The 1995 Isuzu NPR is a vehicle which appears in AMC's The Walking Dead.


The 1995 Isuzu NPR is a diesel powered transport truck. It is seen for the first time in "Consumed". Once Daryl and Noah distracted the walkers by setting a dumpster on fire, they found this truck and stole it. Daryl escaped with Noah on the truck towards ending.

In "Crossed" it was later used to take them and their group (Rick, Noah, Sasha and Tyreese) back to Atlanta to rescue Carol and Beth at Grady Memorial Hospital. Daryl abandoned it after got back from Atlanta.

A similar model truck appears in "Go Getters." It is used by The Saviors members during a supply's run to the Hilltop Colony. It is later seen leaving Hilltop.

The Saviors continue to use this through "Rock in the Road" and "The Other Side".

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