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Antagonists are any characters or groups that pose a threat to or impede upon the protagonists.


Comic Series

TV Series

  • Zombies try to catch and kill any living survivors in order to eat. (TV Series)
  • Shane Walsh, the leader of the Atlanta Camp loses his leadership position and love affair with Lori when his former partner Rick returns and is later seen aiming his shotgun at him after Rick insults him, possibly with the intent of killing him. (Wildfire) He also attempts to force himself on to Lori while at the CDC. (TS-19) While on a supply run to retrieve medical supplies to save Carl's life, Shane shoots his ally Otis in the leg and sacrifices him to the walkers in order to escape, showing no remorse and later lies to the group about it. (Save the Last One, Cherokee Rose) He later threatens to kill Dale Horvath when he confronts Shane over Otis' death and his attempt to kill Rick. (Secrets) After leading the group in a massacre of the Walkers in Hershel's barn and discovering Sophia as a walker, he attempts to attack Hershel and accuses him of lying to the group. (Nebraska) Shane later gets into a brutal fight over the life of Randall with Rick and almost causes both their deaths. (18 Miles Out) In a final attempt to win Lori back and be leader of the group once again, he takes Randall into the woods and brutally murders him as bait to lure out Rick to kill him once and for all though Rick kills him first. (Better Angels)
  • Dave and Tony, two members of a large group known only as "The Living" encounter Rick, Glenn and Hershel in a bar and eventually obtain information on Hershel's farm and attempt to convince them to allow their group to enter it. When Rick refuses, Tony becomes hostile and threatens to kill the three of them and take over the farm. After being refused again, Dave attempts to shoot Rick, though he is killed before he does and Rick then kills Tony. (Nebraska) Following this, three other members of their group, Nate, Sean and Randall attempt to kill Rick, Glenn and Hershel for revenge for Dave and Tony's deaths. (Triggerfinger)
  • Tomas, the leader of The Prisoners brutally murders Big Tiny and attempts to kill Rick twice in order to reclaim the prison for himself and his fellow prisoners, though Rick kills him for doing so. (Sick)
  • Andrew, Tomas' right hand man, intentionally leads walkers into the prison after being left to die by Rick in order to avenge Tomas and to reclaim the Prison for himself and Axel, and Oscar. He personally attempts to kill Rick, but is stopped by Oscar, however his actions lead the deaths of both T-Dog and Lori. (Killer Within)
  • The Governor, the leader of Woodbury, kills a group of National Guard Soldiers in order to steal supplies, has Lieutenant Welles decapitated, later sends Merle Dixon to hunt down and kill Michonne, brutally interrogates Maggie Greene, and later leads Woodbury in a war to annihilate everyone in Rick's group following their attack on Woodbury. He personally kills Axel, Allen, Merle, causes the deaths of both Milton Mamet and Andrea, and slaughters almost all the Woodbury army members after they refuse to aid him in his quest to destroy Rick's group. (Season 3) The Governor then finds himself in company again of a large group, where he kills the leader and his former right-hand man, Caesar Martinez and later Pete Dolgen in order to be leader of the camp. He later forcefully captures Michonne and Hershel to use as hostages. The Governor then returns to the prison with a new army including Alisha, Tara Chambler, and Mitch Dolgen and threatens Rick that his group will be killed if they do not leave. When Rick refuses and offers for the groups to live in peace, the Governor violently kills Hershel by decapitating him. He then orders his group to slaughter every survivor in the Prison which leads to the deaths of many prison survivors, complete extermination of the Governor's own army except for Tara, and the overall ruin of the prison itself. The Governor also gets into a final physical confrontation with Rick and nearly strangles him to death before he himself is stopped and killed. (Season 4)
  • The Claimers, a dangerous group of marauders led by Joe, and including Tony, LenHarley, BillyDan, and Lou, intrudes the house where Rick, Michonne, and Carl are staying and search for necessities while Michonne and Carl go for a supply run. They are heard beating a man to death and planning to ambush Michonne and Carl when they return from their run and possibly rape her. They later start hunting down Rick after he kills Lou in order to escape from the house. Len later personally attempts to frame Daryl for breaking the group's rules in order for him to be killed, although he himself is killed for lying. When the group finally catches Rick, Michonne and Carl, they attempt to beat Daryl for death for being a liar and Dan attempts to molest Carl and Joe promises Rick he will personally kill him once Daryl, Michonne and Carl are all killed, though the entire group is stopped and killed by Rick, Daryl and Michonne. (Claimed, Us, A)
  • The cannibalistic Terminus people led by Gareth and including Martin, Mary, Theresa, Albert, Mike, Alex, and Greg and many others lure survivors to their compound by promising them sanctuary but hold them captive once they refuse to join them, take their supplies, slaughter them and use them for food. (A, No Sanctuary) After the fall of Terminus, the surviving residents gather up and begin stalking and hunting Rick's group, wanting to get revenge on them and eat them. They kidnap Bob Stookey and amputate his leg for food, and they later threaten several members of Rick's group in a church. (Strangers, Four Walls and a Roof)
  • The police officers led by Dawn Lerner stationed at Grady Memorial Hospital kidnap people and force them to do work for them, stating that they "owe" the officers for "saving them" from the zombies and they need to keep things as they do for when "help" comes to restore and rebuild the world to how it was before. They kill the injured and sick people that don't recover or will require too many resources to help and keep others captive, forbidding them to leave and pursuing the ones that escape. Their actions lead to various officers and patients deaths, Carol's accident and Dawn personally but accidentally kills Beth. (Slabtown, Consumed, Crossed, Coda)
  • Pete Anderson abuses his wife Jessie and his son Sam, causing them physical and psychological damage, and tries to kill Rick after he convinces his wife to stand up to him. He later tries to kill him again but ends up drunkenly killing Reg Monroe, causing his own demise in the process. (Spend, Try, Conquer)
  • Ron Anderson, the son of Pete and Jessie Anderson develops a grudge against the Grimes family because of Pete's execution by Rick and Carl's growing relationship with Enid. He personally tries to assassinate Carl, but fails. Later, after witnessing his mother and brothers's deaths, he aims at Rick to kill him, blaming him for what happened to his family, which causes his death at the hands of Michonne, but not before he fires a stray bullet that takes out Carl's right eye. (Start to Finish, No Way Out)
  • A violent group of scavengers known as the Wolves, led by Owen attack and destroy Shirewilt Estates and slaughter every survivor, including Noah's family. (What Happened and What's Going On) Owen and his partner later attempt to kill Morgan Jones, and their traps almost cause the deaths of both Daryl Dixon and Aaron and Owen later slits a man's throat to throw him in a trailer of walkers which his group has done to numerous other survivors as well in the order to steal their supplies and use their corpses as traps for other survivors. (Conquer) The Wolves later attack the Alexandria Safe-Zone, slaughtering numerous survivors in order to steal their supplies. (JSS) They also attempt to kill Rick while he is parked on the roadside in an RV. (Thank You) Owen, once taken captive by Morgan threatens that if his wound does not kill him, he will slaughter all the remaining survivors in the safe-zone, children included. (Here's Not Here) Eventually Owen manages to escape from his cell after knocking Morgan unconscious and takes Denise as a hostage. (Start to Finish) However, despite redeeming himself while with Denise, Owen is shot twice by Carol, devoured by walkers, reanimates, and is finally put down by Morgan. (No Way Out)
  • A large, powerful group known as the Saviors stop Daryl, Sasha and Abraham on the road demanding all of their possessions and claiming they now belong to their leader, Negan. (Start to Finish) After taking their supplies, a member of the group prepares to shoot both Abraham and Sasha though he and his group are killed by Daryl before he does. (No Way Out) The Saviors take supplies away from the Hilltop Colony in exchange for them not being attacked and killed. They are confirmed to have killed a resident, Rory, by beating him to death to express their dominance. Negan himself also kills two residents, Marsha and Tim when their supply load is not sufficient and kidnaps Craig and sends his brother, Ethan, to kill the colony's leader, Gregory as a message. (Knots Untie) Following the attack on their base by Rick Grimes and his group, Carol and Maggie are taken hostage by a group of Saviors led by Paula who almost ends up killing them, though the two manage to escape and kill the entire remaining group of Saviors. (Not Tomorrow Yet, The Same Boat) Later, Denise, Daryl, and Rosita are ambushed by Dwight and another group of Saviors who have captured Eugene. Denise is killed in Daryl's place and Dwight demands that his group be allowed in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, though he and his group are attacked by Abraham and they flee. (Twice as Far) A group of Saviors stop Carol on the road and threaten to kidnap her, though she manages to kill most of them, though one survives and starts following her and Morgan. Dwight and his surviving group members also kidnap Glenn and Michonne and ambush Daryl and Rosita in which he shoots and wounds Daryl. (East) Following this, Roman hunts down Carol and attacks her, seeking revenge for the deaths of the members of his group that she previously killed on the road. He shoots her multiple times with her revolver and before he can kill her, he is shot and killed by Morgan. Later that evening, Rick, Carl, Aaron, Sasha, Abraham and Maggie are ambushed by a large group of Saviors who had been tracking them and stopping them all day, steal their weapons and reveal they have taken Eugene hostage again. Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita are revealed to be alive and placed alongside Rick and his group. Negan tells the captives that they now work for him and his people. He then warns the survivors that he is going to "beat the holy hell" out of one of them with his baseball bat, Lucille, as punishment for killing his men. (Last Day On Earth) Following this and being unable to choose, Negan randomly selects Abraham and brutally kills him by bashing him on the head. Following this and taunting Rosita about Abraham's demise, Daryl strikes Negan and as punishment for not believing his earlier warning to not interfere with his murder, brutally beats Glenn to death in the same way as Abraham. After Rick threatens to kill Negan, he takes him in the RV for a drive and almost kills him by throwing him to the Walkers in order for Rick to understand he is no longer in control. Negan also almost makes Rick chop Carl's left arm off or the entire group will be killed but stops him after he finally breaks emotionally. Negan then declares that Rick's group know work for him and takes Daryl hostage and threatens Rick he will kill him slowly if his demands are not met. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be)
  • Spencer Monroe develops a hatred for Rick Grimes, blaming him for all the tragedies that have occurred as a result of the Saviors. He reveals that he wants him dead so he can be the leader of Alexandria instead and personally tries to convince Negan to kill him though instead Negan kills him for not having any guts to do it himself. (Service, Sing Me a Song, Hearts Still Beating)

Fear The Walking Dead


Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Social Game


  • Zombies try to eat the survivors. (Assault)
  • Scavengers and other survivors attempt to kill the protagonists. (Assault)

Survival Instinct

Novel Series

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