After: Part 1 is the a side story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. It is loosely adapted from the events of Volume 18: What Comes After.


Act 1

Back in Alexandria, the group deals with the reality of the past few days-- the loss of Glenn, life under Negan, and the everyday burdens of survival. All of this weighs heavy on their hearts and minds. Andrea asks Rick if his plan is to keep biding his time. He says Negan is too strong for them to fight right now, so it is best to lay low.

As the Alexandrians are clearing zombies near the gate, Negan and his men arrive and demand to be let in. The Saviors show their "hospitality" by clearing out the rest of the dead for them. Rick lets Negan and the others in and allows them to begin searching houses for supplies. Heath objects to this, saying they can't take whatever they want as Connor tells him this is how things work now. Negan tells Rick to make his people stand down or they will make matters worse for them.

Spencer notices the gate was left open and a few zombies found their way through. He and a few others go to dispatch them while the Saviors continue looting their supplies.

Act 2

Elsewhere, Paul Monroe is following Dwight back to his base. He is eventually spotted by David, who demands he come with him, now as a prisoner. After a short scuffle, Paul is eventually subdued. David brings him to Dwight to inform him he was being followed. David questions his perceptiveness as zombies close in on them. Dwight has him put Paul in the truck as he clears them out.

Paul is tied up, put in the truck, and they drive back to The Sanctuary. Approaching the gates, Paul manages to fling himself out the the truck and get away. He begins making his way back down the highway to Alexandria, fighting zombies along the way.


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