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"I do hate you. I hate you for killing Travis, for thinking you know how I feel. You don't. You're just a hypocrite playing the noble Native American."
—Alicia to Qaletqa Walker[src]

Alicia Clark, also known as Licia within the family, is the tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Madison and Steven Clark, who died a few years before the apocalypse. She is the younger sister of Nick and the former girlfriend of Matt Sale. She is a member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community.


Los Angeles, California

When Alicia was around 14-16, her father was killed in an accident and some time later her mother started dating Travis Manawa. She began dating Matt Sale at some point and was later accepted into UC Berkeley.


Season 1


Alicia is seen in the bathroom as her mom tells her to hurry up before school. She then goes with her mom and her mother's fiancee, Travis to the hospital to visit her brother. There, she appears uninterested in being there, she asks Travis if he's "glad he's moved in" and then goes with her mom to school. At school, she is seen talking with her boyfriend, Matt and he mentions that she is skipping spanish and she could probably teach the class herself. Alicia suggests he come with her, but he says that he's not smart enough to be teaching classes. The next morning, she's visiting her brother and they talk about the fact that she's "perfect" and he was kicked out of college. They then talk about what happened and Nick tells her that he isn't crazy and things will be different now.

At school, she is seen with Matt and she talks about how she's looking forward to being able to leave and plans to go to the University of California, Berkeley and she's able to get away. Matt asks about him but Alicia reassures him that it's only a few hours away "same state, same time zone". They talk about her brother and how he is better than he was 48 hours ago and better then he will be after he's released and she seems visibly upset and Matt reassures her that it's not on her. They make plans to hang out after school, go to the beach and watch the sunset, then go back to his house. After school, she goes to the beach but is angered by Matt not turning up, texting him several messages before leaving. At school, gossip and videos about the attack the previous night are going around. She is seen in class talking and watching the video with two classmates. She mentions Matt not texting her and the teacher is about to take her phone away when it is announced everyone is going home early. Her mom takes her and tells her that she wants her to ride the bus and stay home.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Alicia is first seen going to Matt's house to see if he is okay. She enters his house and looks around before gasping. When her mom is trying to call her, Alicia is telling her mom that Matt is really sick. When they come by Alicia refuses to leave Matt's side despite the possibility of infection. However, upon further examination it is discovered that Matt has been bitten. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Matt urges Alicia to leave with her family, which she finally does after much hesitation.

Alicia is ordered by her mother to not leave the house while she gets drugs for Nick. After her mom leaves, Alicia insists on checking up on Matt, however Nick reminds her that their mom told them to stay put and she has no idea what Matt will do. He tells her that she promised but she retorts with the fact he made promises all the time to get clean and broke them. Alicia leaves the house but comes back in when Nick has a seizure and starts to choke on his own vomit. Alicia is later seen cleaning up the vomit and Nick thanks her and Alicia says that she hates him.

When their mom comes home she asks how Nick is and she tells her that Nick had a grand mal seizure and she apologizes to her, she then tells her that Travis didn't call before walking away. When her mom comes out of the bathroom Alicia asks what happened while she was out and if she's okay. Alicia tells her that the phone lines are down and they hear a scream from outside. Madison tries to block Alicia's view of the window by closing the curtains and stopping her attempts to help, leaving Alicia angry and confused.

"The Dog"

Alicia looks out the window of her house. She hears a noise and asks Madison what it was. Madison says that it was gone so they don't have to worry. She then asks what Mr. Dawson did to the other neighbors. She sits on the couch and starts listening to music.

Alicia is sitting in a chair reading when Madison pulls out Monopoly. Alicia says she wants to be the car. When Nick says he wants to be the shoe, she notes that her father was always the shoe. She says that the game is evil. Nick tells her to shut up and roll and she rolls the dice. Later, the power goes out and Madison tells her to put the Monopoly game away since she lost despite the fact that Alicia doesn't want to. After she puts the game away she notices an infected Mr. Dawson outside. She calls Madison and Nick to the room but he disappears. Then all three of them hear a rustling noise outside their door. Nick goes to open it but it turns out to just be their neighbors dog. Mr. Dawson appears again outside their window and starts to walk towards the house. Nick says that their neighbors, the Tran's, have a shotgun in their home that they should get to protect themselves.

All three of them go next door to the house and find it empty. Alicia notices the zombified Peter Dawson enter their own house and alerts Madison just as Travis returns to the house. Madison, scared for Travis, hurries back to their own home with Alicia and Nick. On the way back, Nick notices that they had forgotten the shotgun shells. Alicia runs back to the Tran house to retrieve them, as she is picking them up, she notices an empty bottle of hypnotics and sees feet under a doorway as it starts to push open. Alicia runs out of the house and gets lost on the way back. As she is running, she gets grabbed by a zombified Susan Tran. She screams and runs back to the house, but is grabbed again by Susan. Chris, Travis' son, comes to help her and Alicia falls down and punches Chris. Chris yells at Alicia, explaining that he was only trying to help. The group surrounds Susan, now on another side of the fence. Nick explains that Susan isn't sick, but dead. Alicia looks at him confused. Thinking of Matt, she starts crying explaining that "that's not Matt!" Madison comforts Alicia.

The next day, Alicia and her family, along with Chris and Liza, packs up and plans to go out east. However, after Susan's husband, Patrick returns home, Madison tries to warn him about the infected Susan. However, Alicia and the others whiteness Susan get abruptly shot in the head by a soldier, killing her zombified form, and they are escorted by military forces.

"Not Fade Away"

9 days later, Alicia is seen talking to her mom about re-painting a room in their house. She tells her mother that she doesn’t think there’s anybody coming to the open-house, this shows that she understands the full extent of the situation now. After Travis enters, he and Madison get into an argument over the responsibilities of the home and the current situation, Alicia breaks the argument up, complaining about the bickering, telling them to stop acting as if things are normal, further proving that she is more knowledgeable about the infection. Ofelia then enters the room, and asks Alicia if she’s ready to go. Alicia is happy to leave. Alicia and Ofelia are next seen collecting rations for their families. Whilst collecting her rations, Ofelia flirts with Corporal Adams. Alicia and Ofelia exchange glances and smirks, indicating that they have a close enough friendship to discuss these romantic matters. Alicia is next seen wandering through Susan’s garden and then into her home. Alicia wanders through Susan’s home until she notices a drawing that Alicia herself drew for Susan, framed on the wall. Alicia takes this framed drawing and then sits on the bed. She then discovers a note that Susan left for her husband, Patrick. Alicia then begins to cry, obviously hurt over Susan’s death and hurt about the thought of Matt, her (presumed) former boyfriend as she runs her hand over the heart that Matt drew on her arm. Alicia is later seen piercing her skin, tracing the shape of the heart Matt drew on her arm. This shows that she clearly has a very strong attachment to the memory of Matt. Alicia is next seen showing concern for Nick after he is slapped by Madison. She persuades him to open the bathroom door by threatening to get Madison. Once inside, she shows concern for his injuries and asks if he wants to talk things through. She then proceeds to hug Nick, comforting her brother. When Nick’s name is called to leave, Alicia tells him to run from the soldiers. The episode ends with Alicia reading Susan’s letter to her husband, underneath the covers of her bed.


Alicia finds a pink bike from a neighbors house and rides it around the community. She comes across Chris laying on a car. She tries to make jokes with him but she sees he's uninterested. "Come on, I want to show you something." She tells him.

Alicia takes Chris to an abandon wealthy household, where they try on expensive clothing and break everything inside. Afterwords, as they are walking back home, they see military trucks drive up the road and hide behind some bushes. However, Chris steps out, noticing that the trucks aren't even acknowledging them or protrolling the streets. They are also filled with personal belongings. "Something's wrong." Alicia says.

"The Good Man"

When Madison and Travis start packing their things up to leave at the beginning of the episode, Alicia is confused and wonders where they are going. She is told that they are leaving to rescue Nick, Liza, and Griselda.

At the parking lot, Alicia and Chris are told to stay with the cars whilst Madison, Travis, Ofelia, and Daniel go find the others. As they wait, Chris becomes uneasy on the uncertainty of them all returning safely. Alicia tells him that they will come back, but that "you can't save everyone". Chris becomes frustrated at this. Chris hears a noise and they both get into the car and duck. Soldiers smash the car windows and both of them are dragged out of the car. They are offered to be transported to safety, but Chris refuses. A solider comes onto Alicia, asking if she will come instead, however, Chris becomes aggressive that he is making a move on her and tries to attack the solider. Everything is calmed down when Alicia tells them that she has the keys to the car and hands them over. The soldier puts his arm around Alicia, asking her again if she wants to join him. She shoves his arm away, and Chris attacks him again, but Chris is beaten to the floor by the other soldiers. Alicia appears to be shocked.

When the others come back, successfully rescuing Nick and Liza, Alicia and Chris are absent. The others believe they have fled. However, they both run back from their hiding spot when their names are called. Soon after, Andrew is getting revenge on Daniel and shoots Ofelia. Travis then violently beats Andrew to the floor, leaving his face bloody. Alicia and Nick are visibly shocked by this. Instead of heading out east, they travel to an ocean front home belonging to newcomer Victor Strand, planning to travel out into the ocean. Alicia and Chris are enjoying themselves together when they hear a gunshot. They urgently look for the source. They discover that Liza is dead, put down by Travis after they relized she was bitten. Alicia stares at Liza's body with sadness.

Season 2


Hours after Liza's death, Strand takes Alicia, Nick, Daniel, and Ofelia on a motorboat to his yacht Abigail as Los Angeles is being bombed. Alicia makes it to the boat as Nick goes back to retrieve Madison, Travis, Chris, and Liza's body. They all look on at the explosions and fall of LA as Abigail heads further out into sea.

On the yahcht, they soon come across a small motorboat holding at least a dozen survivors. Alicia suggest to stop the boat and help them but Travis tells Alicia to get the radio and try to find a safe route. Alicia listens to the many catastrophes on the radio and covers her ears when it is announced that there would be no rescue, not even at sea. Madison tells Alicia to get some sleep however, she refuses. "No ones slept" Alicia tells her. Madison trys to take the radio away from Alicia. Alicia tells her that she needs to do this and that they don't know where they're going is practically safe.

As Alicia continues to find a station on the radio, a song plays, she listens quietly. A man then comes through on the other end asking for anyone that may still be alive. After brief hesitation Alicia answers. "I'm here" she tells the man.

The man intriduces himself as Jack. He says it's just him, his brother, and his sister in-law on a small fishing boat. They share their experiences on the situation. Jack asks Alicia where she was when it all started. She says it was over before she even knew it started, referencing her deceased boyfriend Matt. Jack also mentions he lost his girlfriend to the epidemic.

Later, Alicia attends the funeral held for Liza. She listens quietly as Travis gives a speech and appears surprised when Chris violently pushes Liza's corpse into the water. After the funeral she again contacts Jack, who's boat is now slowly sinking. Alicia tells him that they can come get him. Jack gives Alicia an overview of their location. Alicia tells Travis they need to help Jack. Strand overhears this and yells at Alicia, telling her that she shouldn't of given away any of their information and that they're not taking in any more survivors.

Alicia is later seen enjoying herself as dinner is prepared. She contacts Jack again, telling him they can't come get him and that it's too dangerous. "It's okay Alicia, I got you. I'll see you soon" he tells her. The yacht pulls up to a sabotaged boat. It's passengers reanimated in the water. Nick goes to investigate the boat as Alicia uses binoculars to try to keep an eye on him. Strand contacts another boat on the radar closing in on them. "It could be no one. It could be the ones that did that" he says to Alicia pointing to the destroyed boat. Alicia helps Nick, Travis, and Chris back onto the yacht. "Whoever did that. They're coming back" Madison tells the group.

"We All Fall Down"

As Abigail trys to avoid their intruder, Madison, Strand and others read the log book that Nick received on the Leigh Ann, the sabotaged boat in the previous episode. It's book reveals that San Diego has been bombed. Strand suggests that they hide off shore in the meantime.

Later that night, a light turns on in a nearby household off shore. Alicia, Madison, Nick, Travis, and Chris all go investigate while Daniel and Ofelia stay with Strand. They find a family of five living in the house. Madison and Travis converse with the adults George and his wife, Melissa about other locations that have been bombed and about their previous life, while Alicia, Nick, and Chris stay with their kids. The daughter Willa sings a song. She asks Alicia what posies are and why people put them in their pockets. Alicia explains that they did that in Europe to make people healthy after a horrible virus. Later that night, Alicia talks with Nick about how kids these days don't get to grow up normal. "Something is off here" Nick tells Alicia. "Everything's off, everwhere". Alicia responds.

The next day, Alicia walks around the Geary property listening to music. She comes across a souvenir shop with a log list for tours to a nearby island. She takes the pencil and draws Matt's spiral heart that he drew on her arm, on the sheet before walking off. Later, on the yacht, as Madison is attempting to take the Geary child Harry with them on the boat after Melissa is killed by a zombified Willa, the oldest son Seth, shows up with a rifle. After he takes Harry back, the group is stunned to see a zombified Melissa walking towards the Geary dock. Alicia looks away as Seth shoots his zombified mother and the Abigail sails back out into sea.


Alicia notices luggage washed up on a beach near the shoreline and alerts Madison. After much hesitation between Madison and Travis, Daniel offers to take Alicia, Nick, and Chris to the shoreline to try and find anything useful while Strand, Madison, and Ofelia stay on the boat while Travis trys to repair it.

On the beach, Alicia and Nick briefly talk while going through some suitcases. Daniel notices that Chris is missing and goes to search for him. After Daniel is gone for a while Alicia decides to go search for them both. She finds Chris near a part of a plane that had crashed. Alicia asks if he found anything but they are interrupted by gunshots. They run to the source and find Daniel and another women fending off incoming infected. Alicia and Chris pick up weapons from the sand as they start to get cornered by a cliff. They fight the infected and Alicia is almost bitten but is saved by Nick who is covered in blood, his sent masked by the guts. Nick distracts the infected as they all run back to the shoreline. Alicia hugs Nick briefly before they board the seashark and ride back to Abigail, along with the women, Alex, and her injured friend Jake, who was resting in a nearby raft.

Back at Abigail, Strand refuses to let Alex and Jake on board which causes Alicia to lash out to her mother, explaining that Jake will die if they don't help him. Travis, however, says they can give them food and water and pull their raft behind Abigail at least until they reach San Diego. Later, however, Strand cuts the rope between Abigail and the raft, ultimately leaving Alex and Jake behind.

"Blood in the Streets"

Alicia hears commotion on deck and recognizes a voice. It's Jack from the radio conversation. His group quickly takes over the vessel much to her shock.

Alicia accuses Jack of baiting her. He insists he had no choice but says that Connor listens to him and will assess the situation when he arrives. “And then I’m safe?” she asks. “I promise,” he says. Later, Jack tells Alicia that he owes Connor for saving his life but insists he doesn’t enjoy what he does. He invites Alicia to join their group. Alicia refuses to abandon her family. Jack promises to ensure her family’s safety even if Connor can’t accept them all into his camp. She hugs him.

Connor boards the Abigail with two other armed pirates and admires the boat. He invites Travis and Alicia to join his community but says he has no need for the others. He grants Alicia’s request to transport her family safely to shore. Alicia and Travis are taken away.


Connor cooks steak for Alicia in the galley of his ship. When the lights go out, Connor leaves. Vida steals Alicia’s steak and locks Alicia in the galley. Alicia ventures through an unlocked door and finds herself on the ship’s bow with no way to escape.

Jack warns Alicia that she’s not allowed to roam freely and ushers her back inside. Alicia demands to know if her family made it to safety. Jack agrees to find out. He instructs Alicia to scan the radar for mid-sized vessels that his people can hijack.

Jack spots the Abigail approaching on the radar. Alicia explodes at Jack when she realizes Reed could not have possibly delivered her family to safety in such a short amount of time. Jack admits that Reed sometimes kills passengers after hijackings and offers to help Alicia find her family. Alicia tells Jack to radio Connor and alert him to a potential ship target. They plan to escape together while Connor performs reconnaissance on the ship.

With Jack at her side, Alicia finds Travis and tells him they’re plotting to escape that night. Travis tells her go with the plan without him. She refuses to but continues to say not to worry about and to do all she can it get back to the ship.

When the trade is about to begin Jack looks for Alicia in the galley. She emerges from her hiding spot and flees when he isn’t looking. Alicia runs to Travis’s cell but finds it empty. Vida attacks Alicia. Alicia pushes her to the ground and locks her inside the cell.

Alicia escapes onto the ship’s bow and spots Madison and Travis on the pier. Jack corners her. He begs Alicia to stay with him and asks if she really wants to live with the kind of people who abandon survivors like Alex. “I’m sorry,” she says and jumps into the water. Madison and Travis rescue her in the Zodiac and return to the Abigail.

"Sicut Cervus"

She hides in the ship with the others when Strand and Luis make the deal to get into Mexico.

Once on land, they make their way to a church and are attacked by walkers she watches her mother struggle from a few steps away and Chris does nothing to help. Alicia screams at him and saves Madison herself.

At Celia's estate, she watches TV when Chris walks in. Chris asks Alicia if she’s mad at him. She accuses him of standing by while Madison got attacked outside the church. He insists he merely froze, but when Alicia presses him, Chris threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone what she saw. Alicia tells her mother about during a conversation.

Chris enters Alicia’s room and says Alicia’s name. He picks up a knife from the bedside table. A gunshot rings out, waking Madison and Alicia. Alicia sees the knife and screams at Chris to get out and he runs outside.


Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris. She refuses, saying to Travis that he was holding a knife beside her bed.

The next day, Madison tells Nick and Alicia to quietly pack supplies so that they can flee to the Abigail and escape Celia’s clutches. Alicia refuses to return to the boat but her mother shoots her down.

As they leave, Alicia restrains Ofelia, who is crying for Daniel as the estate goes up in flames. Strand pulls up in the truck and urges them to get in and they drive off leaving Nick and Daniel behind.

"Los Muertos"

Alicia is in the back of the truck with Madison. As Madison gets out of the truck, Alicia talks with her mother, insisting they go back to the Abigail.

Alicia sees the Abigail missing. Alicia suggests going to the hotel up the beach. Alicia tells Madison that it is her and Madison now "whether you like it or not". Alicia and Madison make a sign out of driftwood saying "Abigail Lost Head North", as a message for Travis, Chris, or Nick to find.

As the group drives across the beach towards the hotel, Alicia watches the infected by the shore.

Alicia and the others look at the hotel from a distance. Alicia suggests they go inside, saying it's "better indoors than out". The group looks into the hotel and Alicia watches Strand pick open the door. She walks in with the others and wonders where the people are who put the barricade of chairs against the door.

Alicia and the others walk into a room which appears to be a deserted wedding. Alicia catches Madison looking at a broken picture frame. Alicia tells Madison they need to go. Alicia and the others walk into the bar room. Alicia suggests checking the other rooms. She tells Madison that her and Ofelia can check the upper part of the hotel. Madison tells her no, implying that it's unsafe. Alicia says that it is safe, and her and Ofelia leave the room.

Alicia and Ofelia enter a hallway. They chat about how Ofelia is creeped out by hotels. Alicia tries to open a room door but it's locked and she hears an infected bang against the other side of the door. Alicia tries another door and she notices a card attached to the handles saying "DO NOT DISTURB". There's an infected behind that door as well. Alicia tells Ofelia that someone put the infected in the rooms. Ofelia finds a door that doesn't have the sign on the handle, and they both enter the room. Alicia takes clothes and other supplies from a bed and she puts it in her bag. Alicia walks into the bathroom and sees a male infected, hanging by a belt from the shower head. Alicia tells Ofelia they need to go. Once the two leave the room, Alicia flips the sign to the room to say "DO NOT DISTURB".

The two enter a different room. Alicia starts stacking up on drinks from the mini fridge. Ofelia comes out of the bathroom in the room telling Alicia there's still warm water. Alicia asks Ofelia why she thinks the man in the shower gave up. Ofelia suggests that he was tired. Alicia asks what he was tired of. "Surviving?" Ofelia says. "You don't get tired of surving, you just push on. You've got to," Alicia replies. Ofelia tells Alicia that they aren't going to make it. Alicia gets upset and tells Ofelia not to say that. Ofelia says that her father was "one step behind hope". Alicia says that her father was wrong and that hope is all they have and if they lose that, they're dead. Alicia tells Ofelia she's sorry, and that she's with Ofelia and that they're family now.

Alicia looks at herself in the mirror. She has wet hair, implying she just got out of the shower. Alicia exits the bathroom and calls out for Ofelia. Ofelia is nowhere to be found. Alicia begins to walk out to the balcony when she sees a body fall from above outside. Alicia walks out to the balcony and sees from a distance, three infected falling from balconies. Alicia calls for her mother as an infected falls from above her. Alicia leaves the room in a hurry and calls out for Ofelia. Alicia runs down the hallway and continues to call out for Ofelia. Alicia opens up a door to find several infected on the other side. She shuts the door quickly. Alicia is seen backing up against a window, and she closes her eyes.

"Do Not Disturb"

Alicia is in a small room, flipping her butterfly knife in her hand. She counts how many infected there are outside. She's about to open the door when she notices an infected through the peek hole chomping at her. It knows she's there. It's night, and Alicia looks down the balcony. Alicia decides to exit the room and she notices infected down the hallway. Alicia calls out for Ofelia, and starts running. Alicia comes across more infected and runs the other way. She comes across an elevator door and pries it open with her hands. As the infected get closer, Alicia jumps onto the cable and holds on. Two infected reach for her but they fall down the elevator shaft. Alicia tries to climb up to a higher level but begins to slip. Suddenly, a flashlight shines in her eyes and a woman named Elena appears above her. She tells Alicia to take her hand. Alicia does so and Elena pulls her out. Once the two are safe, Elena pins Alicia up against the wall with an axe, demanding to know where someone is. "Where is he!" She shouts to Alicia.

Alicia is in a room with Elena. She notices the same signs in a stack and she realizes that Elena was the one to put the signs on the doors and that she moved the infected on to the floor. The woman says that Alicia is correct and that she needed to contain the problem. The problem was Alicia. The woman moved the infected to protect herself from Alicia and the others. Alicia is confused. The woman asks where they're hiding at, and where they're keeping Hector. Alicia explains to the woman that she knows no one named Alicia and she doesn't know who "they" are. She tells the woman that she came to the hotel with her mom and two friends and asks the woman if she's seen them. The woman explains that she only saw Alicia. Alicia tells the woman that she needs to get downstairs to rescue her mom. The woman tells Alicia that the infected are in the stairwells and implies that it's unsafe to go down.

Alicia asks if the woman can move them. "With Hector," she explains "I unlock one hall, I draw them inside, lock them in." Alicia tells the woman that she can do that. The woman says it's not simple. Alicia disagrees and tells her that her mother needs her and then she says she has to go. The woman picks up her axe and blocks Alicia. Alicia tells the woman that she is not here to hurt her. Alicia backs off and asks the woman who Hector is. "He's my nephew," the woman answers. The woman explains that he went to find food but never came back, and she explains that the guests took him to draw her out. Alicia doesn't understand. The woman explains that she has keys to "every hall, every building, this place is amazing I know how to run it. Whoever has the keys can control the hotel." Alicia tells the woman to give them the keys. The woman says she can't because if she does, they'll either kill them or exile them. Alicia suggests the woman to leave, to "go home". "The hotel is home... it has been for a long time," says the woman. Alicia asks how many guests are left and the woman tells Alicia there are probably a dozen, perhaps less now. Alicia tells the woman to help her find her family. Alicia says if they all get together when they find Hector, it will make six of them. She explains that with the shit her family has been through, "six of us is equal to a dozen" and that they can help each other. Alicia tells the woman to trust her, and that if she doesn't, they will both die.

It's daylight out now, and the sun shines through the window towards Alicia. Alicia nods to the woman and the woman opens up a door to let the infected inside. The woman backs up and lets the infected follow her. Alicia reveals the name of the woman to be Elena, as she calls for her to run. Elena does so, and she enters a room. Alicia leads the infected into a room by hitting her knife against the wall. One of the infected gets too close and Alicia kills it. With the infected getting closer, Alicia walks out onto the balcony and shuts the balcony door just as the infected reach her. Alicia looks beyond the infected and sees Elena close the room door, trapping the infected inside the room, and Alicia. Alicia calls out for Elena and she begins to worry. Alicia notices the glass beginning to break and she calls out for Elena once more. Elena's voice is heard as she throws a tie of sheets to Alicia. Alicia ties the sheets to the railing and climbs over. She walks on the edge towards Elena, the ground hundreds of feet below her. The glass shatters and Alicia slips, but she gets back up with some help from Elena. Elena helps Alicia over on to her balcony and the two women are out of breath, especially Alicia. Alicia asks Elena why it took her a bit to help Alicia out. Elena explains that she had to make sure it was all clear so she could get downstairs. Alicia tells Elena that she's coming with her and that she's her guide. Elena tells Alicia that she hasn't left the tower since everything started. Alicia says that Hector needs Elena and that her mother needs me. Elena asks if her mother would want Alicia to risk her life for hers. Alicia says no, but "she'd do it for me... my mother would die for me". The two women look at each other, and in silence, agree to leave.

Elena and Alicia walk into the wedding area, implying they made it downstairs. The room is deserted and it's a mess. Alicia asks if the guests made it so messy. Elena looks down at the floor and explains that the father of the bride had a heart attack right where she's standing. She explains that the man became one of the infected while everyone was waiting for rescue, and that he attacked his daughter, while her mother watched. Alicia asks Elena what she did about it. Elena explains that she was thinking about the hotel and the other guests in the hotel, and to fix the problem, she locked the wedding guests in the room, so the sickness wouldn't spread. Elena begins to cry. She tells Alicia that they were waiting for help to come, but no one came. There was no one there to save them. Elena explains that the remaining guests hate her because people died. Alicia reassures Elena by telling her that her family has seen worse and done worse, and promises that she won't let anyone hurt Elena. They begin to leave the room.

Alicia and Elena enter the main lobby. Alicia notices chairs barricading the doors to the bar. Alicia begins to panic and explains that Madison was inside here. Elena tells Alicia that if she was inside there she'd be dead. Alicia yells at Elena saying Madison is not dead. Elena explains that someone had to have blocked the doors. Alicia begins to tear down the chairs and Elena tries to stop her. Alicia calls out for her mother. Elena and Alicia hear a voice behind them and the turn around to see the survivors of the wedding, holding Hector captive. Alicia asks the guests where her mother is. One of the guests, the groom, says he doesn't know. Alicia explains to the groom that she came here with three other people, and asks if he's seen anyone else. The groom ignores her and turns to Elena, demanding the keys. Alicia tells Elena to not give him the keys until they know. Elena says that they do know, and that she's just not with them, that she's gone.

Alicia pleads with Elena, saying that her mother is alive, not dead. The groom tells them that they can look for her outside. If Elena gives them the keys, they'll give Hector back but then they have to leave. The groom demands for the keys again. Alicia says they'll die out there. The mother of the bride speaks up and tells Alicia that Elena is a monster and that she doesn't deserve to live, and she wants her dead. The groom tells Ilene to shush. Alicia tells Elena to give them the keys. Elena throws the keys at them and takes Hector. Alicia calls for Elena and the three of them hide behind the doors as Alicia opens the door to let out all the infected on the guests. Alicia watches as the infected chase after the guests.

Alicia enters the bar a different way and comes across one of the infected. Alicia sees the blonde hair and flannel and begins to think it's her mother. Alicia stabs the infected in the head once she realizes it's not her mother. Elena and Hector appear behind her as she finishes the infected woman off.

Alicia, Elena, and Hector flee through an underground tunnel. The infected follow them down the tunnels. The three come across a door and Elena tries to open it. It's locked. Elena and Alicia look at the walkers heading their way as Hector tries to break open the door. Alicia begs for help as she bangs on the door. The door suddenly opens and Madison appears. Madison lets in the three of them. Hector closes the door. Alicia asks if Madison is "okay". Madison says she is. The two rejoice by hugging as Strand, Hector, and Elena put a shelf in front of the door to block the infected from getting in.

"Pablo & Jessica"

Alicia is present when the residents of the hotel make the decision if anyone is getting kicked out. When they decide to live in peace with each other in the hotel, Alicia agrees. Later, Alicia is among Elena and Strand to clear out the infected in the hotel corridors. Alicia kills multiple infected, and continues to help Strand and Elena.

Alicia and Hector drag Infected bodies from the hotel to the beach. Alicia tells Madison that it will take weeks to clear the entire hotel of Infected. Alicia discovers a riptide under the pier and hatches a new plan to clear the hotel of all Infected in one fell swoop. Elena brings Madison, Alicia and Strand to a foyer that connects all three sections of the hotel.

They devise a plan to channel all the Infected into the foyer and onto the pier. Outside the hotel, Alicia and Hector lure a herd of Infected inside by playing music on Alicia’s phone. After the infected are all lured out of the hotel, Alicia continues to help out with the hotel.

"Pillar of Salt"

Ten days later, Alicia is happily living at the hotel. She takes surfing lessons from Hector. Later, Alicia is among Madison, Strand and Elena where they decide to run the generator for power to boil water, and make ice. After Strand is stabbed, Alicia helps tend to his wound.

Later on when Madison turns on the lights to the hotel sign, Alicia warns Madison that people will see the sign from all around and accuses Madison of thinking more about Nick than her, even though Nick chose to run away.

"Date of Death"

The next morning, Alicia stands at the front of the gate looking at the 43 refugees who showed up to the gate. When the refugees are let in, Alicia helps examine them for any type of infection. Alicia is suddenly called by her mother, and takes a walk with her.

Madison reveals to Alicia that her father's death was actually a suicide. Alicia reels from the news and asks what the suicide note said, shocked after hearing it, Madison also reveals to her she never told Nick, because she thought he'd end up like his father. She says the only reason she paid less attention to Alicia over the years was that she believed she was doing alright. They hug.


With Travis now living at the hotel, Alicia brings him some food. Travis admits that Chris is sick and apologizes for not believing or protecting her when she said that Chris threatened her. Later on, Alicia is seen looking after the survivors in the garage, offering them small portions of food.


Alicia and Madison decide to leave the hotel together with Travis, after Elena banishes him for killing Brandon and Derek, Strand refuses to join them, saying he's not going to die for any of them. Andrés treats Oscar, who is still unconscious. Alicia offers to help. He tells her he must remove a piece of Oscar's skull to reduce swelling and orders her to leave.

Hector and Andrés barge into Travis' room and beat him. Andrés holds a gun to Travis' head, but before he can shoot him, Alicia suddenly stabs Andrés, killing him and a melee ensues. Strand grabs Andrés' gun and orders everyone out. "We need to run," he says. Travis, Madison, and Alicia pile into a car outside the hotel. Strand gives the gun to Madison and stays behind. Travis accelerates and plows through the front gate. In the back of the truck, Alicia struggles with what she did and Madison, proud, tells her she'll be okay. 

Madison, Travis, and Alicia arrive in La Colonia. While Madison and Travis enters La Colonia to search for Nick, Alicia stays behind in the yard and notices the stalled school bus. In the town square, Travis and Madison encounter a large herd of infected, which now includes Marco and his gangsters.

Alicia finds a dying Alejandro in the school bus. She tends to him as Madison and Travis get back there. Madison tells Alejandro she's looking for Nick. Alejandro informs Madison that Nick went to the border because he saw something, but dies before he can mention the camp. On the bus, Alicia hands Madison her Balisong. Madison closes Alejandro's eyes, turns his head to the side, and drives in the blade, preventing him from reanimating. Madison turns her attention back to the search for Nick.

Season 3

"Eye of the Beholder"

Alicia, Madison and Travis are escorted by a military group down a path surrounded by dead bodies. A gate opens and they are brought into an area labeled as a restricted military base. Travis is separated from the group, yelling back to Madison that he will find her. Alicia and Madison drive one way while Travis goes another, each in cars with soldiers. A massive military base is revealed. Elsewhere in the facility, Alicia and Madison search for weapons or an escape route. Alicia insists they shouldn't have been looking for Nick. 

Troy, the soldier in charge at the depot, enters a locked office where Madison and Alicia are being held. He offers them tea and seems hospitable, until he starts interrogating them. Madison explains to Troy that she’s looking for her son, Nick. Madison then demands to know where they’ve taken Travis. Troy avoids answering, but promises to let them go once he’s finished “processing” them. He shows particular interest in Madison. As he leaves, Alicia and Madison continue to look for a way out. Alicia has a knife in her boot, which she offers to her mother. Madison insists that she will get everyone out, even if it means killing, which she will do herself. Madison watches over Alicia as she sleeps, planning their next move. Troy takes notes in a journal as he watches Madison and Alicia sleep. Madison wakes up and asks Troy if Travis is dead. Troy asks if it would hurt her if he was. She tells Troy that she loves Travis’ life more than her own.

Troy tells Madison that they’re getting ready to evacuate the depot. He offers to release Travis if she and Alicia travel home with him. They hear a gunshot outside. Troy runs out of the office and locks the door behind him. Troy returns to the office and Madison attacks him with the knife, but Troy knocks the weapon out of her hand. She grabs hold of a spoon and plunges it into his eye socket. Madison tells Troy if he tries to break away he will lose his eye. Madison yells for Alicia to find Travis and a vehicle. Alicia sprints outside and hides between parked military vehicles. She scans her surroundings, searching for where they might have taken Travis. Alicia hides in a truck as the soldiers pack for the impending evacuation from the base.

Alicia then hears Nick’s cries, and follows the sound to the sewer grate. She peers down and sees Nick and Luciana below. A zombified Steven is on top of Nick and about to bite him. Alicia drops her knife down and Luciana puts down the undead Steven. However, Soldiers apprehend Alicia before she can reconnect with her brother. Alicia is brought to Madison. Moments later, soldiers bring Nick back and the three Clark's share a hug. Jake offers to take Travis, Madison, Nick, Alicia and Luciana to his family’s ranch. It’s safe there, and Jake assures them that Troy will behave. Madison and Travis reject the offer.

Later on, The infected Nick and Luciana encountered have emerged from the sewer and breached the barracks. The soldiers scramble to keep them back. The compound has been compromised, and chaos ensues. Madison and Nick fight the infected, while Travis and Alicia help Luciana into a helicopter. Troy arrives in a truck and urges Madison and Nick to hop on board. The helicopter takes off with Travis, Alicia, and Luciana while Madison and Nick depart in a truck with Troy. Troy tells Madison that they’re all going to the same destination. From the helicopter, Travis looks down and spots the truck on the road. He assures Alicia that Madison and Nick are safe.

"The New Frontier"

At night, Alicia and Travis tend to Luciana in the back of the helicopter, while Charlene navigates toward the ranch with Jake by her side. Jake wonders whether or not to gain more altitude, but decides against it. Out of nowhere, a round of bullets hits the chopper. As the chopper tries to evade the gunfire, Travis is shot. He clasps his hand over his neck, and calls for help. He then unbuckles his harness and opens the door. She unbuckles and tries to stop him, insisting he's in shock, but goes silent when she sees a large hole in his side. She realizes he was shot in the stomach, and the bullet came out through his neck. Unable to do much else, her hand slips away as Travis falls out of the helicopter to his death.

On the ground, Jake tells Alicia they must push forward to escape whoever shot the chopper down. Alicia is shocked by the death of Travis, and wonders if he's alive, but Jake insists Travis could not have survived the fall. That night, Charlene takes first watch while Jake and Alicia sit by the campfire. Jake explains that Troy has had behavioral problems since he was a child. They hear a warning whistle from Charlene. Jake gives Alicia a gun, then runs off to investigate. An Infected attacks Jake and pins him to a tree. Alicia arrives and saves Jack by shooting the Infected dead, then takes out two more approaching in the darkness. Jake and Alicia discover Charlene’s dead body, Jake shoots her in the head to keep her from turning.

Back at their camp, Alicia tells Jake that Luciana is unconscious. She is worried that they won’t make it back to the ranch in time to save her. They decide to carry her together. Some hours later, a ranch guard looks through his binoculars and sees Jake and Alicia carrying Luciana toward the gate.

Madison joyfully reunites with Alicia. She looks for Travis, then falls to her knees with grief upon realizing that Travis is dead. Troy predicts that Luciana will soon die and takes out his gun to put her down. Nick begs him not to shoot, but Troy explains it’s their policy to keep dying patients out of the infirmary in case they turn. Nick offers to be the one to kill Luciana and Troy hands him his gun. Nick then turns the gun on Troy and demands Luciana receive treatment. Jeremiah intervenes and agrees to treat Luciana in the infirmary if Nick hands back the gun and provided she has a pulse. Nick complies and Luciana is taken to the infirmary. He checks in with Alicia and holds her as she weeps over Travis’ death. Then they approach Madison, she says that they’re going to make the ranch their home, even if that means they must take it over. Alicia objects, saying that such a thing is insane, but Madison disagrees. "It's our fate." She demands to know exactly how Travis died.


Alicia attends Charlene’s memorial at the ranch, with Nick and Madison. Sensing hostility from members of the community, Madison introduces herself to the ranchers and thanks them for taking her family in. In line at the mess tent, a man accuses Madison and Alicia of being freeloaders. Alicia can't understand why people are harassing them instead of Troy. Gretchen, a young rancher around Alicia’s age, introduces herself to Madison and Alicia, then invites Alicia to Bible study. Alicia tells her, "We're Jewish," trying to get out of it, but Madison nudges Alicia to accept the invitation.

In the bunkhouse, Alicia is seen stabbing a knife into a table between her fingers. Madison assures Nick and Alicia that they can win over the minority of people who don’t want them at the ranch. She also warns them to stay away from Troy. Nick insists they start over elsewhere, but Madison refuses to leave the relative safety of their new home.

Alicia and Nick watch horses trotting around. Alicia is reflecting on how their father used to take her to the equestrian center. Nick asks Alicia if she wants to stay at the ranch. She reasons that the ranch is just as bad as any other place, so she doesn't want to stay but realizes there aren't other choices. Nick is feeling the guilt of Travis' death and notices the change in Alicia but she walks away.

Alicia heads into a basement with the community's teenagers. Gretchen directs everyone to get their study materials. They grab drinks and drugs, to Alicia's surprise. She quickly hits a bong and loosens up with everyone. The kid's say some weird phrases and joke with her. She is slowly lowering her guard. Gretchen reaches into a barrel and introduce Alicia to “Geoff”, an Infected head in a cage. Alicia bursts out laughing. Alicia tells Gretchen and the other members of the "Bible study" group what life is like on the outside. She questions them about the Otto's. They tell her everyone arrived separately and the Otto's were prepared. The kids say Troy took Jeff's body but these kids are okay with it because people like Troy protect them. Gretchen asks what kind of "bad stuff" Alicia has done. She reveals that she killed a man, then admits it was an easy thing to do. Alicia and Gretchen leave the bunker in an inebriated state. Alicia crosses paths with Jake and he smiles.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

Alicia and Nick try to dissuade Madison from joining Troy on his mission to find the missing team that went to investigate the downed chopper. They tell her there are other ways to contribute. Madison ignores their advice and leaves with Troy. Moments later, Jake approaches Alicia in the food area. He says he is happy she is enjoying Bible study and touches her hand which prompts her to jump and drop her coffee. He apologizes, gives her his coffee and walks away. Gretchen approachs Alicia to let her know that the Browns, the people who died last night, were co-founders of this community.

Alicia visits Jake on his room and apologizes for how she acted. She says she didn't know about the people in the fire. He accepts her apology and asks if she needs something. "We're never gonna be normal again, are we?" she said before reflecting on her plans she had before the apocalypse. They kiss and they sleep with each other.

Alicia gets dressed after making love with Jake. They discuss books, and Jake offers to loan her his favorite, a Charles Bukowski novel. She explains that she used to enjoy poetry and art, but no longer sees the point of these things in this post-apocalyptic world. Alicia lays in bed. Jake invites her out to a lake. He vouches for art while she vouches for food and water. He insists that there is still beauty in this world. Alicia ponders a cliff and jumps into a lake, allowing herself to feel a rush that doesn’t come from killing.

"Red Dirt"

Alicia and Jake lay in bed. Alicia wonders where Madison is. She sits up and gets dressed. Jake insists she need not worry. Moments later, Alicia, Nick and other ranchers rush out as Madison and Troy’s team arrive, who all have bloody feet from walking without shoes. Alicia and Nick give Madison water. Jeremiah requests a private debrief, but one of the ranchers, Vernon Trimbol, insists Troy's team share their findings with everyone. Mike Trimbol announces that a group of Native Americans slaughtered Phil McCarthy and the others from the outpost. Troy tries to keep everyone calm saying they can handle the situation but Mike cracks and blurts out that they're all going to die if they don't leave.

Alicia and Nick take care of Madison's feet. She is in a lot of pain as they care for her. Nick reveals that Luciana left. Alicia finds Jake practicing his shooting and joins him. Jake explains how many people have died, though he didn't know many of them, but insists he is not scared. The border has always been a dangerous place. Alicia asks for a lesson on how to use the gun, which he provides. She takes aim and continues the conversation. Alicia asks who will take over the ranch if something happens to Jeremiah. Jake explains that the ranch will pass to him and Troy when Jeremiah dies but that residents will ultimately look up to whomever they deem worthy. Alicia tells Jake the ranchers would look up to him as a leader if he stepped up.

Alicia later witness Troy and Jake getting into a fight when Troy tries to stop Vernon leaving with his family. Jeremiah rushes in and punches Troy as a result and Madison breaks it up. The gate is opened and Vernon's family leaves with Gretchen waving farewell to Alicia. She returns to her bunkhouse after spending the night with Jake. Madison catches Alicia and she insists it is nothing serious. Madison reminds Alicia how important it is not to get pregnant before Alicia reveals that she like him, but does not love him.

In Jake's room, Alicia finds Black Hat Reservation plans on Jake's bed. He is going to speak with Walker. He's taking a back way but Alicia is worried for his safety. Jake wants to step up for the camp and feels good about what he can do based on beating Walker in court. Alicia pleads with him not to go. Still, Jake takes the map and heads out.

Alicia is there when Madison, Nick and Jeremiah return to the ranch with the bodies of the Trimbol family. Madison speaks to the crowd that's gathered to see hem return and covers for Troy; she declares that the people who killed Travis and Phil have now killed the Trimbols. She warns that anyone who leaves the ranch will die and urges them to stay together. The crowd murmurs in support. Alicia is saddened by the death of Gretchen. Afterwords, Alicia packs a bag to follow Jake.

"The Unveiling"

Alicia catches up to Jake on his way to the Black Hat Reservation and tells him the Walker killed Trimbol family. She warns him against talking to a killer like Walker, but he insists this makes talking to Walker more urgent and sticks to his mission. Alicia decides to joins him. Alicia and Jake arrive at the Black Hat Cafe. They’re surrounded by armed guards who confiscate Jake and Alicia’s weapons. Walker emerges, machete in hand, and drops a severed pig’s head on the ground in front of them.

Alicia and Jake join Walker for lunch. He explains that Jeremiah will never abandon the ranch. Walker says, in this case, he will feed everyone to the crows. Jake tells him certain people are dead and Alicia accuses Walker of killing the Trimbol family. Jake asks Walker to honor their prior court agreements and end the violence, but Walker says court decisions are no longer relevant. He orders Jake to vacate Black Hat territory but agrees to discuss a parley after their meal. Alicia is surprised to see their waiter is Ofelia, who previously abandoned her at Rosarito Beach Hotel. At the gas station, Ofelia apologizes to Alicia for abandoning the group at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Alicia is aggressive, but she tries to justify her actions. She says that Walker took her in and insists the nation are good people. Alicia points out that Walker killed a family two nights ago but Ofelia insists that Walker did not carry out any missions at that time.

Jake emerges from a trailer and informs Alicia that Walker agreed to a parley. He asks Alicia to return to the ranch and tell Jeremiah that Walker will refrain from further violence in exchange for a tribute and a hostage swap. He plans to stay behind as Walker’s hostage but Alicia insists on being the hostage so that Jake can personally deliver the terms to Jeremiah. Jake returns to the ranch with Ofelia, his hostage. Walker proudly shows Alicia the helicopter that they shot down. Alicia tells Walker she was in the chopper when it went down and that he killed one of her family members, Travis. Walker compares her contempt for him with the hatred he feels toward the Ottos. Walker then shows the skull of his great grandfather to Alicia and explains that they had to desecrate their ancestors’ graves to save the skeletons from the Ottos. Alicia says the idea of an after life doesn't make sense because it's hard enough to get out of this life. Walker says that Black Hat relics prophesied an apocalypse that would shed the land of the impure and return the land to his people. Alicia carries buckets to feed the pigs.

Troy, Nick and several militia soldiers sneak into Black Hat headquarters and rescue Alicia. Nick spots a guard approaching and tackles the guard, who Troy then shoots. Gunfire breaks out. Madison picks up the rescue team with Alicia in a truck. Madison’s group returns to the ranch. Jake admonishes them for essentially declaring war on Walker’s nation. Madison admits that she convinced Troy to help save Alicia and accuses Jake of getting played by Walker. The next day, Alicia tells Ofelia that she doesn’t have to go back to Walker. Ofelia advises Alicia not stay at Broke Jaw Ranch. "I did you wrong at the hotel. I put your life in danger. Come with me, that's all I can offer," Ofelia said. Alicia turns it down. In the bunkhouse, Alicia asks Madison how they can be sure that Walker killed the Trimbols. Madison doesn’t answer. Madison and Alicia wake up to the sounds of screams. They run ouside to see people panicking. There are walkers roaming about and eating people. Ofelia lingers behind. Madison, Nick and Alicia slaughter the Infected in the camp. Nick sees Ofelia standing in the bunkhouse doorway and calls her name. She runs. Nick falls to the ground in pain and realizes that Ofelia is responsible for the illness. Madison chases after Ofelia.

"Children of Wrath"

The next day, Alicia and Jack tend to the sick, which includes Nick. Madison informs everyone that Ofelia poisoned the militia’s coffee. Madison tells Jake that the poison was anthrax and that those who don’t die will be too weak to resist an attack. Jake orders Troy to gather the remaining militia, but Troy is the only one left. Madison suggests they recruit the ranchers but Jake angrly tells her she doesn’t lead the ranch and walks away with Alicia and Troy following him. Jake eventually agrees with Madison’s plan to fight and instructs Troy to arm anyone who isn’t sick. Alicia suggests they try to negotiate with Walker again. Jake points out that they have no leverage to broker a deal. Alicia hatches a plan.

Alicia and Madison hitch a wagon to her truck. Some of Walker's men spot the militia and begin gunning them down. Madison rushes back to the truck. Troy covers them and kills some of the Native Americans before leaping into the truck. The truck starts to pull away with Walker's trailer in tow. Moments later, Nick tells Alicia and Madison about Jeremiah's previous deeds. Alicia insists they're on the wrong side. Nick doesn't want to cross any lines like Jeremiah does. Madison tells him Jeremiah and Troy are alive, but Nick says it's because they covered for Troy. When Alicia catches on, Nick reveals Troy was the one who killed the Trimbols to Alicia, who is disgusted to learn what her family lied about. Upset about Troy murdering her friend, Gretchen and Madison covering fro him, She declares she was innocent and angrly tells off Madison, "You're just like them! You're worse, you're heartless! No wonder dad was so depressed, he was living with a goddamn corpse!", Madison stops her and defends her action, and declares that she’s too busy keeping everyone alive to have time for feelings and tells Alicia she has no idea what she carries.

At the gate, Madison meets with Walker and offers to return the relics in exchange for peace and ownership of the ranch. She gives him the skull of his father. He rejects her terms and gives the remains back. Madison tells Troy, Jake, Alicia, and Nick that they have until sundown the next day to clear out or die. In the bunkhouse, Madison reveals to Nick and Alicia why she’s never taken them to her hometown in Alabama. Madison shot her alcoholic father when she was a child because he beat her mother. She resolutely insists she would do it again if it meant protecting her family.


Alicia strenuously works the water pump, but only a few drops come out. Alicia returns to Jake’s quarters with the water she’s collected. She cleans Jake’s face with a damp cloth and frets over his slow recovery from the anthrax attack. Nick and Troy spot Walker’s convoy as it approaches the ranch. Jake greets the convoy and shakes Walker’s hand. Alicia stands next to Madison, telling her "here we go". The ranchers warily look on as Walker waves the convoy through the gate: The Nation has officially come to live at Broke Jaw Ranch.

Alicia is there when Jake leads Walker into the pantry to discuss details of the Nation residing at the ranch. Troy walks out after voicing his disdain for the Nation and butting heads with Crazy Dog, Walker’s right-hand man. Jake assures Walker that, unlike Troy, most of their people accepted the peace dead. He reveals the arsenal to Troy and gives him a key to it, to one of the two locks. Jake will hold the other. 

In the cafeteria, Madison and Alicia discuss Jake's questionable health. Alicia says he's getting better, but Madison tells her, "lying's not useful" and tells her to take care of him. Alicia informs Madison that she is undermining Jake’s leadership by back-channeling with Walker. Madison denies that she’s been speaking to Walker, but Alicia repeats what Madison said to her, "lying's not useful". In a field, Alicia spots Walker burying the relics given to him. He doesn't want his people to know because it will disturb the peace. Alicia wants Walker to go to Jake instead of Madison, but Walker insists, "Your mother does what's necessary."

Moments later, Terrance tries to kill Crazy Dog, but it is pushed away and he misses his shot. A stray bullet hits a member of the nation. Crazy Dog locks Terrence in a choke hold and nearly chokes him to death, but releases his victim when Walker steps in. In the infirmary, Alicia informs Walker that Terrence might asphyxiate from a crushed throat. Walker worries that other ranchers will follow Terrence’s example and demands the second arsenal key from Jake so that his people can arm themselves. Madison takes Walker’s side and urges Jake to let the Nation control the weapons and sweep the ranch for all remaining weapons. Jake reluctantly gives Walker the key. The next morning, Alicia is there when a Nation warrior escorts Nick to an outhouse for imprisonment and Troy gets exile. Madison and Klah get in a truck to drive Troy into the desert.

"The Diviner"

Alicia listens when Madison and Walker tell her, Jake, Ofelia, and Crazy Dog that they will be gone for a couple of days to secure a backup water supply. In the meantime, they instruct them to enforce water rationing across the ranch. Madison reveals to Alicia that they only have six weeks of water left. She urges Alicia to keep the secret and gives her a radio to stay in touch.

Later, Crazy Dog frees Nick from the box and offers him water. Nick drinks it. His hands are tied together. He eventually falls down to the ground but is ordered to sit up to be cut free. Alicia rushes over to him and helps him back inside. Nick starts chugging water and Alicia orders him to slow down, informing him of the rations. She puts salt on the table and tells him to put it in the water.

Ranchers, including Pat and Bob, complain to Jake about the rationing. Alicia appears, scolds them and orders everyone to either put up with it or leave because what's outside is definitely worse. "Trust him," she insists of Jake. Later, Madison and Alicia communicate by radio and learn they're both still okay.

Alicia visits Ofelia and Crazy Dog at the adobe and Ofelia comes to talk. "I heard some of your people were getting water twice," Alicia said. "I'm just trying to keep the peace." Ofelia asks for proof but Alicia suggests a system. Ofelia insists no one from the Nation went through the water line twice. Ofelia is said she heard the militia is rebuilding but Alicia denies such a statement, saying Ofelia killed it when she poisened them. Ofelia orders her to control her own people. Alicia leaves in silent, disturbed by her words.

Back at the house, Alicia admonishes Nick for harboring a gun. Nick points out that ranchers are listening to him. Alicia says they only trust him because they don’t know that he killed Jeremiah. She easily figured it out saying, "The second she called Otto's death a suicide, I knew, it wasn't mom. I was upset I wasn't a part of it... How shitty is that" But then I felt relieved because what a burden it is being mom's favorite." Nick tells her he didn't do it for her. She questions the statement. Nick tells her their alive. "We keep trying to make her love us," Alicia said. "she's broken." Alicia later tries to reach Madison over the radio but gets no response.

The next day, Alicia catches one of the ranchers taking a second term at the well. A Nation member calls Kerry a thief. A fight breaks out. Alicia silences the crowd and reveals that they only have six weeks of water left. This doesn't change anything as Mayhem ensues. Crazy Dog shoots a gun and orders the crowd to back away from the well. Nick guards the well with his gun and is joined by other ranchers including Erin and her mother. Ofelia convinces Crazy Dog to back off. In the distance, Alicia watches over the camp as ranchers gather weapons. Through binoculars, she sees Nation members digging a new well.

Nick and the militia sneak up to Ofelia's house with guns. They see Alicia digging a new well with the Nation. Coop tells Nick to remove her from harm’s way. Ofelia can see them from inside. She wants to try and talk with them but the men of the Nation it is it is time to start shooting. Nick hands over his gun to the man beside him and walks off on his own to his sister. Ofelia and her squad look on before joining them.

Alicia is shoveling dirt and has now filled a bucket. She hands it off and realizes she is handing it to Nick. Ofelia's group arrives just before the militia does. They all join in on digging for water. 

"Brother's Keeper"

Alicia will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alicia has killed:


Madison Clark

"I'm your child. I don't understand he choose what's out there over us. I never changed my mind. I'm here, why isn't that enough?"
— Alicia to Madison[src]

Madison Clark is Alicia's loving mother. Madison and Alicia have a mostly positive relationship, and they seem to get along for the most part, but at times, they tend to argue and bicker, but this is just a normal relationship. Alicia usually follows any orders and directions that her mother gives her. At several points, Madison hides the true light of the situation from her daughter. For example, in the third episode, The Dog, Madison, Nick and Alicia hear a noise coming from outside, and shortly after, Madison instructs Nick not to tell his sister about what the true extent of the infection is. This implies that Madison either does not want to frighten her daughter or perhaps that Madison refuses to believe that the situation is real. Several times in the show Alicia has shown frustrations in her mother for her constant attention to Nick, including when he goes missing. In Los Muertos, Alicia says that raised herself and Madison apologizes for it a couple episodes later. In Pillar of Salt when asked by Strand, she says that her mother always had her hands full and even now she has her all to herself, still doesn't still like she notices her. When her mother turns on the lights of the hotel, Alicia becomes angry with her when her mother says, "your child is always your child," stating that she is her child and that she's still with her, unlike Nick. In Date of Death Madison confesses to Alicia that their father did not die in an accident but rather committed suicide and the reason she didn't tell them and was so focused on Nick was her fear of Nick turning into his father. It is here that Alicia begins to realize Madison's actions and why she did them.

Nick Clark

"Don’t do this to me Nick, not now! Don’t you do this you stupid son of a bitch."
—Alicia to Nick[src]

Nick and Alicia have a typical brother-sister relationship. It is often shown as strained due to Nick's drug abuse (and thus having almost all the attention on him), but they are shown to deeply care for each other and share a dislike of Travis. They are shown having a heart to heart conversation when Nick is in the hospital about what happened to Nick and Alicia does not believe that he is going to change. Later, Alicia is shown arguing with Nick about her going to see Matt and upon hearing commotion from inside the house, she rushes back inside to him having a grand mal seizure, and later cleans up. After Nick is slapped by their mom, Alicia is seen comforting an upset Nick, however does not seem to be in a sense of panic like everyone else in in when he is taken away.

Matt Sale

"I'm not leaving you. I love you."
—Alicia to Matt[src]

Alicia and Matt had a loving relationship. Alicia seems to be closer to Matt then even her own family. They spend most of their time together at school and are shown to generally care for each other. After Matt does not show up to meet with Alicia, she goes to his house to see what is wrong. When it is revealed he is sick, Alicia does not leave his side and gets into a fight with her mom after she won't leave. Matt convinces Alicia that it is safer to go and his parents will be back to care for him. After a brief "I love you" between the two, Alicia leaves the house unknowingly aware of Matt's true condition. He has presumed to reanimate.

Susan Tran

"What's wrong with Su-Su?"
—Alicia about Susan[src]

Alicia and Susan had a good friendship. Susan would watch and take care of Alicia and Nick when they were younger when Madison went to work. Alicia called Susan "Su-Su" and even referred to her as her aunt when she was little. After Susan's death, Alicia went back to her house. She found a drawing she had made for Susan when she was little and found a note Susan left for her husband, Patrick. Alicia sat on Susan's bed and started crying, clearly missing her and is still hurt that she is gone.

Travis Manawa

"Alicia not helping!"
—Travis to Alicia after she snaps at her brother for being at the hospital again[src]

Travis and Alicia seem to have a decent and or mutual relationship. Travis is the fianceé of Madison, Alicia's mother. Although Travis isn't Alicia's biological father, Alicia appears to accept Travis into their family, certainly more so than Nick does, but she and Nick also talk about Travis behind his back, often referring to him as 'the step'. Alicia clearly has a stronger emotional connection to her deceased father, Stephen than to Travis, although she still cares for him and more than her brother. Travis adopts a guardian role for everyone, including Alicia, and would kill or die for her and the rest of his group.

Later, it is shown that Alicia accepted Travis as a part of her family, and would die or kill for him, as she stabs Andrés in the chest determinedly when he was going to kill Travis to avenge his own brother. Although Alicia never came to see Travis as a father figure, he eventually cared for her just like one of his own, and the feeling was mutual. Their relationship was beginning to blossom further after the events at the military base, but this was cut short when Travis was shot aboard their helicopter. Alicia unbuckled her own seat belt in order to prevent Travis from throwing himself off the chopper, but was forced to watch helplessly after he revealed a bite wound to her. Travis' death has a resounding effect on her, in which she becomes emotionally detached and hardened. She expresses to Jake Otto that she no longer sees the point in appreciating artistic works, something that previously piqued her interest before the apocalypse.

Christopher Manawa

"You can't save everyone... You can't."
—Alicia to Chris about Liza and the others.[src]

Initially, from what we first see, Alicia had a dislike for Chris and even elbowed him in the face when he tried to rescue her from a zombified Susan. However, after Chris' mother, Liza Ortiz, voluntarily leaves with the soldiers to look after Griselda Salazar and Nick, their relationship changes with her offering him to accompany her to a rich family's abandoned home, where they try on clothing and ultimately break everything. During their time there, Alicia and Chris have a bonding moment and even a brief moment where they stare at each other after Alicia almost undresses in front of him, to which he then awkwardly walks away. In The Good Man, Alicia and Chris are seen together in every scene. During the group's infiltration of the medical facility, Madison tells Chris to look after Alicia and whispers to Alicia to look after Chris. Later after they are left alone. Chris and Alicia are busted by soldiers who begin to harass Alicia with Chris standing up for her. Chris ultimately gets punched and knocked out after trying to defend her. Alicia helps him afterward and they hide in a nearby room. After they reunite wth their family, they go to Victor Strand's house and Alicia and Chris are seen bonding more and eating popsicles before an infected Liza is shot by Travis. Chris cries over his mother's corpse and Alicia looks on in sadness. Chris again attempts to defend Alicia when the Abigail is taken over Reed and company. Their relationship takes a turn for the worst however, after Chris shoots Reed and lies about him being "about to turn". He becomes distraught after he learns that Madison lied about believing him, and Alicia later witnesses Chris refuse to help her mother when she is overcome by a walker. When Alicia later calls him out on this, he indirectly threatens her after she warns to tell about his intentional inaction. Chris later enters her room while she is sleeping in the bed with her mom, and picks up a knife that was next to the bed. A gunshot awakens them both, as they witness Chris standing above them with the knife. Alicia eventually expresses remorse to Travis for her part in Chris running away, but Travis reassures her that she was right to feel scared, and that Chris was "sick".

Ofelia Salazar

"You ready to go?"
—Ofelia to Alicia after she walks in on an argument between Alicia and her parents[src]

Alicia and Ofelia seem to have a good friendship. After meeting one another after Travis brings Liza, Chris, Daniel, Ofelia and Griselda to his home, Alicia and Ofelia appear to get along well. Alicia lets Ofelia borrow her clothes, suggesting that she trusts her, and is friendly with her. When Alicia and Ofelia collect their weekly rations for their families in the fourth episode, Not Fade Away and Ofelia flirts with one of the soliders, Andrew Adams, Alicia smirks at Ofelia, implying that she is aware of their relationship, which is revealed later in the episode. This is evidence that Ofelia trusts Alicia well, as her and Corporal Adams' relationship would likely get them both in trouble.

Daniel Salazar


Victor Strand

"I'm not going to tell that it will be aright."
—Alicia to Strand.[src]
Alicia started off on bad terms with Strand, most notably over her radio contact with Jack Kipling while they were aboard the Abigail. However during his drinking session with Madison at the hotel, he reveals that he thinks highly of her children's potential. They later come to trust each other, and Alicia even nurses Strand after he was stabbed by Ilene. They discuss how Madison has always treated her in comparison to Nicholas, and Strand convinces her to make Madison notice her.

Jack Kipling

Alicia first speaks with Jack after she makes radio contact with him aboard the Abigail. They are initially wary of trusting each other enough to reveal their locations, though Alicia warms up to him after he reveals more about his past. Alicia gives more details about the Abigail's location, though is eventually convinced to not fully give it up. After a group of people board the Abigail however while she is below deck, she immediately recognizes his voice and comes to meet him. His group sieges the Abigail, but she is granted a small amount of favor due her relationship with Jack. He eventually reveals that it is his job to lure in ships, and that the Abigail was no different. Alicia uses her relationship with Jack set up her and Travis' escape from the captivity of Connor's Pirates, but ultimately leaves him behind after securing her family safety, causing him to curse her.

Luciana Galvez


Jake Otto


Troy Otto


Gretchen Trimbol




  • The casting call for this character used the name Ashley Tompkins.
  • This character's official name was revealed in a press release by AMC on May 11, 2015 as Alicia Bennett, though her surname was later changed.[1]
  • The actress shares a first name with the character, though spelled differently.
  • She is last member of the original group to kill a walker.
  • Her signature weapon is a Balisong. Alicia is first seen using it in Do Not Disturb but has had it since Captive when she secretly stole it from Jack Kipling.


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