Althea's Group is a group of survivors formed in Season 4 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Group Formation

After the fall of the Dell Diamond stadium, survivors Alicia, Nick, Strand and Luciana spent the next few months hunting for the Vultures to exact their revenge.

Eventually they encounter other survivors including Althea the journalist, Georgia native Morgan Jones and former police officer John Dorie. As a group, they track the Vultures to a rendezvous point at a racetrack and engage in a firefight. While they are successful in defeating the Vultures, they find June (who used the alias "Naomi") as a Vulture, believing she had died at the stadium.

Alicia doesn't realize June survived and was forced to join the Vultures out of survival and goes on a warpath to kill her. Instead, John is shot, forcing Althea, along with June, Morgan and Charlie, to go to the ruined stadium to grab medical supplies from the infirmary, despite Alicia's group hot on their trail with the intent to end June's life.

After finding a tape containing the interview between Madison and Althea, Alicia and the others finally stand down. With John's life saved and the group making amends with each other, the survivors head out to start a new life.

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The group separates from each other into small groups.


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