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This article is about the webisode character. You may be looking for the TV character, the comic character, the video game character, Rick's actor, or Jim's actor.
Season one andrew
Actor Rick Otto
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Mid 30's
Occupation Unknown
Family Hannah - Ex-Wife (Deceased)
Jamie - Daughter
Billy - Son
Judy - Wife (Deceased)
First Appearance "A New Day"
Last Appearance "Everything Dies"
Status Dead
Series lifespan "A New Day" to "Everything Dies"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Palmer Childrenbrightened
Mike Palmers' undead children, before devouring Andrew.
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"We can't just sit around, waiting for help to arrive. Have to get to a city. Atlanta!"
—Andrew to his family about their survival plans.[src]

Andrew is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart. Andrew is Hannah's ex-husband and the father of Billy and Jamie. He was later re-married to his second wife, Judy.


King County, Georgia

Andrew lived with his second wife Judy and had been awarded some custody rights to see his children every other weekend. He seemed to have a rivalry with Mike Palmer who accused Andrew of making a proficient amount money and being somewhat more successful, except in his marriage. Mike gloated about how his marriage to Maggie was better than Andrew's relationship with Hannah and lasted longer.


"The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart"

Noticing the world falling apart and the infection spreading everywhere, Andrew began to plan for the apocalypse. However, his dog Max became infected and Andrew knew to avoid the risk of infection, he would have to put the dog down. He knew that his neighbor, Mike Palmer, had weapons in his house, so he went to his basement to find them. He confronts Mike and kills Palmer at his request before taking the shotgun back to his place to kill his infected dog. He kills his dog and his infected wife, Judy, and rolls her up into a rug, not shooting her in the head. His kids come to the door seeking aid after their mom, Hannah, crashed their car. He takes them in and shelters them until Hannah comes looking for them and attempts to take refuge from the walkers. He is seen holding a shotgun and shooting walkers when his ex-wife appears at his doorstep. He allows her inside the home and explains to her what has happened. They decide to flee the town and head to the city of Atlanta in hope of rescue and protection. Andrew decides to go to Mike's house in hopes to use his truck to drive everyone to Atlanta; however, he never made it back to his family.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Andrew has killed:


Killed By

Not knowing how to hotwire a truck, Andrew heads over to Mike Palmer's house to search for the keys. He goes into the darkened basement only to find Mike's blood and corpse. He discovers the keys on Mike but once he turns around, the infected Palmer children are behind him where they attack and devour him.



Andrew and Judy loved each other deeply. They got married after Andrew and Hannah's relationship ended, after Judy was killed and later reanimated Andrew shot her not realizing who it was. He was then shown to be devastated as he mourned over Judy's death. Andrew didn't know that you had to shot a reanimated person in the head to kill them and instead wrapped Judy corpse in a carpet.


Andrew and Hannah had loved each other but for unknown reasons the two ended there relationship. Although before the broke up they both had two children together who they both loved deeply. After Hannah regained consciousness after her car accident she went to Andrew's house to see if Jamie and Billy were there, they were and Andrew was pleased to see Hannah was okay. Andrew later tells Hannah, Billy and Jamie that they have to get guns to get them to a safespot were they will be picked up by the army, he leaves hoping to collect them and protect Hannah and the children but is devoured, showing that he did still care about Hannah's safety willing to risk his own life for her and his children. Hannah quickly figured out that the chances of Andrew coming back were very slim and was shown to be saddened but tried to hide her emotion so she didn't worry her children.


Andrew and Jamie weren't seen interacting very much although it is assumed they had  basic father-daughter relationship. It is obvious the two cared deeply about one another as Andrew risked his life to get weapons to protect Jamie, Billy and Hannah which did cost him his life. Jamie was shown to be saddened when her mother tells them they have to go as all three of them now assumed Andrew is dead. Jamie also trusted her father as she and her brother ran to there father's house for protection after the car accident. 


Andrew and Billy seemed to have a good relationship. Billy and Jamie decided to go to Andrew's house for safety, Billy was shown to have a good father-son relationship with his dad as Andrew risked his life to get weapons to protect Billy, Jamie and Hannah which did cost him his life. Billy was shown to be saddened when her mother tells them they have to go as all three of them now assumed Andrew is dead. Although when asking his father about Max, Andrew responded angrily although it is assumed Billy didn't hold this against him. 

Mike Palmer

Andrew and Mike seemed to have a bad relationship before the apocalypse. Andrew went to Mike's house hoping to scavange guns, Mike is hiding in the basement and has been bitten by a walker. Mike agrees that Andrew can have his firearms if Andrew agrees to put him down. After talking for a while Andrew eventually agrees, although you can tell that Andrew is saddened by what he has to do. Mike tells Andrew that he never did like him until now showing that Mike was very grateful to Andrew for stopping him from reanimating. 


After Max is bitten by walkers, Andrew sees that the dog is suffering and needs to be put down, leading him to venture into Mike's basement in search of a gun to perform the mercy kill. Throughout the webisodes, he keeps Max's true condition away from the kids, telling them that Max is only sleeping and cannot be disturbed.



Torn Apart

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