This article is about the webisode. You may be looking for the Video Game episode.

"A New Day" is the first episode of The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart. This story, made exclusively for the web was directed by Greg Nicotero. This story tells the tale of one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic walkers, The Bicycle Girl. A New Day was posted on October 3, 2011.


Hannah wakes up after a violent car accident to find both of her children missing. She gets out of her car and walks around the neighborhood. She sees several bodies lying on the ground. She begins screaming, hoping someone will help her; however, as she walks further down the street, she finds two walkers feeding on a body. They notice her, and one of them begins to chase after her. She then runs to her ex-husband's house and bangs at the door. The door opens, and her ex-husband is standing in front of her pointing a shotgun down at her. He then raises it and shoots the walker that was following Hannah.

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