it would of been cool seeing him getting closer and trying to earn his way into the group. This could of been his story arc for season 3. Also, I would of had him start a relationship with Beth and having them officially dating at the end of season 3. With Beths current story arc, it would of been interesting too see him and how he would react to Beth…

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    Bob Theory

    October 21, 2014 by Ruebenn

    Okay, this theory isn't my own - a friend of mine came up with this, but I absolutely loved it, and felt the need to share it with you all. This theory involves both Bob Stookey and Terminus.

    First of all, we are all well aware that before Bob was found by Daryl and Glenn and brought to the prison, that he was alone for a while. He also mentions that he has been part of "two other groups" before but he always the "last man standing" (or something along those lines...)

    Now, we also know that at some point before season four, Terminus was a sanctuary, until they were attacked by another group. Eventually, Gareth, Alex, Mary, and other members of Terminus, were able to "take it back" and managed to capture at least one of them. It can be safe to…

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    ¡Qué onda!

    Welcome to Juan's Review Series!

    As my first blog, I would like to announce an idea that had been floating around in my head for a while now. Yes, I will start making a review series based on the AMC The Walking Dead series. Now, as we all know, this show has some issues that are very touchy subjects among the community. This series' task is to unearth the examples of said subjects found in every episode, talk about them and find a way to improve them. Note: Here in Colombia, episode premiere a day after they do in the States, so the review will probably come out the Tuesday after the premiere (dammit, Fox). 

    Now, the reviews I will base the series on will be very similar to the Tomatometer style, found in the Rotten Tomatoes site.…

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    WalkerMaimer's Review on "Strangers" and Master Blog

    "Bartholomew" - The Silent Comedy

    Salutations Wikians,

    We are now hitting the second week of the season, Last week was an amazing episode! Would this episode be better? We are going to find out. Today, I am gonna review Season 5's second episode, "Strangers", written by Robert Kirkman and directed by David Boyd.

    So without further adieu let's begin!


    Previously on The Walking Dead, Rick, Bob, Daryl, and Glenn's lives were jeopardized as they are are subject for execution. Fortunately, a gas explosion occurred at the very gates of Terminus destroying it's fences and walkers around the area swarms towards it. Chaos ensued around them as the four managed to escape and saves…

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    After last week's awesome season opener, the second installment of Season 5 of The Walking Dead was a slower and quieter affair, but with one hell of a climax.

    With a slow mo opening that's straight out of a music video, it's made clear from the start of this episode that the gang are finally all back together (sorry Beth) but with a reunion comes character development. While Tyreese has spent enough time with Carol on the road to accept her forgiveness over Karen's murder, he vows to make the others understand her motives too, not that Carol's bothered about being BFFs with everyone else.

    Tara, who didn't have a big role and less than 5 lines in the previous episode, ("What's next is we get out of this." and "Shut up, Eugene." being two of …

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    Season 5 Predictions

    October 20, 2014 by Nduke

    Hey guys, with Season 5 finally underway, I'd figure I'd make a death prediction blog. Enjoy! 

    • Rick Grimes - Obviously, Rick will not be dying this season. Even if you want to argue with the shock factor, Andy Lincoln's contract expires after season six, and he mentioned that he will be renewing it. Thoughts: Survival 100/0.
    • Daryl Dixon - Daryl's story is kind of an unknown this season. Daryl's story has kind of run dry, as he's overcome everything he's possibly needed to - physical and verbal abuse sustained from his father, losing Merle, getting separated and then reunited with the group. The main reason Daryl is still around is because fans love him, and they're gonna show him wielding a crossbow killing zombies for another two seasons at l…

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    Pig's Worst Antagonists

    October 19, 2014 by Pigpen077

    Well shit....I can already hear people raging over the choices I have. So....people have expected this for a while and well here it is. Find the easter egg and shit.

    Now we will be analyzing their plans, their motives, and them as a character. Negan is a bad character.

    Ah Tomas, probably the worst comic to TV character adaptation...besides Andrea and Allen of course. Tomas simply just hurts to watch. Now let's begin,

    Plan: His plan is to kill Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, etc and take back the prison. So what's his amazing plan? Attempt to kill Rick while killing walkers. He throws a walker on him and attempts to hit him with his weapon. Now normally this may be an okay plan but considering how Daryl and T-Dog were literally right next to them...you ge…

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    Hello and welcome to my blog! Today, this is literally everything I think will happen is Season five. Character deaths and storyline wise. Now you may agree 100%, but it's more likely you'll disagree with me aha! Anyway enjoy!:D




    Okay, so we've had our first episode and it was amazing. I loved it. But that begs the question, what comes next? I personally think that episode two-five will be about Gabriel and the Church, and the remaining Termites being the hunters. I do think Bob will be tainted meat and I don't think w…

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    Another Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead Part 02

    Salutations Wikians,

    This ain't really news but to tune down the seriousness for the show let's have some fun. Okay so, Just dropping by to post this BLR (again) for The Walking Dead Season Four. There is no song (well...kinda) this time but it got plenty of funny moments though. Have Fun watching!

    Haven't hear the Carl Poppa song in full version? Well, Here it is! La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo!

    Kudos (again) to the BLR team!

    Well, that's all for today, Next blog will be "WalkerMaimer's Review on "Strangers" and Master Blog" This has been WalkerMaimer sayin' have a fruitful week and Peace out!


    10-18-14 (PHT)

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    Issue 133 Preview!

    October 17, 2014 by Negan

    Howdy, muthafuckin' dick suck cunt fucking fuck fuckity fuck fucker fucking fuck fuckers! *hyperventilates* ...Negan's here. And fuck the grammar alright?

    Impending Doom... Looks like we'll be seeing a new volume...starting from issue 133. It's possible that we'll be focusing on "Disguised Survivors" arc. Hell, the only thing I should worry about is my muthafuckin' favourite character who is behind the bars... but we'll see him again soon.

    Anyway, here's a preview for Issue 133!

    Eugene and Rosita... still having a relationship problem? I think this is a good chance to find out the answer about it. (LAME PREDICTION WARNING: When Eugene showed up at his house, Rosita left a note...gone somewhere? And dat Benjamin who was supposed to be at the …

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    Okay it's Antho1232, I'm going to do my death predictions for the first half of season 5, of the Walking Dead TV show.


    Rick: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Carl: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Judith: I believe that Judith will die in the mid season finale, possibly at the hands of Gareth and his crew, or beth's new crew.

    Maggie: Will obviously live, cause duh.

    Michonne: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Tyresee: Will live for sure, he has potential left, I could see him dying in the second half of season 5 though.

    Sasha: She will be the one in the group to, sadly, fall victim to the caniblals. I believe that since Gareth and his group are now almost completely erraticated, they will be more like the Hunters in the comics, being secrat…

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    Finally, the new cover been released! Issue #136 features The Whispers are hiding into the bushes and watching the hilltop. The description is for the issue is "Watching the Neighbors." I believe this issue the whispers are spying to hilltop.

    "Watching the Neighbors"

    Would you look at that? What did you think this might happened? (Shuddering) What a creepy issue.. But I wonder why the whispers are watching the hilltop?

    What did you guys think?

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    Pig's Worst Lines

    October 14, 2014 by Pigpen077

    HELLO everyone and today we'll be looking and mocking the worst lines AMC's The Walking Dead has to bring us.

    Now, don't get me wrong I love the show....doesn't change the fact that there is a lot of shitty lines here and there. Also find dat easter egg! ALSO IF I GET SOME OF THE LINES A TINY BIT WRONG, PLEASE CORRECT ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

    Episode: No Sanctuary

    Character(s): Martin

    The Line: "You're a good guy, that saves babies"

    Reason: I honesty don't know....I just really find this line out of place and stupid. I mean....idk this is the only line on here that I kinda regret putting on.

    Episode: A

    Character(s): Rick Grimes

    The Line: "You're my brother"

    Reason: This is some serous corny shit right here. Some may say "Well it's heartwarming, kind…

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    The following review contains plot details and major spoilers for The Walking Dead: Season Two. For those who have yet to play the game, read at your own risk. Caution is advised.

    "In The Water"
    Anadel - "In The Water (Clementine Re-Mix)"

    Sam here, bringing you my full review for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two, as well as my biggest blog posted so far. Discussing about the near masterful story, what I liked and disliked, and showing my original choices.

    This review was planned to be published about a week after "No Going Back" was released, but I had to re-write it from scratch, because it was deleted from my desktop, possibly due to a software update. Still, this seems like a good time as any, celebrating the release…

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    WalkerMaimer's Review on "No Sanctuary" and Master Blog

    "The Troubles" - U2 feat. Lykke Li

    Salutations Wikians,

    I hereby open this year's review and Master Blog series delivered by yours truly, WalkerMaimer. This is my second year of reviewing the hit AMC TV Series, The Walking Dead. Today. I am gonna review Season 5's premiere, "No Sanctuary", written by Scott Gimple and directed by Gregory Nicotero.

    So without further adieu let's begin!


    Last season we've seen The Prison prospering after the events of Season 3. Everything is going well until the flu came infecting most of it's inhabitants. Fortunately, After some desperate measures and conflicts the entire community was able to combat The Flu and is on a path of recovery…

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    The premiere of Season 5, No Sanctuary, was awesome. Action-packed episodes like this one usually restore my faith in the TV Series. I feel that Too Far Gone is inferior to No Sanctuary, since there wasn't much chaos during the attack and that the gunfights were quite decent. No Sanctuary, however, gave us a good look at Terminus and gave our heroes awesome roles to play.

    The very beginning of the episode left my hairs on end as it featured some of the most intense moments of the show. The Terminants killing their captives (and Sam, poor old Sam) was gripping. The scene when one of the guards was about to bash Glenn's brains in with a bat sent me into WTF and HOLYSHIT mode. It was very well-done. 

    This episode also featured incredible charac…

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    Pretty cool huh? Can't wait for this one! What do you guys think?

    It says they're releasing both bloody and non bloody Clementine, who do you want to see next? 

    Personally I'd love a Lee and Kenny. 


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    Inspired by Pig's List of hate and love. Not a plagiarism act to which. and i hope not to offend you, Pig if there' are any simmilarities in this blog with one of yours.

    Done a research on Pig's blogs, didnt find any of 5 THINGS THAT AMC PULLED WRONG, AND RIGHT. so yeah, carry on.

    Even the main lead character needs flaws, that;s right. even the major character needs to show his flaws, to be more accepted as a real person in a non-fictional world .

    Im not trying to defend his flaws and mistakes that Rick has committed during the course of the first part of the fourth season, but the flaws that he did that eventually lead to his community's fallout by the Governor for not trying to find him with Michonne or Daryl,but instead, he gives the 'welc…

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    *Spoiler Warning*

    Hello once again, fellow wikians! It has been officially two weeks since I posted the first comic awards blog. So, without further ado, here are the results!

    Without further ado, here are the results!

    Thank you for taking the time to read and vote! Feel free to discuss the results in the comments!

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    RED - Pig

    Black - Bloxx

    HELLO everyone, it’s Pigpen and I once again apologize for not having Pig’s Worst Antagonists up. It will be up soon, I promise. Anyways today is a very special Pig’s Lists because I’m forced against my will to work with this guy Bloxx. Today we will be doing the top 3 OTP (One True Pairings). Let’s get started. Make sure to find the easter egg btw.

    1. Rick x Daryl

    The true gay couple in TWD, move over Aaron and Eric. Daryl and Rick are perfect for each other. The only problem is that Rick sees him as a brother so it’s kinda like...Incest. But hey they aren’t so it’s all k. Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes are beyond the sexiest shipping ever. I’d fap to them any day. I mean think about it, Derl Dixon and Rick Grimes fucking tog…

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    McFarlane toys has announced the walking dead series seven action figures. As of now, there are only four action figures: Carl, Michonne, Gareth, and Meghan's walker. They are expected to be released at the end of season five. Read more >
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    Admin Demotion

    October 8, 2014 by KatieTheAndreaFan

    I’m making this blog short and snappy. Before anyone cries that I’m a hypocrite for not making it over 300 words, I really must say that this blog is very important.

    I joined this wiki just as the admin team was starting to be shaken-up, and as of now we have a fantastic team of admins. Unlike the old team, they’re very active contributors and are usually on hand within a few hours if their help is requested. However I think there is still one last demotion in order: that of 06abrahb.

    Now I'm sure you'll all agree that 06 has done a lot for the wiki, but he's just not active anymore. Apart from a couple of quick edits in August, his last contribution to the site was in July. He has really done a fantastic job as admin and bureaucrat, but tha…

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    10-08-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 55

    CODE: BE55

    WalkerMaimer's Review on Season 03 (TV)

    Salutations Wikians!

    Today, we are continuing our review series in lieu to the upcoming season five premiere!

    Yep, published way earlier than expected. 16 episodes to be reviewed under my nose and determine if this episode are worth to watch! Unlike my previous season reviews this one is a real pain in the neck not because I have to type this as soon as the second season review got published but because this is my least favorite one......and by this meaning I'd throw a lot of hatred in this. BUT don't worry though I am going to inject some humor in this so that people would SOMEHOW enjoy reading it.

    Also before I end this I just want to tell ya'll tha…

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    So, we're here once again to celebrate the renewal of The Walking Dead!! AMC The Walking Dead only tweeted out a few minutes ago, along with this S6 Poster that it is now renewed!! Praise the lord. So yeah, what else to say, it's amazing! and Scott Gimple will once again to make the show awesome by being the show runner again. Guessing that Season 6 to 7 may be a bit before the All Out War arc from the Comics, introducing characters like Ezekiel, Shiva, Jesus, Gregory, Negan, Connor, Richard, Dwight and the other unimportant ones that I dont remember and don't matter. I know this may be under 300 under words but is probably the best news that's been released in a while to The Walking Dead Fans, so it can be a short blog, right.

    Edit - AMC's…

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    First off, I'M SO SORRY. I've been busy with school and an upcoming project (more on that later) and not to mention I've been busy planning The Undead Empire

    So currently I don't have the amount of time to make this worst antagonist pig's list (It's gonna b big) So no promises when it will be up. In the mean time I present you this short and sweet (still over 300 words) Pig's Lists about tiny nitpicks I have with fellow TWD fans. I hope this does not offend you and if it does I apologize in advanced.

    oh yeah and find the easter egg and comment your thoughts below

    Apparently Adoption isn't a thing anymore is it.

    I've been seeing this everywhere on the forums and it just...ticks me off. Guys you do realize Kenny believed Jane left the baby to di…

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    10-06-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 54

    CODE: BE54

    WalkerMaimer's Review on Season 02 (TV)

    Salutations Wikians!

    Today, we are continuing our review series in lieu to the upcoming season five premiere! We have already done the first season and up next would be third season BUT first let's go with the second season. Unlike, the first one this review would be a bit longer not because this season obviously have 13 episodes compared to season one's 6, it is long because I intend to go critical on some episodes as I can.

    Shall we begin?

    "What Lies Ahead"

    Acting: 4

    Story: 5

    I really love how the writers started with, The scenes on the highway is very phenomenal. The season starting with where the first season ended is a complete BRAVO! Emotions are at h…

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    I'm actually speechless and huge shocking for this issue... This is by far my favourite issue all the time because it's so intsense I EVER FEEL!! 

    In the beginning of the issue, I love Hershel Jr. because HE'S SO DARN CUTE KID! I enjoy seeing them together watching sunset and feel like back day in prison.. Amazing! I have a feeling that Sophia have feeling for Carl! ;) 

    Magua and her group... UGH I hate this group sometime group never understand about group stories since outbreak start.. Oh well it happens.. I hope Andrea can handle the story to tell the truth about Negan but this could take long one.. It's true! 

    Dante, Doug, and unnamed guard got surrounded by bunch of walkers.. but amazing happen they make a good move about five steps kill…

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    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen...

    To go along with the recent news about Kevin Durand being approached to play Negan, more news regarding future recurring characters surfaces. Whether these characters belong to Season 5 or the untitled The Walking Dead Companion Series is currently unknown.

    The characters are described as:

    Donna ~~ 50s - 60s. A formidable, much respected and influential journalist that displays integrity, strength, and occasionally wiseass humor. She's a leader, a mother, and someone who reads people very well....RECURRING, ACTOR MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.

    Olivia, Paula, Erin???

    Samantha ~~ Early to late 30s. Attractive, strong, smart, charming and articu…
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    10-01-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 53

    CODE: BE53

    (Stop! You are not Allowed to Comment in this Blog Post. This has been Re-Updated for Archiving)

    WalkerMaimer goin' Chewbacca on the TV Series

    Salutations Wikians,

    This would probably be one of my blogs who wants to piss people off since I did that Change-thingy blog last year. The following points that I will say below are things that I really want to spit out. Note also that my favorite medium is the show, Despite of that I also have a few disappointments and rants. This might be one of those times when I am asleep then thought of a blog topic, woke up, type, and publish it.

    So shall we take the plunger? I mean, plunge?

    I Stretch the Rubber band called "Story lines"

    The Walking Dead is one o…

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    Pops Capo

    Issue 132 - Preview

    September 30, 2014 by Pops Capo

    Happiness couldn't be more fitting to describe this issue's cover. On the inside though, things don't look so happy, though. At least not outside of Hilltop, specifically, Dante & Co and Andrea, who is seen threatening someone (obviously Magna).

    Also, Lil' Hershel's first on-panel words! "Sumset", so cute. But yeah, enjoy the preview. Issue 132 comes out tomorrow, and according to Sean Mackiewicz, it'll be very surprising. Remember, this month we have two issues... Thank God.

    Sumset, zombies, and Magna has no idea who she's dealing with. Oh, and two issues this month.
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    Howdy, muthafuckin' dick suck cunt fucking fuck fuckity fuck fucker fucking fuck fuckers! *hyperventilates* ...Negan's here.

    Now before we can discuss the blog, I understand that there has been some new rules about blogs so I apologize if I broke one of the rules - feel free to remove the blog if it's not good enough. And also, sorry for my bad english... it's the best thing I could do. Let's get fucking started.

    ....Another lame day, looking through some Walking Dead shit, until I've found one article about Negan's actor. My heart stopped beating for a second when I saw the actor's name. Kevin Durand... the man who's appoaraching to play "The Big Swinging Dick". The article was posted two hours ago so I'm sure there'll be more rumors spread…

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    *Spoiler Warning*

    Hello! I am back bringing the results from our previous Wiki awards polls for Season 4 of the TV Series! I am a bit late with the results blog, and I apologize to any people who were left waiting.

    There is another awards blog up and running now for the Comic Series, hosted by SilentGlaive. You can check it out here.

    And don't forget to follow the Walking Dead Wiki on twitter!

    Without further ado, here are the results!

    Thanks for reading and voting! Hope you are enjoying our wiki awards series! Feel free to discuss the results in the comments.

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  • 22
    *Spoiler Warning*

    Hello there, fellow wikians! I am proud to announce that I will be starting the first community awards blog for the Comic Series! This one has been long overdue, but we're finally doing this for compendium one!

    Scroll through the following categories and vote for your favorite nominees. Voting will end on October 11th, 2014 and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards through another blog post.

    The categories are right below! Have fun!

    NOTE: To everyone that is not familiar with the comic series, and have only watched the television series or played the Telltale game of The Walking Dead, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the series and its characters before you vote, because the characters and storylines in t…

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  • 49


    The main characters for the pilot of The Walking Dead's spinoff series have been announced! I'll post their short summaries and the link below.

    SEAN CABRERA | A Latino male in his early 40s, Sean is a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life.

    CODY CABRERA | Sean’s whip-smart and rebellious teenage son. Known as the angriest kid in town.

    NANCY TOMPKINS | A thirtysomething single mom to two kids, Nancy looks like the girl next door, but there’s an edge to her.

    NICK TOMPKINS | Nancy’s screwed up teenage son. He’s too old to stay home, too scared to flee.

    ASHLEY TOMPKINS | Nancy’s mostly level-headed teenage daughter. Her ambition is in direct proportion to her older brother’s failures. She loves her mom but it’s time to get out of…

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    Pig's Dumbest Daryl Moments

    September 28, 2014 by Pigpen077

    This is the LAST time I do this. Dumbest Antgonists will be out either Monday or Tuesday. I need more time to think about the list, plus I really wanted to do this one (thus why It's been in the poll numerous times). 

    This will be a 5 list....oh yeah and here are just some info on the blog, please read it.

    • Don't rage in the comments pls
    • There will be raging in the blog
    • Find the Easter Egg m8s. K m8s? m8
    • Not in order

    Already talked about this.

    S4's Alone was a mixed bag for me. I loved the focus on Bob and Maggie but.....Daryl and Beth. I could rant on their relationship alone but...I'll say that for another day. Now the moment that is fucking stupid is of course is Daryl escaping a GIANT FUCKING SWARM OF WALKERS! HOW THE FLYING FUCK DO  Y…

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    09-26-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Special Blog Entry # 08


    (Stop! You are not Allowed to Comment in this Blog Post. This has been Re-Updated for Archiving)

    Another Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead

    Salutations Wikians,

    This isn't really a total news but since some of us are anticipating the show and editing is a bit stressful let's have some fun! Today let's have some comic relief and it is from BLR (Bad Lip Reading) This time they have done a new one about the show's fourth season! Plus, we have a new song after TG and Rick's "Broadway Song"! And it is called....."Carl Poppa".

    Credits to the BLR team, Kudos!

    Down below is the video....enjoy watching!

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  • 22

    So the third in the Best to Worst mini series. YAY. Anyways here are some groundrules for this list.

    • Luke will not be included cus Cam is scurry :( (Cam is not the easter egg)
    • AJ will not be included because he wasn't born yet
    • Clem will also not be included because she was not an original member

    Oh and check for the easter egg.

    Sarah is quite possibly the most wasted child character in TWD. Sarah could have been an interesting character and we could actually give a shit about her...but Telltale decides "Hey, let's waste her." Her first death is fine (Choosing her to leave her behind) a little harsh but not as bad as Duck's death. But her second death just....felt forced. Like Telltale couldn't think of anything to do with Sarah. The girl could …

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  • 12

    As most of you may know, I am NotanIrishGuy aka Brady. Today I bring a blog to you about comic characters that a lot of people favor. This will be multiple parts in the span of only a few weeks.

    If you are wondering if this blog idea is being plagiarized from WalkerMaimer, it's not. I asked for his permission to do this and I've been granted. Just for early notice.

    Anyways, let's get started!


    1. Civil debate or settle it elsewhere.

    2. Spoilers are welcome.

    3. Get creative!

    First up is Negan.

    Why do most people favor him? Well, Negan is a badass and one of the best antagonists in the comic series thus far. Yes, he is a bad guy, but there are things to like about him. 

    He's persuasive, a semi-good leader, strict, and knows how to apply barbed w…

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    09-23-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 52

    CODE: BE52

    (Stop! You are not Allowed to Comment in this Blog Post. This has been Re-Updated for Archiving)

    The Best Original Characters the Show Introduced so Far (01)

    Salutations Wikians!

    I am back to give you this rather short blog about the show's best original characters that they have ever introduced so far. Note that I am still gonna review the second season of the show but it would released next week as scheduled. Also, All Daryl and Beth fans should be disappointed because THEY are not here but you can do write up of them with of course, justification.

    So, Hajime!

    • Portrayed by Jeff Kober
    • Leader of "The Claimers"
    • "Claimed" - "A"
    • Deceased

    If there is a character that could've surpassed The Governor i…

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  • 54

    I MESSED UP. THE TITLE IS PIG'S DUMBEST REASONS TO THINK A CHARACTER IS BAD. NOT HATE, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MESS UP. Sorry for the delay on this one you guys. Anyways let's get right into it. Oh yeah and try to find the easter egg.

    sorry it's shorter then usual, I'm got a lot of stuff to do involving my fanfic. oh yes and SPOILERS AND MY OPINIONS

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    09-20-14 ( Philippine Time )

    Blog Entry # 51

    CODE: BE51

    WalkerMaimer's Review on Season 01 (TV)

    Salutations Wikians!

    Today, I have decided to publish three blogs that would serve as "inbetweeners" before the Season 4B Review and before WalkerMaimer's Review on "No Sanctuary" and Master Blog (Yes, I've signed a contract reviewing this Season. Hahaha) Since reviewing every episode from the first season 'till the third one would take time and to avoid the stress that season three would bring me for bitching most of it's episodes I have decided to compress all episode reviews of a season in one blog. Every season review will be released weekly. This week would be Season One.

    Shall we begin?

    "Days Gone Bye"

    Acting: 4.5

    Story: 5

    I personally love this episode, …

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    Hunter Biondolino

    Here is the rest of the season 5 Character photos!

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  • 73

    Oh boy.....now I know what you're thinking


    And yes you're correct, I personally wanted to do this Pig's List so next time it will be the dumbest reasons to hate a character. Now this is most likely going to be a huge rant so expect a lot of swears, insults, and me being pissed off. 

    Now there will be 2 Easter Eggs this time and if you ship any of these pairings and are offended please contact me via talk page and I will apologize. Also these pairings cannot include minor characters for example Andre, any of the russains besides Arvo, Winston, etc. Now you may be wondering why? Well while people may love side characters (and I mean love them more then the main cast or really any character that…

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    Brian Linder

    The Walking Dead at NYCC

    September 15, 2014 by Brian Linder

    Are you a fan of The Walking Dead who's going to New York Comic Con? Show attendees will be able to check out a huge The Walking Dead panel featuring Andrew Lincoln (Rick) along with other cast members (see the full list below) and producers of the series discussing the upcoming fifth season of the hit AMC show. They'll also be screening an official, never before seen, sneak preview.

    Wikia will be there, too, and we want fans to join us!

    We're recruiting a #WikiaFanArmy to participate in a geeked-out scavenger hunt in which you'll complete missions on social media to earn points – fans with the highest points at the end of the show will win awesome prizes.

    Plus, you could be eligible to receive special superfan perks, like VIP access passes, …

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    Pig's Most Gruesome Moments

    September 14, 2014 by Pigpen077

    Hello everyone welcome back to Pig's Lists. Today we'll be listing the five most gruesome, gory, disgusting, etc, moments in The Walking Dead. Remember to pick out the Easter Egg and comment on what's the most guesome moment in your opinion. Let's begin.

    Remember this is in no order.

    Did you find the Easter Egg?

    You know what....don't be lazy. Go find one yourself >:( I am not your slave!

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    Herschel Greene

    Hey guys, TheWalkingDead.com released the official season 5 character photos about 3 hours ago, so I figured that I would post them here! They are pretty awesome, but for some unknown reason, Tyreese, Carl and Beth are missing, along with Abraham, Eugene, Bob and Rosita (but those four arent starring characters, so I suppose that's why). Anyway, here they are! Happy browsing people. 

    By the way, I'll be taking a ten day hiatus from the wiki as I am going to Indonesia tomorrow. 

    Until next time, 

    Herschel Greene.

    So there you have it! 

    Pretty awesome!

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    *Spoiler Warning*

    After a long hiatus from Wiki Award blogs, I am proud to be hosting The Walking Dead Wiki Awards for Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead in honour of the upcoming premiere of Season 5.

    Scroll through the following categories and vote for your favourite nominees. Voting will end on September 24th, 2014 and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards through another blog post. It should be noted that the selected nominees were garnered after asking various wiki users in chat.

    Below are all the categories! Vote away!

    Thanks for voting! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the results blog in a few weeks time, and awards blogs for different mediums!

    Special thanks to the users who helped out with nominees and categories, and esp…

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    Hello, no point in the introduction of this so....let's get to the point.

    Find the Easter Egg, Enjoy the Blog, Comment, and vote.

    We will begin from Worst to Best and each of Telltale's Seasons will count as a different game.



    lel no.  

    A...a Facebook app about The Walking Dead.

    What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong?

    Everything, literally almost everything is wrong with this game. The game feels like it's not even fucking done yet. The weapons are all horsecrap and the fact that this game decides to make itself a "Facebook TWD RPG" is a terrible Idea. Now a TWD RPG is a great idea but add facebook to it and you're gonna have a bad time. The TV Characters you can control all act th…

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    This Idea was made by the User: Gearslover01. (not the easter egg)

    Hello everyone and welcome to Pig's Lists, today will be a special list. With the 3 worst couples of TWD and the 3 best couples of TWD. 

    The Rules for this are

    1. They can't be brief relationships (Sam & Ana, Beth & Zach, Beth & Jimmy, TV Andrea & TV Shane, etc)
    2. They can't be fan pairings (Beth & Daryl, Carol & Daryl, Michonne & Rick, Clem & Luke, etc)
    3. They can't be unconfirmed relationships (T-Dog & Jacqui, Rowan & Governor, Carley & Lee, etc)

    Before we begin let me remind you of three things.

    1. Opinions
    2. Find that Easter Egg
    3. Not in Order

    Let's Begin with the one you want to see the most, the worst.

    Original Link: http://gifsoup.com/view/3850038/hey-scotty-jesus-man.html

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