This article is about the TV Series group. You may be looking for the Comic Series counterpart.

"We can get through! I know it. That means we are not going south, going around or going back!"
—Abraham to his group.[src]

Abraham's' Group was a small band of survivors introduced in Inmates that had traveled from Houston to get to D.C., before crossing paths with Rick's Group.

TV Series



Nothing is known about Abraham's group before the outbreak. It can be assumed that most of them were picked during the travel between Houston to Georgia.


The group first formed after Abraham's family was devoured by walkers, and Eugene was running away from three walkers pleading for help, and after getting help from Abraham he lied and said that he was on a special mission. As mentioned, they had traveled from Houston to get to Washington DC. It was also mentioned that they lost their whole group, except for Abraham, Rosita and Eugene as the group members sacrificed themselves to try and get Eugene to DC. It is also said they are bringing Eugene to Washington D.C to get him there to "Save The World" as Abraham refers to it as.


Killed Victims



  • Abraham's group was the longest traveling in the series, going from Houston to Washington D.C.
  • The names John Tyler, Wayne Kesey, and Jordana Barazza were used as code names for Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Jordana was confirmed to be a code name for Rosita, as well as John Tyler with Abraham, and Wayne Kesey as Eugene.