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The following are background survivors who can be seen representing the general population in Los Angeles in "Fear The Walking Dead". While uncredited, some characters were given nicknames as used on the set, from casting calls, and/or in the script.

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Paul R. Williams High School

In season 1 episode "Pilot" , there are numerous students and some staff members at Paul R. Williams High School.



Speaking Roles

Even though Background Survivors are never shown talking, some of their voices can be heard in the episode "Pilot".

  • "Hold up right there. Hold up." - said by a staff member to Tobias.
  • "Spread it out!" - said by a soccer player during soccer match.
  • "Bill! Bill! Defense!" - said by coach during soccer match.
  • "To listen." - said by a student during Travis' class.
  • "Next, divide both sides by two..." - said by a teacher, heard over Art's intercom.

Los Angeles Police Department

Numerous members of Los Angeles Police Department appear in the different episodes in season 1.

Speaking Roles

Even though Background Survivors are never shown talking, some of their voices can be heard in the episode.

  • "For your own safety, please remain in your vehicles." - Officer on megaphone[1]
  • "Please remain in your vehicles at all times." - Officer on megaphone[1]
  • "Stop. Right now. On the ground! On the ground! Stop!" - said by Gonzales to ND Woman.[2]
  • "By order of the LAPD, you must clear the streets now." - officer over P.A. during riots.[2]

Temple Community Hospital

A number of doctors, nurses, patients and visitors appears at Temple Community Hospital in episode "Pilot".


Speaking Roles

Even though Background Survivors are never shown talking, some of their voices can be heard in the episode "Pilot".

  • "Paging Dr. Cook. Paging Dr. Cook, please." - said by a woman on P.A. system.


El Sereno

Speaking Roles
  • "I don't know." - said by Mr. Cruz to Joanna.[2]

California Army National Guard

Speaking Roles
  • "Folks, get back inside." - said by an unseen soldier.[3]
  • "We will come to you." - said by an unseen soldier.[3]
  • "Bravo two, bravo two." - said by a soldier on radio.[3]

Los Angeles General Population


Speaking Roles

Even though Background Survivors are never shown talking, some of their voices can be heard in the episode "Pilot".

  • "Call 911. Someone call 911." - said by an unknown man after the accident.
  • "Yo, yo, man. You okay?" - said by a man to Nick.
  • "He just walked right into it. Somebody was hit by a car. He needs an ambulance. I don't know. He just ran into... He just ran out." – said by a woman talking by cell phone.


Speaking Roles
  • "Really?" - said by a boy in the bus to Chris.[2]
  • "Come on, let's move it!" - said by an unknown man on bus.[2]
  • "What's going on?" - - said by an unknown man on bus.[2]
  • "T.J., let's go, go. Check it out." - said by an unknown man before the riots.[2]
  • "Yeah, another homeless." - said by an unknown woman before the riots.[2]
  • "You know this ain't right." - said by an unknown man before the riots.[2]
  • "Hell, no! We won't go!" - said by several extras before the riots.[2]
  • "Get out! Get out!" - said by an unknown man before the riots.[2]
  • "Kick this wall down!" - said by an unknown man during the riots.[2]
  • "Man, what's going on out here?" - said by Salazar's Cuts client.[2]
  • "Break it up!" - said by an unseen man during riots.[3]
  • "Whoo! Yeah!" - said by an unseen man during riots.[3]
  • "Yo, pull me up, man!" - said by a man during riots.[3]
  • "I got you, boy." - said by a man during riots.[3]
  • "Hey, where you goin'? Get 'em! Get 'em!" - said by a man after Travis scapes from riots.[3]
  • "Come at me! We ain't done nothin'!". - said by a man to cops.[3]

Medical Facility


Speaking Roles
  • "There's been a massive spike in the officer-related shootings in the last 48 hours." - said by a man on radio.[2]
  • "And people act like this doesn't change everything. It does. This is a catastrophe of biblical proportions. We are losing the best pocket passer in the league!" - said by another man on radio.[2]
  • "LA County health officials recommend Angelinos stay inside. If you don't need to travel, don't. If you must leave your house, take precautions. Local neighborhood watch programs are being established in many neighborhoods throughout the city..." - said by woman on radio.[2]
  • "Governors in 11 states have declared a state of emergency and requested the assistance of the national guard to quell riots and protests..." - said by a man on radio when Travis escapes from riots.[3]

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

In the village of Valle de Guadalupe, there are various background survivors belonging to two factions: the Abigail vineyard and the local church.

Abigail Vineyard


See also: Priest and Choir Boy

La Colonia

The following are the background survivors that make up the majority of the population at La Colonia, the majority of them being recurring extras. While many extras are are too far in the background or moving too quickly to be easily identified, at least one-hundred-eight (108) extras have made up the population of La Colonia. Many of the extras have appeared in "Grotesque", "Los Muertos", "Pablo & Jessica", "Pillar of Salt", and "Wrath", mostly walking around the marketplace, shopping at the stands and stalls, or receiving care at the infirmary. The majority of the population was also present for Alonso's sacrifice and Alejandro's sermons in "Los Muertos" and "Pillar of Salt". As of "North", the majority of the townspeople leave La Colonia towards the border with Nick, Luciana, and Reynaldo.

Wedding Party

The following are the guests who attended Oscar and Jessica's wedding in "Do Not Disturb". Most of these guests were killed when Elena locked them in the ballroom or eventually escaped and fled for the United States-Mexico Border. At least four of the wedding guests from "Do Not Disturb" survived and are a part of the main group as seen in "Pablo & Jessica".

See also: Mrs. Diaz

Rosarito Beach Hotel

At least eleven survivors make up the main group residing at the hotel, along with Ilene, Oscar, Andrés, Elena, and Hector. At least four of the survivors were seen at the wedding in "Do Not Disturb", including one of the bridesmaids. The majority of the extras are recurring with a few who have only appeared once.

Los Hermanos

See also: Marco's sister

Hotel Refugees

See also: Female Refugee, Middle Aged Woman, Male Refugee, Latecomer Refugee

According to Andrés, forty-three (43) refugees were brought into the parking garage (excluding Travis) and at least four more were brought in that night, including Brandon and Derek. The hotel survivors were vetting and examining each refugee to ensure they could be brought into the hotel to be a part of the community. The refugees were enraged when they thought Derek and Brandon were being brought into the hotel and followed them to the gates as they watched the Americans be exiled. The refugees have consistently appeared in "Date of Death" and "Wrath".


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