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The 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser was Manufacturer in Japan. Owned by Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors and is seen as well in the TV series.


It was maintained by former owner Annie before her death. In the pass-scene Annie drove through to Alexandria Safe-Zone main gate when Eugene opens it to let them inside, three Alexandrians - Heath, Scott and Annie, who've been on a supply run for the past few weeks (see "First Time Again".) The Toyota SUV was not seen until "Not Tomorrow Yet". When used by Rick's group caravans and other survivors from Alexandria Safe-Zone to used the SUV to travel to and followed by Rick's group caravan and then stop on the road, by Rick begin sound the horns on their vehicles to attract any nearby walkers, he orders everyone to separate on foot and reconvene in a couple of hours.

Andy took the Land Cruiser SUV to drives to compound and make a deal with Saviors solders vs members outside of the compound.

He began to started to transported Craig from compound to the safety in Hilltop it was drives away.

It is the most frequently standard vehicle in Alexandria Safe-Zone.


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