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  Alexander Davidson
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Possibly 30's to 50's
Occupation Security Liaison for the White House (Pre-Apocalypse)
Former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Unknown
First Appearance "Issue 69" (Mentioned)
Status Dead
Ethnicity Unspecified

Alexander Davidson, or most commonly known as Davidson, is the founder and former leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and the best friend of Douglas Monroe.


Washington, D.C.

Before the outbreak, Alexander was a security liaison for the White House. He knew about the Alexandria Safe-Zone and invited Douglas to take refuge there.


Alexandria Safe-Zone

Douglas explained to Rick that at first being in the Davidson's community was a rewarding experience, and that Davidson was a good leader, "the man for the job". "But then things changed. He didn't rape those women...not exactly...but he knew what he was doing. He was in a position to keep them safe...offer them more protection...or none at all."

Douglas learned about the way Davidson manipulated women after Beth, one of Davidson's victims, killed herself. Davidson was "forcing people into jobs they didn't want, putting others in danger instead of himself."

Douglas burnt a zombie to double as Davidson and then exiled him for his actions.[1]

Within the scope of the Alexandria arc, Davidson is somewhat of a bogeyman. The very mention of his name, causes Douglas to lose his temper with Heath. Rick Grimes has elicited unfavorable comparisons to him, much to the chagrin of Monroe. Very little had been revealed about him.


Killed By

  • Unknown

Alexander Davidson died of unknown circumstances after his exile.[2]

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Alexander has killed:


  • In Issue 75, Rick passes Alexander Davidson's gravestone after arguing with Douglas about Pete Anderson, introducing the reader to Davidson's first name.
  • Ironically, Douglas seemed to have unknowingly (or not) adopted several of Davidson's habits, such as job placement and trying to throw himself at several women in the community, notably Andrea. This bears a striking similarity to how Brian Blake adopted his brother's identity after arriving in Woodbury.
  • Davidson was the second character whose death was announced by Robert Kirkman; the first was Andrew, one of the prison inmates.
  • Davidson never appeared in the comics, but a silhouette of him appears on the The Walking Dead Survival Guide.


  1. Issue 76
  2. Robert Kirkman stated at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con that Davidson is dead, and that he'll leave dangling story bits at times because it feels more like "real life". Comic-Con: Walking Dead Comic Revelations Scott Collura. IGN. (July 12th, 2012).
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