The following is a list of all the different extras who represented the unnamed background survivors from Negan's Saviors.

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The following Saviors remain unnamed but credited: Savior Guard #1, Older Savior, Large Savior, Red-Haired Man, Vendor, Worker, Bike Park Savior, Tough Grizzled Savior, Satellite Guard #1, Satellite Guard #2, Savior POW #1, Savior POW #2, Savior POW #3, Café Savior, Large Savior, Machine Gun Savior, Savior, Savior #5, Savior #6, Savior #7

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Savior #1

Brian Lancaster as Timmy (Deceased)

  • Start to Finish - T. is seen with a group of Saviors when they come across Daryl Dixon, Sasha Williams and Abraham Ford. He watches, weapon raised, as Bud tells them to give up their supplies as it now belongs to Negan.
  • No Way Out - T. is seen again watching Bud antagonize Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Bud orders T. to check the back of their truck for supplies. He walks to the back of the vehicle with Daryl and is ultimately killed. Daryl then takes Abraham's RPG and fires it at the remaining Saviors, killing them.

Savior #2

Josh D'Agostino (Deceased)

Savior #3

Brian Farmer (Deceased)

Savior #4

Shiloh Sullivan (Deceased)

Savior #5

Brandon Gamble (Deceased)

Savior #6

Matt Bolick (Deceased)

Savior #7

Joey Rodriguez (Deceased)

Savior #8


Savior #9

R. Matthew Scheib (Deceased)

Savior #10

Martin Boss (Deceased)

Savior #11

Scott Hunter (Deceased)

  • Not Tomorrow Yet - Comes out of another room as Abraham and Sasha try to break into one. This savior attacks Abraham with a knife, before Sasha fatally stabs him. This savior then staggers back, sounding the compounds alarm before his death.

Savior #12


Savior #13

Nick Epper (Deceased)

Savior #14


Savior #15


Savior #16

Michelle Millage (Deceased)

Savior #17

Theresa Pink (Deceased)

Savior #18

Derrick Baxter (Deceased)

Season 6
  • Not Tomorrow Yet - Seen firing at Glenn and Heath before taking cover when they return fire, escapes outpost before the Alexandrians defeat the remaining Saviors.
Season 7
  • Last Day on Earth - Witnesses Negan execute Abraham and Glenn and leaves the Alexandrians behind in the woods with the other Saviors.
  • Service - Raids Alexandria with Negan and other Saviors.
  • The First Day of the Rest of Your Life - Listens to Negan's declaration of war and cheers with hundreds of other Saviors.
Season 8
  • The Damned - Surrenders to the Hilltoppers during raid on satellite station outpost.
  • Monsters - Attacked and killed by a zombie while being transported to the Hilltop as a POW.

Savior #19


Savior #20


Savior #21


Savior #22

Jake Garber (Deceased)

Savior #23


Savior #24


Savior #25


Savior #26


Savior #27


  • Not Tomorrow Yet - Shot by Glenn and Heath from inside the armory, when the pair emerge this man gets ready to shoot them but is then fatally shot by Jesus.

Savior #28

Lairent Williams

Season 6
  • "Twice as Far" - Aims gun at Daryl and Rosita with other Saviors. Although unseen, survives.
  • "East" - Aims gun at Glenn and Michonne as they get captured by Dwight and other unnamed Saviors, later creates a campfire while keeping eye contact on a captured Glenn and Michonne.
Season 7

Savior #29

Zach Ball

Season 6
  • "Twice as Far" - Aims gun at Daryl and Rosita with other Saviors.
Season 8
  • "The Damned" - Among the Saviors to be captured by the militia at the satellite outpost.
  • "Monsters" - Among the Saviors chained up and led to the Hilltop.
  • "The King, The Widow, and Rick" - Kept outside the Hilltop with other POW's, later put into the makeshift prison.
  • "Dead or Alive Or" - Sits on ground near the wall as Maggie and Alden speak.

Savior #30

Billy Holt as "Mean Bearded Savior"

Season 6
  • "Last Day on Earth" -  Stationed at one of the Savior roadblocks, present when Negan terrorizes Rick's group.
Season 7
Season 8
  • "The Big Scary U" - Escorts Gabriel to infirmary.
  • "Honor" - Escapes the Sanctuary and ambushes Morgan's sniper post, fights off zombies lured to door by Morgan.

Savior #32

Ryan Newton (Deceased)

Season 8

Savior Defectors


Do Not Send Us Astray

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To be sorted for duplicates. Please note many extras and stuntpeople were brought on as one-time appearances for this episode.