"Oh, no-no, no names. Banned players signatures are worth way more on resale than personalized crap."
—Baseball Kid to Javier about not wanting him to personalize her baseball. (Flashback)[src]

The Baseball Kid is a minor character who first appears in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Three. She appears in a flashback, asking Javier if he can sign her baseball, so that she can sell it on resale.


Season 3

"Thicker Than Water"

This girl is seen in the beginning flashback for this episode. She runs up to Javier, asking if he's Javier Garcia, and if she can have his autograph. Javier can either accept or decline. If he accepts, he will ask who to make it out to. She tells him not to use a name, as banned player signatures are more expensive on resale than "personalized crap". Javi can either sign his name on the ball, not sign his name on the ball, or make the ball worthless by writing "NOT FOR RESALE" on it. The kid will either walk away happy, or disappointed.

As the girl is not seen again after this, leaving her status unknown.


Video Game

Season 3


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