After: Part 2 is a side story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. It is loosely adapted from the events of Volume 18: What Comes After.


Act 1

Dwight realizes Jesus has escaped as zombies begin to close in on the gates of The Sanctuary. Afterwards, he tells David not to breathe a word to anyone about their failed attempt to keep a hostage, which David agrees to. Negan is surprised to see Dwight very much alive after his alleged demise at Alexandria, to which Negan tells him "there's always next time" and tells him to clear more zombies at the gate.

With the zombies cleared out, Negan and his men begin unloading the truck. Once they open up the truck doors, Carl stands with Abraham's assault rifle and begins unloading on the Saviors, killing several of them. This gets Negan's attention as Carl steps out the truck saying he only wants to kill him. After trying to use the rifle again, Carl loses his grip on it, giving time for Dwight to run over and kick him. Negan stops the scuffle and has his men burn the dead, telling Carl to come with him.

Meanwhile, Dwight takes Connor to blow off steam by clearing out more zombies. The two of them talk about what sort of messed up things Negan has planned for Carl. Dwight shows some concern, while Connor doesn't care due to the fact that he killed half a dozen of their men. Dwight doesn't like the idea of potentially killing kids, and begins to insult Negan as Connor stops him in fear of them both being punished. Connor tells him to cool off and keep his mouth shut, which he doesn't like. Dwight threatens him for telling him what to do, as David approaches telling them Negan wants them inside. But first he needs them to find Mark, who is apparently in trouble. Dwight wonders how much more of this he can take.

Act 2

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