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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart.
  Abraham Ford
Abraham Us
Actor Michael Cudlitz
Gender Male
Hair Auburn
Age Mid to late 40's
Occupation Sergeant in the U.S. Army
Family Rosita Espinosa - Girlfriend
First Appearance "Inmates"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Inmates" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
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Michael Cudlitz Gallery
"It seems like neither one of you's been paying close enough attention to the hell on earth we've been living in. So let me tell you how to best avoid winding up just another dead-alive prick. You find some strong, like-minded comrades and you stay stuck together like wet on water. We need people. The more the better. We need each other, partner. Even with all that gear on your shoulder, you won't last a night. Not by yourself."
—Abraham to Glenn and Tara.[src]

Abraham Ford is one of the main protagonists and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He and his traveling companions Rosita and Eugene are on route to Washington D.C.


Location UnknownEdit

Not much is known about Abraham's life before or as the outbreak started, apart from him being a Sergeant in the U.S. army, he is describe as "vulgar with rough edges but wise". He was likely stationed somewhere near Houston, Texas, as he along with Rosita are tasked by the U.S government to escort Eugene Porter, who possesses valuable information pertaining to the outbreak to Washington, D.C..


Season 4Edit


After a weakened Glenn collapses from fighting off walkers, Tara uses the end of her gun to kill the remaining walker. While she does so, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene pull their truck up to her. After Tara sarcastically thanks them for their help, the trio exit their truck, to which Abraham tells her that she's "got a damn mouth", then asks about what else she has.


Tara Chambler sits at the back of Abraham Ford's military truck, writing the street names on her hand as the truck drives past them. They are forced to stop when they come across a car wreckage blocking the road, and three walkers nearby approach. Tara prepares to shoot them with a rifle, but Abraham orders her to stop and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar. Tara notes that it's the first time she's seen someone smile while killing a walker, to which he replies that he is "the luckiest guy in the world".

The group is soon back on the road, and Glenn finally awakens. He angrily bashes on the back window, demanding that they stop the truck. Abraham ignores him and flips him off until the window begins to actually crack. Abraham then angrily stops the truck, and as Glenn tries to leave, Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to 'The Mission.' He goes on to reveal that Eugene knows exactly what caused the beginning of the apocalypse, and that government officials are to meet with him in Washington. Glenn tries to leave anyway, and after Abraham tries to force him to stay, Glenn punches him. Abraham angrily retaliates, and a full fight breaks out.

Rosita and Tara unsuccessfully try to intervene, and Eugene is the only one to notice the herd of walkers closing in. The others are too distracted by the fight to notice Eugene calling for them, and it's only after Eugene begins opening fire that the fight stops. After the herd is cleared out, they discover that Eugene's haphazard damaged the truck's gas tank. As Glenn and Tara once again prepare to leave, Rosita chooses to go along with them, stating that with the truck inoperable, there's nothing else for them to do. Eugene then says to Abraham that it would be practical for them to go along as well, stating that it would be safer going back the way they came than venture into the unknown and that they would search for a new vehicle in the mean time.


Abraham does not appear in the episode.


Abraham does not appear in this episode. However, it can be inferred that he (along with Rosita, Eugene , and Tara) was behind Glenn off-screen when he found Maggie's message instructing him to go to Terminus.

"The Grove"Edit

Abraham does not appear in this episode.


Abraham is seen walking on the train tracks along with Tara , Glenn , Rosita and Eugene . At night he talks with Tara about Eugene and Rosita, and reveals that he knows Tara is gay, judging by the way she "looked down Rosita's shirt while she served her dinner"

The next day, Abraham and his group follow Glenn after he sees a sign that Maggie left for him.

Later, he asks the group to stop to rest, believing that if they keep going they will be too tired to survive. He also believes that resting for the moment is a better way of keeping Eugene safe. After a walker falls from the tower next to them, Abraham agrees with Glenn to give Eugene the riot gear in order to keep moving, with Eugene being safe.

Continuing to Terminus, they find a dark tunnel filled with walkers. Abraham is not willing to bring Eugene through the tunnel. As a result, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene head back to find a car. Before leaving, Glenn tells Abraham that he was sorry he hit him. In response, Abraham says that he wasn't and that he liked to fight.


Abraham appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl enter. Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, which Rick remarks no and says that the Terminus group is stupid. Abraham asks what the Terminus group is going to find out and Rick responds with the final line of the season: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out...they're screwing with the wrong people."

Season 5Edit

Abraham will appear in Season 5.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Abraham has killed:


Rosita EspinosaEdit

It is stated by Tara that Rosita loves Abraham. However, they are seen arguing in "Us".

Eugene PorterEdit

Abraham is seen to be Eugene's escort to Washington DC, and it is seen that Eugene feels a superiority complex over Abraham because he considers himself smarter. However, Abraham does not appear to be that angry over the disabling of their vehicle, despite it being caused by Eugene's poor riflemanship.

Glenn RheeEdit

Glenn and Abraham started out pretty badly when Abraham was telling Glenn that Maggie was dead and that he should "do something with his life". This results in a fight, the noise from which attracts a horde of walkers. Due to Eugene accidently shooting their truck's gas tank full of holes, rendering it useless, he, along with Eugene and Rosita, decided to follow Glenn and Tara to look for Maggie. During a conversation with Tara, Abraham reveals he has respect for Glenn, but believes saving the world is more important. Later, when Glenn apologizes for hitting him, Abraham jokingly tells Glenn that he isn't sorry for fighting Glenn due to his love for combat. Abraham ultimately forgives him.

Tara ChamblerEdit

It appears that Tara and Abraham get along reasonably well, although Tara does question why he smiles when killing walkers and why he's assisting Eugene to get to Washington.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 4Edit


  • The name used for Abraham's casting call was "John Tyler", until the casting was revealed at NYCC on October 12th, 2013.[1]
  • Michael Cudlitz has said the following about his character: "Abraham is someone who comes with a lot of emotional baggage. And he’s on a mission."
  • Michael Cudlitz was promoted as a series regular for Season 5.


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