The Alexandria Safe-Zone RV is a 1985 Coachmen Senator, Owned by Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors in the AMC TV series.


A small group of the survivors traveled out to where Aaron said an RV and a car used by him and Eric was parked and ready to transport the group to Alexandria to make sure that Aaron was in fact telling the truth. Abraham and his small group discovered the motor-home and used it to transport all of the survivors to Alexandria, Virginia. After the battery died in the middle of the road, Glenn redirected Abraham to a spare battery elsewhere in the motor-home. Later the vehicle was working again and was put to use. The group exited it later after all group arrived outside at the Alexandria Safe-Zone by the main entrance gate and it was left outside (See "Remember".)

The RV was not seen until begin new Season 6 "Thank You". When Rick continues down the road where he finally reaches the RV. and drove the RV from Alexandria Safe-Zone to rescue all other survivors at abandoned town. Meanwhile, Rick stops the RV at the edge of the woods, where Glenn directed him to intercept the herd. He tries to reach Glenn and Tobin by walkie but receives no response. He then radios Daryl to inform him the breakaway herd will soon be back on track. The RV was temporary engine falters, it's not starting and fuel was ran out, most likely the battery was low voltage and battery died.

The RV was not seen until Season 6 Part 2 "Knots Untie". When Daryl was fixing and checking the RV engine failure in Safe Zone.

Rick begin to started to drives the RV During a trips from Safe-Zone when transporting Paul Monroe and other Rick's group to the Hilltop Colony.

Rick begin droves the RV from Safe-Zone in "Not Tomorrow Yet". When other Rick's group caravans and survivors from Alexandria Safe-Zone to following in front of the RV. Rick's group caravan vs Safe-Zone survivors begin to stop on the road, when Rick started to sounds the horns from his RV to attract any nearby walkers, Rick orders everyone to separate on foot and reconvene in a couple of hours.

In Season 6 finale "Last Day on Earth". Rick's group starting to drove the RV departs with Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, and a bedridden Maggie on board to travel to Hilltop Colony from Alexandria Safe-Zone.

It was seen the Lead Savior includes Savior members block of the road and begin a deal with him, then Rick said I am leaving and turns around. It was seen block of the road 2 times by lock chain with the hard of walkers, then begin to shoot them down and Rick using his AXE to cutting of the walkers arms then hurry droves away. it was seen block of the road 3 times by a giant wall of the logs with burnt fire, then begin to back up the RV and turing around.

It was stopped on the road and was likely out of fuel; Rick filled up a last tank then Rick begin to told Eugene to droves away the RV to avoid The Saviors. All group's carries a very weak Maggie into the woods on a stretcher Marching through the woods.

The RV was Stolen/Abandoned after The Saviors vs. Lead Savior, Simon kidnapped Eugene, includes Rick's group. Last seen when Lead Savior, Simon knocks on the RV and begin to meet Negan.

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