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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart.
  Abraham Ford
Season five abraham ford
Actor Michael Cudlitz
Gender Male
Hair Red
Age Mid to late 40s
Occupation Sergeant in the U.S. Army (Pre-Apocalypse)
Head of Construction Crew - Alexandria (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Ellen Ford - Former Wife (Deceased)
A.J. Ford - Son (Deceased)
Becca Ford - Daughter (Deceased)
Rosita Espinosa - Girlfriend
First Appearance "Inmates"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Inmates" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
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"Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don't know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit. And then some."
—Abraham defending Rick Grimes during the meeting at Alexandria[src]

Abraham Ford is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He and his traveling companions Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter are en route to Washington, D.C..


Abraham is single-minded, proud, brave, sometimes short-tempered who also has a brutal side. Albeit his violent tendencies, Abraham is wise and pragmatic. His tragic post-apocalyptic experiences had rendered him a depressed, hopeless shell of his former self, and is only able to push forward if given a clear mission.

Despite his rough, brash nature, Abraham greatly enjoys having fun, which he can find in killing walkers or admittedly, fighting other people. As remarked by Tara, he smiles while killing the undead. His fun-loving side can also be seen in his evident sense of humor and peculiar choices of profanity, his most prominent personality quirk.

Abraham's wisdom is often shared as advise to his companions, as he attempted to relax Sasha after her breakdown and his insight into Michonne's growth and mentality.


Not much is known about Abraham's life before or as the outbreak started, apart that he had a wife, daughter, and son. He was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army and is described as "vulgar with rough edges but wise". He also had a messy encounter with a camel that resulted in it literally getting blown up.


Abraham was at one point surviving with his family and neighbors. Returning from a supply run, Abraham found that his once trusted comrades had raped his wife in his absence, causing Abraham to retaliate by brutally assaulting the responsible party. However, his family is traumatized by both the events and Abe's actions and eventually leave. Abraham later finds them all dead. Abraham is about to commit suicide when he finds and rescues Eugene, leading to their joining forces.

Season 4


After a weakened Glenn Rhee collapses from fighting off walkers, Tara Chambler uses the end of her gun to kill the remaining walker. While she does so, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene pull their truck up to her. After Tara sarcastically thanks them for their help, the trio exit their truck, to which Abraham tells her that she's "got a damn mouth", then asks about what else she has.


Tara sits at the back of Abraham's military truck, writing the street names on her hand as the truck drives past them. They are forced to stop when they come across a car wreckage blocking the road, and three walkers nearby approach. Tara prepares to shoot them with a rifle, but Abraham orders her to stop and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar. Tara notes that it's the first time she's seen someone smile while killing a walker, to which he replies that he is "the luckiest guy in the world".

The group is soon back on the road, and Glenn finally awakens. He angrily bashes on the back window, demanding that they stop the truck. Abraham ignores him and flips him off until the window begins to actually crack. Abraham then angrily stops the truck, and as Glenn tries to leave, Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to 'The Mission.' He goes on to reveal that Eugene knows exactly what caused the beginning of the apocalypse, and that government officials are to meet with him in Washington. Glenn tries to leave anyway, and after Abraham tries to force him to stay, Glenn punches him. Abraham angrily retaliates, and a full fight breaks out.

Rosita and Tara unsuccessfully try to intervene, and Eugene is the only one to notice the herd of walkers closing in. The others are too distracted by the fight to notice Eugene calling for them, and it's only after Eugene begins opening fire that the fight stops. After the herd is cleared out, they discover that Eugene's haphazard shooting damaged the truck's gas tank. As Glenn and Tara once again prepare to leave, Rosita chooses to go along with them, stating that with the truck inoperable, there's nothing else for them to do. Eugene then says to Abraham that it would be practical for them to go along as well, stating that it would be safer going back the way they came than venture into the unknown and that they would search for a new vehicle in the mean time.


Abraham does not appear in this episode. However, it can be inferred that he (along with Rosita, Eugene, and Tara) is behind Glenn off-screen when he finds his wife Maggie Greene's message instructing him to go to Terminus.


Abraham is seen walking on the train tracks along with Tara, Glenn, Rosita and Eugene. At night he talks with Tara about Eugene and Rosita, and reveals that he knows Tara is gay, judging by the way she "looked down Rosita's shirt while she served her dinner".

The next day, Abraham and his group follow Glenn after he sees a sign that Maggie left for him.

Later, he asks the group to stop to rest, believing that if they keep going they will be too tired to survive. He also believes that resting for the moment is a better way of keeping Eugene safe. After a walker falls from the tower next to them, Abraham agrees with Glenn to give Eugene the riot gear in order to keep moving, with Eugene being safe.

Continuing to Terminus, they find a dark tunnel filled with walkers. Abraham is not willing to bring Eugene through the tunnel. As a result, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene head back to find a car. Before leaving, Glenn tells Abraham that he was sorry he hit him. In response, Abraham says that he wasn't and that he liked to fight.

Later on, as the three remaining survivors are traveling in an abandoned car, Eugene spots Bob Stookey, Maggie, and Sasha, and the six of them then save Glenn and Tara in the tunnel after they are surrounded by walkers.

The eight survivors reach Terminus the next day, and are greeted by Mary, who offers them something to eat.


Abraham appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick Grimes, Carl, Michonne and Daryl Dixon enter, having been captured by the inhabitants after their arrival. Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, which Rick remarks no and says that the Terminus group is stupid. Abraham asks what the Terminus group is going to find out and Rick responds with the final line of the season: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out... they're screwing with the wrong people."

Season 5

"No Sanctuary"

Abraham is trapped in Boxcar A and is first seen making a makeshift weapon out of a piece of wood attached to his glove. After the attempt to escape fails he is left trapped in the boxcar. Later on he tells Eugene to stay close to him when they escape. When Rick releases them from the boxcar, he fights his way out of Terminus, jumping the fence last. After accompanying Rick's group after meeting Carol Peletier and Tyreese, Abraham and Rosita discuss telling Rick about Eugene knowing how to stop the outbreak and their voyage to Washington D.C., but Abraham settles on telling Rick at a later time.


Abraham talks and convinces the group to go to Washington D.C.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Rick meets with the group to discuss what to do next, his choice being to hunt down Gareth's group. Abraham, however, insists they leave, as it is too dangerous for them to keep Eugene in such a hostile zone. Rick and Abraham begin arguing heatedly, and (except for Glenn's intervention) nearly come to blows until Glenn finally gets Abraham to agree to stay for one more half of a day, in exchange for Glenn's guarantee that he, Maggie, and Tara will accompany them to Washington, D.C.

Under the cover of night, Abraham leaves the church with Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara. As they disappear into the woods, the Hunters appear, arriving at the church from a different route, and break in. Albert and Mike approach a door in the church but are both shot in the head from behind. The Hunters turn around as Rick appears from the shadows and orders them to drop their weapons. Gareth begins to panic and tries to get Rick to back down by threatening the rest of his group, but Rick unceremoniously shoots off his middle and index fingers as he points at the door. Gareth fall to his knees and tells the rest of the Hunters to do as Rick says. All of them except Martin kneel, who insists they haven't been beaten. Abraham steps out of the shadows and puts his rifle to Martin's head, and orders him to get down, which Martin does. Rick talks to Gareth before pulling the machete with the red handle from his belt and slashing Gareth with it. Rick, Michonne, Sasha, and Abraham hack and bludgeon the remaining Hunters to death.

During the next morning, Abraham gives Rick a map depicting the route they would taking to Washington. The group has decided to split up, with Abraham's group, along with Glenn, Maggie and Tara leaving for Washington, and the rest of the group promising to follow after Daryl and Carol return. Rick then opens the map to find the message, "Sorry for being an asshole earlier. Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need RICK GRIMES".

"Self Help"

Abraham and his group are driving down the road in the church short bus when it suddenly breaks down mid-travel and crashes. After it catches fire the group is forced to abandon it and take shelter in a nearby library. At night he has sex openly with Rosita, who notices Eugene watching them - as usual - but Abraham doesn't mind, saying "he's harmless". The next day they find a fire truck across the street and Abraham manages to start it up and drive it briefly, but human remains stuck in the air intakes cause it to stall - evidence suggests the truck was used to kill walkers. He is unaware that the truck was also used to barricade a group of walkers inside the fire station, who begin to pour out from the unblocked doorway. Eugene uses the truck's powerful hose to destroy the walkers, impressing Abraham. The group manage to fix the truck and drive it for some time before it breaks down again. As Abraham tries to fix it a horrible stench is blown their way from over the horizon. The group walks out to locate the source and see a vast herd of walkers moaning in the far distance. Abraham demands that they keep going, much to the protest of the others, and in frustration he drags Eugene back to the fire truck. The group begins yelling and fighting, which at this point Eugene decides to confess: he had lied about being a scientist the entire journey in order to survive, and that he had sabotaged the bus to stall the trip, fearing what would happen if everyone found out the truth. Abraham angrily punches Eugene, knocking him unconscious, and is surprised when Rosita steps in his way to stop him, hand on her pistol. He walks off some distance and falls to his knees, crying.

Throughout the episode, there are several flashbacks that portray Abraham's back story during the early days of the outbreak. He is first seen covered in blood and cuts and killing off the last of a group of men with a soup can in the back of a supermarket, then going to see if his family is okay - it is suggested that the men he was killing were attacking them. His family - consisting of his wife Ellen, his son A.J. and daughter Becca - is cowering when he finds them, and they shrink back in fear upon seeing him approach, much to his dismay. The next morning, he wakes up to find them missing, and sees a written message left behind that reads "Don't try to find us". He rushes out of the supermarket and searches for them, only to later find their devoured remains lying in a ditch. Saddened and traumatized, he pulls out his handgun and prepares to commit suicide, but stops when he sees Eugene stumbling towards him and calling for help, trying to flee from some walkers. Abraham gets up and kills them easily, then walks back to his dead family. Eugene begs him to come back, saying he has "a very important mission". Abraham pauses and looks back at him.


Abraham spends most of the episode on his knees; unresponsive and staring into the distance. A frustrated Rosita tries to give him water, but he smacks the bottle out of her hand and looms over her menacingly. Maggie draws her pistol on him, threatening him to sit back down. He looks at her sadly, and then complies - back on his knees again. He continues on in this catatonic state, even when the others head off to scavenge and Maggie bitterly scolds him to "get over (him)self." Eventually, Maggie gently offers him her bottle of water, and asks if he really wanted her to shoot him. He finally opens up: "I thought I did... but I didn't." At this point Eugene finally regains consciousness, and as Maggie runs over to help him, Abraham picks up the water bottle.


Abraham and his group return to the church where Michonne, Carl, and Gabriel Stokes have locked intruding walkers inside. Michonne informs them that Beth Greene, Maggie's sister, is alive, much to Maggie's relief. Together they head to Atlanta to assist Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Sasha, and Noah - all of whom have already gone, in retrieving her. They reappear at the end of the episode, colliding with Rick and the others at the hospital only to see Daryl carrying Beth's corpse.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Abraham appears in the end of the episode while Tyreese is being buried.


Abraham appears when Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha came back from the woods. When they ran out of gas Abrahan and the group had to walk. When they kept moving they spotted tons of walkers then he gets a cut from Sasha when they were killing walkers. Then when he and the group kept moving they spotted cars but didn't have any gas. Then they kept moving when they saw 4 dogs barking, but Sasha killed 4 dogs and they start barbecuing. They continue to walk, but they found water then Eugene wanted to test it out but Abraham knocked the bottled of water off his hands. Then Abraham and the group hear rain coming, but they also hear a tornado coming, but Daryl found a barn then Abraham and the group searched the barn. While they were all relaxing they hear walkers coming in and Abraham helped the group from walkers that are breaking in the barn, but lightning incapacitates attacking swarm.

"The Distance"

Abraham is present at Aaron's interrogation at the hands of Rick. Aaron tells the group about two cars, and Abraham is one of the people sent by Rick to check it out, along with Rosita, Michonne, Maggie and Glenn. When the group finds the cars, Abraham and Rosita check out a motor home and find food inside. He then mentions the past events after Eugene's lie reveal and asks Rosita if she thought he was going to hurt her, to which she replies "no".

Abraham gets separated from the rest of the group when the car Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron were in is driven right into a herd, but later reunites with the group in an old warehouse. Abraham drives the motor home to Washington himself, believing that the group would be able to get there even with low fuel, which instantly leads to the motor home's battery dying. Glenn redirects Abraham to a spare battery elsewhere in the motor home, having learned about mechanics before.

At the end of the episode, Abraham arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the rest of the group.


Abraham enters Alexandria with the rest of his group and demands to know who "Deanna" is when Aaron mentions her after Nicholas demands everyone to turn over their weapons. Following their entrance, Abraham is interviewed by Deanna Monroe, where she assigns him to work on the construction crew to assist with the town walls.[1] He can be seen residing in the house with everyone during the first few nights of their stay in Alexandria, often on watch at one of the windows.


Abraham arrives at Deanna's party with Rosita. They both appear to be uncomfortable, but she relaxes after she mentions there is beer and smiles when Abraham goes off to grab some drinks. Later, he is seen talking to Michonne.


Abraham is first shown washing his face, apparently after having sex with Rosita. He is now working as a part of Tobin's construction team as they are starting the process of expanding the wall. While gathering materials from the mall construction site they are attacked by numerous walkers. During the gunfire, the lookout Francine is knocked from her perch. Tobin shows a need to leave her behind, but Abraham rushes in and manages to save her life. He then goes under the perch and gives Francine his gun while he uses the spike ball to kill the walkers. Afterwords, he scolds Tobin for almost leaving Francine to die, then she comes and punches Tobin for that. He then orders two lookouts and wants everyone to build a wall, with him taking in charge.


Abraham first appears in the room with Rick, Glenn and Carol, discussing that to do about the meeting in the evening that will decide if Rick gets to stay or not. He is then seen checking on Tara, with Rosita and, unknowingly, Eugene in the room as will. He is about to leave but Rosita stops him and says Eugene is asleep. He sits down next to Eugene and Tara when Rosita purposefully knocks over a pan, waking Eugene. The two make amends and acknowledge that they both helped each other to Alexandria and that they were both sorry for what had happened prior. He is next seen at the meeting in the evening, where is supports and stands by Rick, saying that Rick nows how to survive and deserves to stay. Pete shortly arrives and slits Reg's throat, leading to Abraham tackling and subduing Pete. While pinning him down, Rick shoots and kills Pete.

Season 6

Abraham will appear in Season 6.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Abraham has killed:

  • Greg
  • At least 4 other unnamed people
  • Numerous counts of zombies


Ellen Ford

Though little is known about Abraham's relationship with his wife, he obviously was greatly protective of her, being the main driving force keeping her alive in the apocalypse. During flashback sequences in "Self Help", he is shown to have killed a group of people, presumably to protect Ellen and their children. Despite reassurances from Abraham that everything would be alright, she seemed deeply disturbed by his actions, hinting at some possible previous tensions. During the night, she attempts to leave him with her children, but are slaughtered by walkers. Abraham, discovering this, becomes deeply damaged, nearly killing himself before Eugene wanders into his proximity. This shows that Abraham had become completely dependent on his family, including Ellen, to keep his drive for living going. Without them, he quickly crumbled into depression until a new purpose could find its way to him in the form of Eugene and his lies about Washington.

A.J. Ford

Abraham was deeply protective of A.J., just as with the rest of his family, though there is a strong suggestion that this feeling wasn't always mutual, as A.J. was deeply disturbed after witnessing his father kill a group of men for their protection. While it is unknown whether A.J. wanted to leave his father to be with his mother when they left, Abraham's horrified reaction to his demise at the hands of walkers suggests that Abraham had a relatively positive relationship with him, nearly driving him to suicide without his constant need for protection to act as his life's purpose.

Becca Ford

Like A.J. and Ellen, Abraham was deeply protective of Becca, and like the rest of his family, she is horribly frightened when she witnesses Abraham kill a group of men in order to protect them. Guided by her mother, her fear is enough to drive her away (though it is possible their relationship may have been strained before that event) and eventually leads to her death. Distraught at her demise, Abraham nearly commits suicide, having lost his life's purpose: to provide protection for his family.

Rosita Espinosa

"Back at the fire truck, after Eugene... Did you think I was gonna hurt you?"
—Abraham to Rosita[src]

It is clear that Rosita and Abraham have a stable relationship. Even so, this doesn't stop them from arguing as shown when Eugene wakes Abraham during "Us" and he discovers they're outside the other end of the tunnel Glenn and Tara entered, the two began to argue about Rosita stopping the vehicle they found and delaying their plan. Though later Rosita was seen flirting with Abraham on the bus to Washington D.C. and having sex with him later, but when Eugene lied and Abraham punched him Rosita stood between them with her hand on her pistol, showing that she was at least wary of him. This shows again later when she hurls away a bottle of water given to him by her and she appears scared. This put a strain on their relationship and they kept their distance until Abraham worryingly asked if she believed he would have hurt her, but she answers "no", showing signs of them beginning to resolve their differences.

Eugene Porter

"I almost killed you."
—Abraham to Eugene while they apologize to each other[src]

Abraham and Eugene meet early in the apocalypse when Abraham saves Eugene from a few pursuing walkers. Eugene informs him of his mission and Abraham then acts as an escort to Washington, DC for Eugene. It is seen that Eugene feels a superiority complex over Abraham, because he considers himself to be smarter than Abraham. However, Abraham does not appear to be that angry over the disabling of their vehicle, despite it being caused by Eugene's poor riflemanship from his failed attempt to kill some walkers. When Eugene reveals that he is not a scientist and that he does not know how to cure the disease, Abraham is enraged and assaults him, knocking him unconscious. They have hardly interacted since but Abraham was seen knocking a bottle of water from his hand left by an unknown stranger, which Rick believed could be poisoned, showing that he at least somewhat resolved his anger towards him.

The two then apologize in "Conquer", and they both seem to return to being friends.

Glenn Rhee

Over time Abraham and Glenn have made a good friendship and trusts him more than anyone in Rick's group, presumably having known him the longest. When they first met started out pretty badly when Abraham was telling Glenn that Maggie was dead and that he should "do something with his life". This results in a fight, the noise from which attracts a horde of walkers. Due to Eugene accidentally shooting their truck's gas tank full of holes, rendering it useless, he, along with Eugene and Rosita, decided to follow Glenn and Tara to look for Maggie. During a conversation with Tara, Abraham reveals he has respect for Glenn, but believes saving the world is more important. Later, when Glenn apologizes for hitting him, Abraham jokingly tells Glenn that he isn't sorry for fighting Glenn due to his love for combat. Abraham ultimately forgives him. The two work well together trying to escape Terminus and though Abraham is impatient to return to the road Glenn convinces him to wait and when Rick and Abraham almost come to blows over leaving in the wake of Gareth's threat, Glenn comes between them again. When Tara states that she will leave no matter what Abraham immediately asks for Glenn and Maggie to come also, showing his trust in him as they ultimately do. They are seen chatting as they guard a store they're hold up in from walkers but later when Abraham insists they drive through a herd of thousands Glenn tries to argue his point and tries to stop Abraham from hurting Eugene. However the two seem to be on good terms now and Abraham is shown to acknowledge Glenn as a group leader as he followed his orders to shoot anyone whilst following Aaron's claim, and also seems to be impressed by Glenn's mechanical skills to fix the R.V.

Maggie Greene

Abraham and Maggie are rarely seen interacting to each other, but it shall be noted that the two trusted each other from the very first time they met. as evident by how Maggie trusted him to take her to where he believes Glenn, and Tara should be at after departing from his small band of survivors. Abraham is also shown to care about Maggie as well, as evident how he willingly return to where Glenn is with Tara, just to bring back Maggie to him. However their relationship briefly went downhill when Abraham beat Eugene into unconsciousness after revealing that he lied, with Maggie pulling a gun on him for Rosita's sake. However at Alexandria Maggie supports Tobin's vote for Abraham to replace him as leader of the construction crew, showing that she has forgiven him somewhat.

Tara Chambler

It appears that Tara and Abraham get along reasonably well, although Tara does question why he smiles when killing walkers and why he's assisting Eugene to get to Washington. Abraham and Tara begin to form a friendship when Abraham discusses her sexuality, and also why she is helping Glenn with her. Abraham visits Tara in "Conquer" bringing flowers with him, and checks on her at her bedside, showing he has developed an affection for her after their time spent on the road.

Rick Grimes

Upon first encounter, Rick was slightly suspicious of Abraham but after learning from Maggie that he and the others had saved her and Glenn, Rick accepts Abraham as a member of the group. Abraham followed his plan to attack the Terminus residents and later, once escaping, helped Rick above the fence. However, when Rick was keen to use the stored weapons to finish the remaining survivors off, Abraham disagreed, noting that they just got out. Later, whilst discussing with Rosita, Abraham said they would talk to Rick (likely about their mission to Washington).

In "Strangers", it is shown that Rick and Abraham have formed a friendship and the two clearly respect each other as Abraham addressed Rick as 'Officer', although Abraham seemed a little unappreciated and noticed the group's decision to go with Rick; however, after Rick's returning to the church with food and their having a meal, Abraham proposed a toast, noting that the group were strong and skilled survivors. Once Abraham offered Rick and his group the chance to travel to Washington, Rick was grateful for his offer and agreed with him, saying "We're in." The two smiled and laughed.

In "Four Walls and a Roof", their relationship becomes strained upon learning of the impending threat of Gareth and the remaining Terminus residents, where Abraham insisted on leaving whereas Rick wanted to remain at the church and await for Daryl and Carol, Rick scolds him for his near abandoning them as he believes that Abraham owes them for saving his life, the two then have a heated discussion and nearly come close to a physical confrontation until Glenn manages to settle the atmosphere down. Despite this incident the two team together and manage to defeat Gareth and the hunters once entering the church and have settled their differences the next day, Abraham and Rick parted on good terms promising to each other that they would meet at D.C, and both have gained a new found respect for each other after Abraham leaves a note on the map for Rick which says "Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes" and thus the burying of the hatchet between the two.

During the last 8 episodes of season 5 there are subtle hints that Abraham and Rick's relationship has improved during their time on the road. In "Them" Rick arranges a plan for 2 groups of 3 to line up on each side of the road to lure a group of walkers approaching them towards either side of the road, then pushing them into a ravine. He brings Abraham to the front of his group, showing he believes Abraham is capable of carrying out the plan. Rick looks at Abraham as the walkers get closer to which Abraham nods back to convey he's ready. Abraham is also the first person Rick entrusts to go with Glenn, Maggie and Michonne to find Aaron's RV and car. In "Remember" Abraham is unsure about handing over his weapons at Alexandria and he looks at Rick to make sure it's the right move, who in return nods back and Abraham turns in all his weapons, showing he trusts Rick's judgement. In "Conquer" Abraham joins Glenn, Carol and Michonne in visiting Rick after he wakes up from his injuries. They discuss what they're going to do at Deanna's meeting about exiling Rick, showing that Abraham has become an integral part of the group and is now involved in the group's decision making process. Abraham then vouches for Rick during the meeting by delivering a speech where he tells the Alexandrians that they don't know what they're doing but Rick does, showing Abraham fully trusts and respects Rick as a person and a leader.


At first, Michonne and Abraham's relationship was off to a rocky start. In "Strangers" the two argue when Abraham keeps trying to persuade rick to leave for Washington as Michonne demands they take some time to rest at the church and get some supplies before taking any further action. During the house party at Alexandria in "Forget" , Abraham casually interacts with Michonne on the porch, they both share a laugh when Michonne asks how much Abraham has had to drink, indicating they have developed more of a friendship.


Sasha and Abraham aren't seen interacting much but Sasha is willing to go with Abraham on his mission to Washington D.C upon their first meeting, indicating she trusts him. However in "Them" the two appear to have a strained relationship. Abraham appears frustrated when Sasha ruins their plan to lure a group of walkers approaching them down a ravine, to which Abraham utters "The plan just got dicked". Later, Abraham tries to help Sasha cope with the loss of Bob and Tyreese by telling her "You're with friends", to which she responds "We're not friends".

Bob Stookey

Bob is seen to respect and trust Abraham, this is proven by him believing and trusting Abraham's plan about getting Eugene to Washington so much so that he wishes to join him. However it is currently unknown how Abraham feels about Bob, even after his death.



  • The name used for Abraham's casting call was "John Tyler", until the casting was revealed at NYCC on October 12th, 2013.[2][3]
  • Michael Cudlitz has said the following about his character: "Abraham is someone who comes with a lot of emotional baggage. And he’s on a mission."
  • Interestingly enough, Abraham smiles when he is engaged in combat, as noted by Tara.


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