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This article is about the actor of Rick Grimes. You may be looking for the Comic Series character, the TV Series character, the Video Game character, the Webisodes character, or the actor of Jim.
  Andrew Lincoln
Portrays Rick Grimes
Occupation Actor
Born Andrew James Clutterbuck
September 14th, 1973
London, England, UK
Age 41
Years Active 1994-Present
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-British
Spouse Gael Anderson (2006–Present)
Also Known For Mark in "Love Actually" (2003)
Simon Caser in "Teachers" (2001 - 2003)
Andrew Lincoln Gallery

Andrew James Clutterbuck, more commonly known as Andrew Lincoln, is a British actor, who is best known for his role as Rick Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead. He is married to Gael Anderson, his father-in-law is legendary musician Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.


Andrew has appeared in some films, such as:

  • Boston Kickout as Ted
  • Understanding Jane as Party stonehead
  • A Man's Best Friend as Man
  • Human Traffic as Felix
  • Gangster No. 1 as Maxie King
  • Offending Angels as Sam
  • Love Actually as Mark
  • Enduring Love as TV producer
  • These Foolish Things as Christoper Lovell
  • Hey Good Looking! as Pauly
  • Scenes of a Sexual Nature as Jamie
  • Heartbreaker as Jonathan
  • Made in Dagenham as Mr. Clarke

Andrew has appearead in many TV Series, such as:

  • Drop the Dead Donkey as Terry
  • N7 as Andy
  • Over Here as Caddy
  • Bramwell as Martin Predericks
  • This Life as Edgar "Egg" Cook
  • The Woman in White as Walter Hartright
  • Mersey Blues as Narrator
  • Bomber as Captain Willy Bryne
  • A Likeness in Stone as Richard Kirschman
  • Teachers as Simon Casey
  • Trevor's World of Sport as Mark Boden
  • State of Mind as Julian Latimer
  • The Canterbury Tales as Alan King
  • Holby City as Boyfriend of Hepatitis C patient
  • Whose Baby? as Barry Flint
  • Lie With Me as Dl Will Tomlinson
  • Afterlife as Robert Bridge
  • This Life +10 as Edgar "Egg" Cook
  • The Things I Haven't Told You as DC Rae
  • Wuthering Heights as Edgar Linton
  • Moonshot as Michael Collins
  • Strike Back as Hugh Collinson
  • How Sherlock Changed The World as Narrator
  • My Last Summer as Narrator

Involvement in The Walking Dead

After the success of Channel 4's Teachers, Lincoln had a solid reputation - in British acting circles at least - and a handful of movies followed, including the smash hit romantic comedy Love Actually. Though the 40-year-old was in work, he'd hardly set the screen alight.

"There was no plan," he told Men's Health during an interview.[1] Lincoln was approaching the dangerous acting period of the mid-30s and having welcomed his first child, the actor decided it was time to "man up" and began looking at bigger roles.

When his agent suggested he audition for a new AMC zombie show titled The Walking Dead, Lincoln began doing his research. Having never heard of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's graphic novel, the actor visited a comic-book store and saw an entire wall dedicated to the series. 

He set to work and made a tape of himself speaking in a Southern accent. The long nights caring for his new born child had made his traditional good looks take on a haggard form - something that worked perfectly.

"When I auditioned, I looked like a zombie as my baby son had just been born and I hadn't slept for four days. Maybe that helped," he told the Sun at the time. [2]

Lincoln beat 100 rivals for the part of the Kentucky policeman.

"It was a big surprise to me." Lincoln told MTV News of landing the role. MTV's interview "I'm from London, I grew up in the West Country... But I think there was something that Darabont responded to when I put myself on tape."

After getting the good news, the actor moved out to America almost immediately to begin prepping for the part. "I've played a New York lawyer before, so I knew the East Coast, and I also knew the West Coast, but I'd never been to the South, the southern states," he explained. "So I got out early, I got a sense of place, I spoke to people, [and] I worked with a very, very good dialect coach."

Perfecting the accent was clearly important to Lincoln, though executive producer Gale Anne Hurd hinted that the casting panel weren't familiar with the actor and didn't necessarily know he was British before watching the tape. When asked about the influx of Brits and non-Americans playing Southerners on U.S. television, she told Hypable.com [3], "When we do the casting, all of the auditions are posted on the website, and we don't know necessarily where they're from. So it's completely equal opportunity. It just so happened that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan and David Morrissey all are based in the U.K."


  • Monte-Carlo TV Festival in 2004 as Outstanding Actor - Drama Series on Afterlive (TV Series).
  • IGN Summer Movie Awards in 2010 as Best TV Hero on The Walking Dead (TV Series).
  • Satellite Awards in 2012 for Best Cast on The Walking Dead (TV Series)
  • People's Choice Awards in 2014 for Favorite TV Anti-Hero on The Walking Dead (TV Series).


  • Lincoln admitted that despite acting as the lead character of The Walking Dead, he does not watch the show.[4]
  • Lincoln has stated his favorite poster from The Walking Dead is the 'Don't Look Back' one from Season 4B.


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